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  5. Special 25th Anniversary Price!

    International memberships are an additional $5 to cover shipping costs. If you are outside of Canada please buy this one. 

    24.86 CAD
  6. Hello everybody . T-Shirts and Scarves I will have the cafepress store up again soon and on the site, but it's mostly for show. I need contact info, costs ect... so I can put them on the site. Forum messaging not working for me.
  7. Special 25th Anniversary Price!

    19.86 CAD
  8. until
    Your hosts Rob Notenboom & Kristin Knowles will be discussing the Voyageurs organization, taking your questions, and presenting interviews with Janine Beckie & Samuel Piette. La première moitié de l'entretien avec Samuel Piette est en français avec Kevin Laramee. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stream the presentation. The event begins at 8pm EDT. Please read the summary of our recent membership survey, attached. Veuillez lire le résumé de notre récente enquête auprès des membres, ci-joint. 130742153_ExecutiveSummaryofVoyageursMembershipSurvey.pdf Résumédusondageauprèsdesmembres Voyageurs.pdf
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  10. Dicdan

    errol crossan

  11. So says transfermarkt.com Both listed at 60 million Euros. The most valuable teenager in the world. The 3rd most valuable left-back in the world. The 5th most valuable full-back in the world. Tied for 8th most valuable defender in the world. Tied for 45th most valuable player in the world.
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