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    hamiltonfan reacted to Bison44 in Clément Bayiha   
    Its strange to have so many of the youngsters dribbling at guys and showing lots of confidence.  Bayiha looks exciting on the wing like Edwards did a few years back when he was breaking into MLS.  Nice to have a steady stream of these guys coming out of the MLS squads.  
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    hamiltonfan reacted to apbsmith in Gold Cup 2019   
    At this point, we should not rule out Petrasso at RB either, depth at worse case. I do think he's better suited a bit higher up the pitch, but still. 
    Here is my pro argument:
    1) Last Gold Cup, played all 4 games full 90 mins including 0-0 vs Honduras, 1-1 vs Costa Rica. The minor defensive criticism that tourny was the lack of pace of Vitoria & Jokavic.
    2) Few years removed from major career surgery
    3) He's only 23
    This is why we are finally blessed to have the CPL, really hoping he can remain healthy, have some quality outings and potentially springboard his career back on track. By no means am I saying call him in, but we should not forget about a guy, who not even 2 yrs ago when he was only 21 was solid for us.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to apbsmith in Gold Cup 2019   
    Upset of tourney
    Canada over Costa Rica in QF.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Floortom in Gold Cup 2019   
    I don’t think this is that bad. It gives us a good chance to advance past group stage. And it means that our QF match will not be against mexico giving us a much better chance to get to semis.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to lazlo_80 in Zachary Brault-Guillard   
    He really played well. Great to see.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to BringBackTheBlizzard in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Clubs like the Royals and St Anthony's have done well in Ontario Cup terms over the years. Maybe at some point Canadian soccer will stop reinventing the wheel and start treating what's already there with the respect it deserves?
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from Jahinho Guerro in Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread   
    We have class management, owner, football operations teams...but we came up short, 
    hamilton is black and gold. Regretfully we are the worst suited in the league. 
    Ny favourite to win the league still!! 
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from grande in Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread   
    We have class management, owner, football operations teams...but we came up short, 
    hamilton is black and gold. Regretfully we are the worst suited in the league. 
    Ny favourite to win the league still!! 
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Winnipeg Fury in CPL Jersey Outfitter   
    700 in attendance for Valour
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    hamiltonfan reacted to StillOnFire in York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread   
    I went for the home shirt, it was a close one! Hope I get it in time for the kick off match, but I'm not sure about that. I may have to find an illegal stream to watch it here though :/. 
    I was dabbling with the idea to come out to Hamilton for it, but my dad has been in hospital for the last couple weeks, and struggling with dementia. So it may not be until the a couple of seasons or so until I make the trip.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to StillOnFire in York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread   
    Just bought my York9 shirt! Can't wait to rep it here in England!
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Jahinho Guerro in Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread   
    I still wish Hamilton stuck to gold and black 
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    hamiltonfan reacted to yellowsweatygorilla in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    While he only showed glimmers of form at the MLS level, Mo Babouli was completely dominant at L1O level and was exemplary at the USL level. He can also play CAM and I believe is versatile enough to play other attacking positions. I think he'd easily slot into any CanPL side, let alone York 9. There's no way he is Lombardo level (though again, to be fair to Lombardo, he had no opportunities after being cut from TFC).
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Chad_Impact in Jonas Häkkinen   
    Herdman should have a little talk with him
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    hamiltonfan reacted to jordan in 19 Years   
    VAR to review that Atiba goal in 2007
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    hamiltonfan reacted to jpg75 in General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams   
    Corbeanu was at TFC Academy for a year and a half, so presumably he was scouted and would have benefitted from the MLS bias but was overlooked. 
    Romania did not scout him, his older brother put together a highlight video which they sent to the Romanian FA.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to SpecialK in General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams   
    Canada U23 player pool - most likely I missed some players please add if I did - let the debate Begin ENJOY! Ps. CSA we did the work for you get scouting you lazy cheap ....
