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  1. Free kick

    TFC 2018

    Their revenues are in Canadian dollars whereas many of their costs are in US dollars. I'll bet the exhange rate is the main reason why they are not second in the league. From a distance, it doesn't appear to me that the LA Galaxy games is a hot ticket anymore in their market and I don't believe that they are selling anywhere near the same capacity as TFC and the stub hub centre has a smaller number of seats. Then there is the price of the tickets. The tickets here are not cheap and people always forget this factor when they look at the attendance number in the box score. Revenues is price multiplied by quantity sold.
  2. Free kick

    TFC 2018

    I heard the same rumors. As they say, where there is smoke, there’s fire. We shall have to see i guess.
  3. Free kick

    TFC 2018

    Also, the player and position he covers and covets is Morrow at LB. Morrow did not have a good year. You could make a case based on this years play, that you could cut Morrow in favour Morgan and save money while not loosing much if anything. Also, as you said, his salary is mangeable. LB is a position thats hard to fill, but you dont want to over pay for in a salary capped league.
  4. I have made this same argument in the past to make the case why some of these nations should not be sanctioned as national teams and be able to play internationally. If you take any population, 1) lets say roughly half are males. 2) assuming no baby boom period (which is unlikely) remove anyone outside of the 18-35 aged males group. For u20, remove those outside of 16-20 age group. 3) pair down further by able bodied group versus non able or disabled body 4) fitness. Take 18-35 aged able bodied males who are not obesse and can be active for 90 minutes. Do same for 16-20 ages for the u20 example. 5) pair further down by individuals who are interested in soccer so as to exclude anyone who has others interests and pursuits in life. 6) pair further down by soccer basic skills (ie you played the game for at least 2-3 years) 7) pair further down as to remove people who cant comit to the national team for travel and schedule due to economic or carreer reason. People who have other full time jobs or school. Or people who cant commit fully to a training schedule. Now whats left if you are a tiny carribean island country? That 62 number might be down to 3-4. We havent even talked about talent and thats because after the criteria above are applied, you are probably down to close to the number of players on a soccer squad. There more extreme examples than this in Concacaf other than St kitts. I am glad that those four players werent available for canada. Because its a wakeup call to the others who were there. It says to them, you guys arent good enough to get by on your talent alone.
  5. I had to google that term. Ouch! Seppuku must really hurt
  6. You make some good points about the preparation part. Just prior to the 2007 WC that canada hosted, they had played a ton of prep matches prior to the tounament. And then look what happened. Preparation, is obviously important, but no national squad from any country is well prepared going into a youth tournament. I agree, lack of preparation is one of those lame excused we like to throw out there everytime.
  7. The strange thing thing is that the u20 NT did really well in 2003. But its been a massive drop since then. We’ve fallen off a cliff. I didnt think 2005 was very good even though they did play at the U20 world cup. Not much to say about 2007 because when you are the hosts and fail to qualify for the knockout stage, that pretty much says it all. I am out of explanations for this. Edit: to continue my thought. The strange thing is, when the academy sides (which are comprised of cnd players obviously) go to the youth tounaments in places like Italy or in Dallas etc. They seem to show that they can hold their own. A few years, a TFC youth clubs went to that prestigious tounament in Italy playing some academies from some of the biggest clubs in world. That tournament was reputed for having top youth talent. And, from the results, at the very least, you can say that they showed can play with the top sides in the world. So why is it that whenever these players play under the auspices of the CSA, they suddenly cant beat St kitts and panama.
  8. Free kick

    Montreal Impact offseason 2018-19

    So what happened with AJH? Roughly a year ago, his scoring rate (based on goals per 90 mins) in MLS was only rivalled by Josef Martinez. That was when he was utilized exclusively as sub. I thought of him as a shoe-in for the CMNT. Then when he gets starts, it seems like he falls out of favour. Is this a case of that certain forward who is ideally suited for "late game fresh legs" duties? Or is it that he is a guy who can score the easier goals but has trouble with scoring from difficult situations and stages in the game?
  9. Free kick

    Possible Solution for Mediocre Viewership?

