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  1. socceronly

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    The many face god approves
  2. Wednesday 8PM ET Toronto - Duggan's Pub Queen & Brock - Creepy staircase at the side of the building
  3. socceronly

    Local affiliates?

    So you are saying that women, at TFC, are almost equally delinquent in buying tickets to men's national team games. I also suspect they are equally as ignorant of our existence as the men in that stadium. Forums in general are for nerds. This forum is a festival of soccer nerds. Trying to find demons in a lack of parity as it relates to the 'real' world is not going to be productive and only have people react badly. You don't speak for the women in that stadium, read their minds or determine what their interests are.
  4. socceronly

    Canada vs Dominica - Oct 16th - Tickets

    When? PM me the email address you used. If you bought it via the Pay Pal buttons in the last couple of days, I am doing all of those tickets this afternoon. Glad you are joining us for the game. Those buttons go up when I am trying to jigsaw people into remaining seats. JM
  5. socceronly

    Local affiliates?

    The women are playing in front of sell out crowds. If those fans don't use forums, that is ok. Most fans don't use forums no matter who they are. Many regular V's who go to games don't even have accounts on this site.
  6. socceronly

    Local affiliates?

    Is that still alive? I couldn't find it the other day.
  7. socceronly

    Local affiliates?

    It's ok if women (in general) choose to support the game differently than men. Let's put an end right now to the implication that we here are cause of the differences, when those differences are reflected across the board in far more complicated ways than even some very simple soccer related explanations could point to.
  8. socceronly

    Local affiliates?

    There is no 'issue' wrt a lack of parity on women's vs men's team posts. It just is. My mind control satellite is broken so I can't ensure equanimity of thought and interest among all. I'll get that fixed asap There are posters on here that know more about the women's team, and women's soccer in general than, I would wager, almost anyone on this planet. People seem to be searching for issues that are mostly not there.
  9. socceronly

    Goderich CPL

    I convinced the people at second cup once to put the banana bread in the panini machine for a bit. Then cover it with butter and ciniman. Good
  10. socceronly

    Canada vs Dominica - Oct 16th - Tickets

    And ours are still 17....
  11. socceronly

    Chants for Tuesday

    We have tried many different things in 'teaching' people songs. The trouble the timelines. We need some way to do it, we have to figure this out.
  12. socceronly

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    I agree, I think this is going to be very good for our federation.
  13. socceronly


  14. Yeah, the place I have is opening early for us. I am weary of it. I don't know how many people will show up. I don't want to burn a venue with having staff come in and only 3 people show up.
  15. socceronly

    Local affiliates?

    Let's think of this as two separate things. 1. Core products. 2. The Factory. User generated madness like Towrads shirts. Jeff Mugs ect... this would be fun.