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  1. More tough officiating luck for Hoilett's Cardiff has probably nailed down the relegation coffin. Assistant gives them a penalty and the referee overules and they have a shout for another denied. Brighton are dropping like a stone but not fast enough and have a game in hand. (Though tough fixtures) All that said, huge game in the week.
  2. Rubbish officials in Cardiff game. Missed an offside for Chelsea goal and maybe a straight red for Rudiger. Cardiff conceded a second and are now losing. As it stands 5 points from safety with a game in hand. Now official
  3. You are welcome, Junior Great game by Hoillet. Classic winger performance, either cutting in or delivering the cross. Up against some poor defending by Fredericks but still took complete advantage of it. Not sure how I feel about the Spurs game, always nice to see them lose but Cardiff probably needed a Saints loss there. Keeping Cardiff in the division will be tough.
  4. With our old villain Defoe (all forgiven now, to be fair), Rangers have a legitimate chance to stop another Celtic triple, at least in the cup. Arfield looks really good working just behind an attacking 3 with 2 withdrawn midfielders behind him.
  5. Arfield off on about the hour mark, with Rangers well in control.
  6. Very exciting times and we have the right to be uniquely optimistic. That said, remember this is more important to us than it is to just about anyone else. (Try telling a English football supporter about him, they don't care ...yet)
  7. The good news is that this indicates Junior might be coming back to be more of a definitive first team player, in that it shows where Colin's priorities lie.
  8. Really big late win for his side yesterday. Subbed in the 84th but had some good contribution, draws a fair number of fouls which helps with Colin's style. Hopefully this professionalism will help us see out some away results in Central American in the future. On their way to proving we wrong and staying up. Only half way there but won't be going down with the Christmas decorations at least.
  9. Echo this. Their midfield three made the difference for the Gers. Also, Hoillett starts against Leicester, bit of trash talk so far.
  10. Watched their game. Good movement and smart passing but he was being asked to play a little further forward than where he plays best, in my very humble opinion. He was in the middle of some very nice moves when they brought on attacking subs late. Rangers were unlucky/could not finish but were the better team. (The ref did not help.) Shame everybody went out of Europe this week, gave me something to care about on weekday nights.
  11. Got to watch him live for the first time in a long while last night. Smarter and more "professional" than I remember him. Makes some very good runs off the ball and knows how to draw a foul these days. Got beat defensively a couple times, not sure if he is slowing down or just switched off. Overall though a mature attacker and a lot the threat Cardiff posed when were labouring in the first half, he had a part in (including the penalty of course). Great to have someone in the national side that will have to learn to show some steel in the face of a relegation battle, against very good opposition.
  12. Keeps his place in Cardiff's home opener. The team is battling better against the Spanish waiter's side side so far. Ball not near Junior much to this point.
  13. So all three go through. Late drama for Larin's Beskitas as Negredo scores to give them an away goals win but having been booked a few minutes earlier, takes off his shirt and gets sent off. Got to love footballers.
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