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  • Voyageurs Code of Conduct


    The Voyageurs are the leading supporters group for Canada's national soccer (football) teams.  We are committed to supporting the men and women who represent our country in the most passionate way possible.   

    The Voyageurs believe in inclusivity and tolerance that is based on respect for everyone regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.  

    It is of the utmost importance to the Voyageurs that members of the group feel that they are in a safe environment to support the Canadian national teams and to be able to watch matches without fear of physical harm or feeling threatened.    

    Anyone who engages in unacceptable or disorderly behaviour is not welcomed in the Voyageurs and may have their membership revoked.

    Unacceptable or disorderly behaviour is defined as, but not limited to:

    • Physical violence or threatening conduct against any person or group
    • Disrespectful and abusive behaviour towards match officials, players, and fellow and opposing supporters in person, through online forums or social media
    • Unauthorized use of flares, smoke bombs, pyrotechnics or other incendiary devices within any stadium
    • Damage to property within the home or away stadium/venue or in the surrounding vicinity of the stadium/venue
    • Engaging in any illegal behaviour which is against the laws of any municipality, province/state or country.

    We welcome everyone to join us in our journey to help make Canadian soccer successful on the world stage.  

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