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  1. There are people going for sure. But no idea who they are or which games. They all want to travel in secret.
  2. PM me shipping addresses for swaggy bits. I want to make ship them ASAP. I have stuff for WWC and GC to give away /raffle...
  3. Not sure. I was going to go over the calendar tomorrow and possibly pick our battles so to speak.
  4. Women's World Cup Monday - June 10th - Canada vs Cameroon - 3pm Eastern Time Saturday - June 15th - Canada vs New Zealand - Noon - Eastern Time Thursday - June 20th - Canada vs Netherlands - Noon - Eastern Time Gold Cup Saturday - June 15th - Canada vs Martinique - 7:30pm Eastern Time Wednesday - June 19th - Canada vs Mexico - 10:30pm Eastern Time Sunday - June 23rd - Canada vs Cuba - 6:00pm Eastern Time *** Important. Due to the wide range of times these games are shown at and unfortunate collisions with local professional teams you MUST check to ensure the bar is open and the game is on. Victoria - Yates Taphouse Vancouver - Library Square - All Games - WWC & GC Calgary - Home & Away Edmonton - Urban Tavern Saskatoon - Finn's Pub Regina - The Lobby Winnipeg - Nicolina's Toronto - Duke of Gloucester. Ottawa - Senate Tavern on Bank Hamilton - End Zone Pub Montreal - Frappe Halifax - Niche Lounge
  5. For sure. We will be using this FB Group to organize things https://www.facebook.com/events/2210821149206426/ Let me know if you don't (wisely) use Facebook...
  6. Do you have the CanPL app? Does the email you used to buy the tickets match the one used for the app?
  7. Absolutely. There is a generation of golden age people who talk like the NASL era was the height of soccer here. Not a chance. These kids coming up are light years ahead of kids decades ago. No comparison.
  8. Friday April 26th - Mosaic Pub - 7pm 431 Barton Street Pre Game - We will have access to the stadium an hour before it opens with some drink specials... ONLY FOR US. You can't get into this without tickets in 111 or 112. So if you got free tickets.... well.... too fucking bad. Post Game - End Zone pub
  9. Yes. BSB is up to their own thing that night, teaching people songs and performing ritual sacrifices.
  10. The overwhelming majority of the time, no. Also, I am not suggesting you need to be surrounded by security. Mostly arranging things with security/stadium. For example, if there were a Cuba supporters section, we shouldn't be next to it. I don't know where that might be. That said, if we had won that game in Mexico, even tied it, we would have needed the police in riot gear that surrounded us (well not us, the Ambassador) Individually people would be fine. As a group it gets more complicated and more so with beer. This isn't meant to paint some negative picture of our region or be overly dramatic.
  11. I think I have my sights set on Houston
  12. Some of the Saskies and Peggers (ya ya, I know) might make a go of it.
  13. I didn't see this thread. I will arrange sections for people at these games. A proper section at a Mexico game is really important, it needs to be coordinated with security. DO NOT go buying tickets until I have talked to Canada Soccer.
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