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  • Canada vs Korea Republic - June 26th BMO Field


    Join us in the supporters section!

    Our pre sale starts at 10am May 19th

    This is a supporters section.

    • Standing
    • Flags
    • Singing
    • Drums

    You MUST use our link and code together to get access to supporters tickets.

    Link: https://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10005CACBEBB38CC?did=thevoyageurs    

    Code: J6CH39

  • Voyageurs Cup Final - Toronto vs Forge - June 4th

    The Voyageurs have a discount ticket link for the final.

    So grab your friends and support the Canadian Championship final



  • Canada vs Iran - June 5th
    Canada vs Curacao  - June 9th


    See the source image

    We need your support loud and proud at these games.   There will be a sizeable Iranian contingent at this game, so lets fill those seats fast with Canadian fans.

    These tickets are for The Voyageurs Supporters section

    • Standing
    • Flags
    • Singing and yelling
    • Your children will learn new swear words

    Our tickets are  -  $30.00 +$4.75 fee for an all in price of $34.75m

    Pre sale is May 13th 10AM PT

    You do not have to be a Voyageurs member to join us at the game.   Bring as many people as you can.  Our ticket limit for this game is 9 per account.

    We have extra space on hold if this sells out

    IMPORTANT:  You must use this link AND our code to access our sections.

    IMPORTANT: If this is your first game, do NOT buy tickets at the front, or bring a group into the front.

    Voyageurs June 5th vs Iran

    Voyageur June 9th vs Curacao

    Code: VOYAGEUR    

  • Keep It Simple
    Keep It Loud

    Some of it might be repetitive. Some of it might be boring.  It isn't for you, it isn't about us. 

    It is about establishing a presence in the stadium the players can feel. 

    Increasing the complexity, and originality of songs and chants is a project with sights set squarely on 2026, however, it will take time. 

    Covid stopped us in our tracks for holding events across the country for teaching people new songs. FB doesn't work, YouTube doesn't work, song sheets don't work.  We will have a new approach when events are back on track. 

    For now, boring is loud. Loud is felt. 

  • What To Wear

    Post game there was a lot of discussion about who was wearing what. 

    People can wear whatever they want.  If they are in the stadium, they are your fellow supporters and that matters more than anything. 

    It is also possible to undertake the project of painting the stands red while simultaneously not being a jerk to anyone.  It is the goal of every team in every sport to wear the team's colours in the stands.  This is not the same as demanding anything of people or making something required.  It is a goal, and a totally reasonable one at that. 

    There is a level on which this matters to the players and what they see around them.  Clearly walking into the stadium when El Salvador fans were the first into the stadium (they were there at 4pm) had an impact on our players as they themselves stated.  

    So get to the stadium early, wear red if you can, but most importantly support each other so we can support the team on the field. It is the reason we are there.

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