    Watching NYCFC vs Atl now. Dreadful positioning of the camera at Yankee stadium. This is a thousand times worst than the camera angles for games at Saputo stadium whom I had mentioned as an example of poor. Honestly, this is affecting appreciation of the game because it does not look like a professional game.
  10. It was network 54. Not to be confused with studio 54.
  11. Free kick

    TFC 2018

    I was surprised at how poor Atlanta was. Couldnt believe the terrible give aways that they committed that lead to TFC goals. I am all for giving TFC their dues and they did play well. But, to me, this game was more about how terrible Atlanta was than about how good TFC was. Didnt seem like Atkanta were playing with much urgency. Does Almiron’s absence make that much of a difference? Jozef Martinez got alot of ink this year. But considering the fact that a ton of his goals came on PK’s and that he hasnt scored much late in the year when the games matter more, i honnestly cant talk about this guy in the same sentence as Zlatan or Rooney. I will watch a game with those two playing before i will even consider watching a game with Martinez. And its not just about the name recogition, you just have to look at the number of games those guys played this year compared to Martinez. What numbers would they have put up if they would played the same number as Martinez
  12. Free kick

    TFC 2018

    He would fit the the bill. Question is, does his status as non-american/non canadian fit into the roster. Ive lost track and forgotten how many domestics and how many internationals you need. But i believe quotas are still there.
  13. Free kick

    Possible Solution for Mediocre Viewership?

    There been improvements over the years but there still a long way to go. Its still poor. North america broadcasters are obsessed with pointless isolation or zoom-in shots of players, coaches, or even fans in the stands all the while the action is happening. They dont get it that in other sports, the reasons that you have to show coaches staring off in the distance and fans drinking a beer is because there is pauses in the action and you have show something whereas in soccer there is no pause and there is something to show on the field. One thing i dont fault them for in regards to the amatuerish look of the MLS broadcasts is that many MLS stadiums dont have an upper deck. Like Saputo stadium. Games at Saputo stadium look terrible on television because there isnt an upper deck to install cameras. Cameras in the upper deck give the best overhead and parorqmic view of the play. And thats what you see in europe and thats what makes viewing more pleasant and professional. The games at the stadium in Seattle always looked the best of all MLS venues for televised games. First time i stepped into Saputo stadium was on winter day when it was still under construction. Jamie was in Montreal at the time and we met up and went over to take a look at the stadium while it was coverred with snow. It was the first thing i remarked, they didnt allow for adding an upper deck and therefore the broadcasts will always look substandard because the camera will be too close to the action and always more on an angle. Hence the cameras will have to move more with the action and the viewer will miss alot of whats happening away from the ball.
  14. Free kick

    FIFA Corruption

    Thanks. I may have missed that one. I was going to go back and post that link in the long thread that we had going here the day that QATAR was awarded the world cup. But i couldnt find it. getting back to your point. It may have been reported at the time of the vote but we tend to treat these different at the time compared to when we look at these things now with the benefit of time. Qatar did order shitload Airbus aircraft that was having trouble finding buyers and they also ordered some $17bill US worth of Raffales military jets. Plus the investment in PSG especially when you conside that there would have been better clubs to buy outside of France.
  15. Free kick

    FIFA Corruption

    https://ici.radio-canada.ca/tele/enquete/site/episodes/416520/fifa-mondial-football-qatar-corruption-scandale-chuck-blazer The investigative show revealed something interesting that i wasnt aware of. It alleges that French president Sarkozi played key role in securing the world cup when he met with Michel Platini (UEFA) at le champs d’elysse. The documentary alleges that Qatar had offerred France massive incentives like buying airbus A380 aircrafts and military jets. Sure enough Qatar did indeed make these purchase later on. Furthermore, the shows links the massive purchase of PSG by Qatari interests as payback or bribe for Platini & Sarkozi’s support. Ligue 1 was going nowhere compared to the top leagues in In Ger, Esp, Eng, Ita at the time.