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  1. Quillette dropping Pateron. Deleted my Patreon account, now I have to de-Google myself. Fuck all of them.
  2. socceronly

    Delete This Topic Please

  3. Is there ea limit? I have given up trying to get an answer. We couldn't organize anything in our own country, so it shouldn't be a surprise.
  4. Bye bye Patreon. Goign to pull my support via Patreon for things next week. If they are going to wipe people randomly, even people I don't like, I won't use them anymore.
  5. socceronly

    Why does Canada still tag along US soccer?

    FML. Take break man
  6. Not sure I can afford to go to more than one game. Probably the first one, but I really want to go to Grenoble / Alps
  7. I vote for Unamedtrialist buying everyone beer in Monpellier!
  8. Canada Netherlands New Zealand Cameroon
  9. England vs Scotland! Mwhahaahaha
  10. Doesn't look like anyone is getting thier fantasy draw at this point.
  11. The draw is live on YT. Not blocked apparently, and live on TSN 4&5
  12. socceronly

    Why is the CSA not being tougher on the 3 MLS teams?

    No deal. That means you get to talk like this forever. You are welcome to talk soccer here, but not crusade against MLS or US Soccer. You have to stop this, and I mean now.
  13. socceronly

    CPL General

    I'll send you the webcam to make a podcast. It would be fucking glorious.