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  1. Already done. Dooley arranged it with Jude. (but then again.... do it anyway...)
  2. Applicable here too. I shouldn't have said anything.
  3. Speculate sure, but let's leave the conspiracy side of this out of it and have a default good will position until proven otherwise. It's likely he simply picked up a knock. Every other indicator we have seen has been positive.
  4. Or did they just slap stickers on those shirts....
  5. What is wrong with the logo placement on those shirts? Are they selling those like that?
  6. Ok folks get yer parties lined up and let me know. JM
  7. It's a really annoying time. There is something arranged, I'm just not sure of the details. Something in stadium for the supporters. I'll focus on all this stuff after the FG game.
  8. Fiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee. If we must....
  9. We don't have a downtown hospital for nothin' ya know.
  10. Soju, our very own German/African/Chinese soccer broadcast specialist.
  11. It's on TV Folks! TSN2. TSN2 - Sunday 3pm Please post your viewing party details in this thread and I will update the list. This will be promoted by Canada Soccer. ___________________________________ Vancouver Victoria (maybe) Calgary Edmonton Winnipeg Thunder Bay Toronto - The Duke - 649 Yonge St, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9 Mississauga Hamilton Montreal Beijing London (the real one) York Ottawa (US based franchise bar TBD)
  12. Should be good. I don't recall ever having a problem in Vancouver. I will double check though. JM
  13. Now that you have said that, I am worried. I wasn't before, now I am. Karma is out there goin'...."what's that now?"
  14. Definitely come to Library Square, it is all ages. As for a march, I'll find out this week. Not sure what the current situation is with the police in Vancouver and the supporters groups. In Toronto it's a no go right now.
  15. I'll hold off for a YT one, I want something that will embed on FB.
  16. It just brings terror to my soul when they slide on their knees like that. Will have a nightmare about it tonight, sure of it.
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