    Note * players are  dual nationals  nationals
    Sebastian Breza - 98 - serie C
    James Pantemis - 97 - MLS/USLC
    Dayne St. Clair - 97 - MLS ( no games)
    Thomas Hasal - 99 - MLS( no games)
    Alessandro Busti - 00 - Serie C
    Axel Desjardins - 00 - Serie B
    Matthew Nogueira - 98 - Liga NOS ( U23)
    Gianluca Catalano - 00 - TFC Academy
    *Joakim Milli- 00 - Serie B
    *Andreas Vaikla- 97 - ELITESERIEN
    Marcus Godinho - 97 - Scot. Premiership
    Zachary Brault-Guillard - 98 - MLS
    Kadin Chung - 98 - CanPL
    Clement Bayiha - 98 - USLC
    Mateo Restrepo- 97 - NCAA
    *Alexandre Fontaine - 98 - YKKÖNEN
    *Matthew Morina - 97- Serie D
    Derek Cornelius - 97 - MLS
    Kamal Miller- 97 - MLS
    Callum Montgomery - 97 - MLS
    Julian Dunn-Johnson - 00 - MLS
    Kosovar Sadiki - 98 - Scot. Premiership
    Rocco Romeo - 00 - NORDICBET LIGA
    Scott Kennedy - 97 - 2.Liga ( Austria) 
    Jonas Häkkinen - 99 - VEIKKAUSLIIGA
    Santino Recine - 97 - Tercera División ( Spain)
    Robert Boskovic - 98 - USLC
    Thomas Meilleur-Giguère - 97 - USLC
    Chrisnovic N'Sa - 99 - CanPL
    Paul-Germain Togbo - 97 - LANDESLIGA HAMMONIA
    Andrew Lebre - 97 - Cypriot Second Division
    Klaidi Cela- 99 - TFC Academy
    Yohan Le Bourhis- 00 - Montreal impact Academy
    *Fikayo Tomori - 97 - Eng. Championship
    *Luke Singh - 01 - ALKA SUPERLIGAEN
    *Kaeson Trench - 00 - TFC Academy
    Émile Legault - 00 - Ligue 2
    Daniel Kinumbe - 99 - USLC
    Ndzemdzela Langwa - 98 - CanPL
    Monti Mohsen- 00 - CanPL
    Diyaeddine Abzi - 98 - CanPL
    Terique Mohammed - 00 - USL1
    *Cristián Gutiérrez - 97 - PRIMERA DIVISIÓN ( Chile)
    *Zorhan Bassong - 99 - JUPILER PRO LEAGUE
    *Adrian Gapczynski - 97 - 3 LIGA - GROUP I ( Poland)
    Liam Fraser - 98 - MLS
    Noble Okello - 00 - MLS
    Matis Romero - 01 - LaLiga (U19)
    Matthew Baldisimo - 98 - CanPL
    Michael Baldisimo- 00 - MLS
    Benson Fazili - 00 - VIRSLIGA
    Luca Ricci- 98 - USLC
    Visar Hashani -99 - IPKO SUPERLIGA ( Kosovo)
    Elliot Simmons - 98 - CanPL
    *Rodrigo Santamaría - 00 - La Primera (El Salvador)
    Jordan Araujo - 99 - Premier League 2
    Harry Paton- 98 - Scot Championship
    Mathieu Choinière- 99 - MLS
    Shamit Shome- 97 - MLS
    David Norman Jr. - 98 - MLS
    Malik Johnson -98 - USLC
    Luca Petrasso-00- USL1
    Austin Coelho- 99- Campeonato de Portugal ( 3D portugal)
    Alessandro Hojabrpour - 00 - CanPL
    Ethan Monaghan- 99- LANDESLIGA BAYERN SÜDOST (6D Germany)
    Steffen Yeates- 00- NCAA 
    Nicolas Apostol- 99 - Van academy 
    Eric Davies-97- Dallas Academy
    Matthew Srbely- 99 - USL1
    Eldin Demir- 97 - LANDESLIGA BRAUNSCHWEIG(6D Germany)
    Munir Saleh - 98 - CanPL
    Dontaye Whittaker- 99- (3rd D Portugal)
    Joshua Doughty- 97 - FC Arizona
    *Cameron Palmer - 00 - Scot. Premiership (reserve)
    *Dominik Yankov - 00 - PARVA LIGA
    *Leotrim Reka - 00 - PROXIMUS LEAGUE (  2dBelgium reserves)
    *Soheil Varahram - 98 - REGIONALLIGA WEST (3D Austria)
    *Keani Fairbanks - 97 - Gamma Ethniki(3rd DGreece)
    *Abraham Duverger- 99 - Liga Nos (U19)
    *Marcin Misiak- 97 - 3 LIGA - GROUP IV ( 4D Poland )
    *Michal Misiak-97 - 3 LIGA - GROUP IV ( 4D Poland )
    *Vasco Fry - 00 - Van whitecaps Academy
    Kris Twardek- 97 - League of Ireland
    Dario Zanatta- 97 - Scot. championship
    Ben Paton - 00 - premier league 2
    Glenn Muenkat- 99 - CanPL
    James Cox - 97 - without club.
