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    Supporters Section Tickets

    Tickets to the supporters section are $18

    This section is 100% standing with flags, drums and singing.  It is, in a word, organized chaos.  If you want to be in the supporters section buy your tickets through us.

    ***Please buy your tickets through us, do not crash the section or bring extra people in that do not have tickets in our section. This causes problems for us and makes it difficult for us to continue doing this. 


    Voyageurs are in section 202/203

    Southsiders - Section 201

    Curva Collective & Raincity - Section 202


    We are planning on having a significant display for this game. The details of this project are not yet finalized, and will depend on a number of variables none of which shall be mentioned due to latent stone age superstitions.

    We will need both financial support and hands with brushes so stay tuned, we will send out an email to all ticket purchasers when we have more information.

  • Voyageurs




    South Sisters


    Curva Collective



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    Tickets For Game 1 & 2


    General admission - Supporters section tickets.

    Game one is key.  We still have some tickets left, we need you there in full force and voice in the supporters section.

    Tifo display

    We will be making a display for this game in cooperation with the local CanPL supporters groups on the island.  Details on participating in painting will come shortly. 

  • General Admission - Game 1


    General Admission - Game 2

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