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  1. Our goal is to increase traffic via CSN, and point people here. V's will have the crap the promoted out of it there.
  2. The legal stuff was all attacks on people, really only three, nothing from the OT Forum. One of them doesn't count, but at the time it was hard to know that. The relentless negativity was a problem. We get new people in or we die, that simple.
  3. Cool, what are you learning?
  4. It isn't new either, and long before PC reactionary stuff rolled along. People have been saying down right psycho libelous shit for a long time. We have been threatened to be sued at least four times over the last ten years, and there are many in the soccer community for which we are permanently buggered with for things said on the forum. This has been in the works for a long time.
  5. The original idea of CSN was to move the forum there and do what we are doing now and that was years ago. The problem was as soon as there was a forum connected to the writers, they lost their press passes back then. Total bullshit, but it was the case. Doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. Otherwise I have talked about this issue on and off for several years. It isn't new.
  6. People have posted in the MLS forum on CSN...What are you not seeing? ????
  7. I don't understand this either....
  8. What? I totally don't understand what you mean.
  9. LOL I'll change it for you..... just PM me if you're email is out of date...
  10. that's odd. I'll check the permissions. I may be seeing them when you can't.
  11. You need to download the CanPL Center Circle App and set it up with the same email you used to buy the tickets. If you want that to be a different email, let me know. You can't log in to the new site?
  12. Yes, it will redirect eventually, but right now it's a place for people who can't log into the new one because their email is 13 years old and no longer used.... So it lets me fix things for those people and do comparisons between username collisions where people had the same user name on both sites already.
  13. Joe, it's going to be good. The off topic threads are there. I just set the permissions wrong. I see them as an admin but I am guessing no one else does. I'll fix that this afternoon. There was no hidden thread. Talked about with people for months and figured the time to do with was with the start of the CanPL. The original forum is still in tact. If it really does go south, we can always switch back. Nothing is set in stone.
  14. There is risk. But we have become totally stagnant and the forums are not conducive to them youngin's and a lot of others. Not sure why. Hoping to some degree for a social media backlash, there damn well should be. This site(s) don't track you, game your attention, use algorithms to fuck with your head ect..... The new site will push the V's. There are a few different ways to do it. The old site/new organization will be seeking out better community relationships from coast to coast. Starting to rebuild that site in the next few days and create a more organization feel than it had before.
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