    Noah Verhoeven - 99 - CanPL
    Dante Campbell - 99 - USL1
    Diego Gutiérrez - 97 - CanPL
    *Sebastien Rondeau-00- La Primera (El Salvador)
    Tristan Borges - 98 - CanPL
    Luca Uccello- 97 - USLC
    Dominic Grondin- 98 - YKKÖNEN( 2D Finland)
    Aidan Daniels- 98 - USLC
    Germain Hounsiagama - 97 - OBERLIGA HAMBURG ( 5D Germany)
    Nicolás Galvis- 97- CanPL
    Luka Gluscevic- 98- West Virginia
    Emilio Estevez- 98 - CanPL
    Simon Colyn- 02- MLS
    James Dunning- 02- U17 EREDIVISIE
    *Ferdi Kadioglu - 99- Super Lig
    *Ajdin Sarcevic- 98 -Second League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    *Teodor Dinca-Panaitescu - 99 - OBERLIGA WESTFALEN (U19)
    Left Wing
    Alphonso Davies - 00- BUNDESLIGA
    Ballou Tabla - 99- LaLiga 2
    Adonijah Reid - 99 - Ligue 2
    David Choinière - 97 - CanPL
    Terran Campbell- 98- CanPL 
    Richie Ennin- 98 - VIRSLIGA
    Soroush Teymouri- 97- 3. HNL
    Marcel Zajac- 98 - CanPL
    *Yuri Ruh Dos Santos - 98 - GIBRALTAR PREMIER DIVISION
    *Suraphael Mangstu - 00- OBERLIGA RHEINLAND-PFALZ/SAAR
    Right Wing 
    Gabriel Boakye- 98 - REGIONALLIGA WEST
    Malyk Hamilton- 99- CanPL
    Kunle Dada-Luke- 00 - TFC Academy
    Duwayne Ewart- 98 - League one Ontario
    Francisco Fernandez- 98 - Primera B de Chile
    *Theodor Corbeanu - 02 - U18 premier league
    Jonathan David - 00 - JUPILER PRO LEAGUE
    Liam Millar - 99 - Scot. Premier league
    Theo Bair- 99- MLS
    Aramis Kouzine - 98 - PERSHA LIHA (2D Ukraine)
    Shaan Hundal- 99 - USLC
    Chaim Roserie- 98 - SEGUNDA DIVISIÓN B - GRUPO III
    Vincent Lamy- 98 - CanPL
    Jordan Perruzza- 01 - USL1
    *Ayo Akinola- 00 - MLS
    *Charles-Andreas Brym - 98 - Ligue 1 ( B team)
    *Aleksa Markovic- 97 - SuperLiga Serbia (without a club)
    *Amer Halilic - 98 - without a club
    *Mc Jeffrey Pierre - 99 - Mem Martins Sport Clube
    *Raheem Taylor-Parkes- 98 - without Club
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Vince193 in General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams   
    no but you'll see a powerpoint on how we're gonna make more Atibas!
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    hamiltonfan reacted to spitfire in Canadians abroad: March 29 - April 4, 2019   
    Liam played the last 14 mins got an assist on the 4th goal and a hockey assist on the 5th. Was flying when he came on. 
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Cheeta in CONCACAF Nations League - Venue Discussions   
    The CPL is as much a Canada Soccer venture as a private enterprise, or feels like it at least so if these fixtures get pointed in the general direction of CPL venues I wouldn't be surprised. 
    BMO Field is, and should be, the hands down favourate regardless.  I actually quite like Saputo Stadium and if CPL is exploring opportunities in Montreal...
    Vancouver is out.  No.  If the 'Caps will put up with that surface God Bless 'em but until BC Place takes their footie responsibilities a little more seriously they shouldn't be allowed to abuse our National Team players anymore.  Somebody tell me a re-lay is scheduled for sooner rather than later.  Please. 
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    hamiltonfan reacted to DontPanic in General - CONCACAF Nations League   
    Working on it. Details soon. 
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from sloth8 in General - CONCACAF Nations League   
    a great place for those who wish to having a meaningless debate on host venues!
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    hamiltonfan reacted to dyslexic nam in CONCACAF Nations League - Venue Discussions   
    I would like to see us utilize location strategically.  I am not as informed as many on here about barriers and possibilities, but something like Commonwealth in Edmonton might be far enough to deter US fans from traveling.  Anything right along the border risks a huge influx.  
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Ansem in CONCACAF Nations League - Venue Discussions   
    Cuba: Toronto BMO Field
    USA: Montreal Stade Saputo
    •Montrealers are more anti-American than the rest of Canada. I remember Habs playoffs where the crowd booed the American Anthem promting the team to have a player asking the crowd to be respectful to the anthem on subsequent games....while out west they helped sing the damn anthem when the mic was broken (Junior hockey).
    You want the US team to be taken out of their comfort zone and put them in an hostile environment + the cold
    Why no Vancouver
    •Turf: You don't want turf to limit your options like not playing Godhino. 
    •Central American and Caribbean nations don't like turf, but no tactical advantage against Americans who are used to it while we are good enough to beat Cuba on grass.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in CONCACAF Nations League - Venue Discussions   
    We are playing Cuba home and away in September folks.
    The CSA is not flying the euro-based players  Europe----YVR----HAV----Europe or Europe----HAV----YVR---Europe.
    If the late May/early June pre-Gold Cup friendly game is in Toronto, the Cuba game will likely be in Montreal.
    If the late May/early June pre-Gold Cup friendly game is in Montreal (like 2 years ago), the Cuba game will likely be in Toronto.
    FIFA dates: http://img.fifa.com/image/upload/jt0d6qoqwqwbp5sbofoc.pdf
    Also, look at the these tweets:
    Whitecaps tweet: http://twitter.com/WhitecapsFC/status/1111115675643363328
    BC Place re-tweets: http://twitter.com/CanadaSoccerEN/status/1111111819605786624
    and a journo I respect tweets: http://twitter.com/HarJournalist/status/1111128124471693312
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