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    Did that just happen? I'm on a plane 39k feet in the air heading to lotus land.
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

  3. socceronly

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    I was hoping they would be down two and Fonzie would come out and get a hattrick
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    Liam Millar

    I hid the qouted post. Did I miss any? ( On my phone)
  5. We have a FB event set up, so if you are going to France, or know someone who is, please get them to join that. We will use that event page to connect to people outside the forum and plan pre/post game events. https://www.facebook.com/events/2210821149206426/
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    Calgary FC launch/2019 offseason thread

    Done sir.
  7. I made a generic Canadian Fans in France Facebook event on the V's FB.



  8. As of Monday we are now officially a federally incorporated non profit. I was busy with the game, so this announcement probably lacks the pomp and circumstance it rightly deserves. Currently there is only the initial start up structue. That will change as soon as a plan is developed. How that plan is shaped will be determined in a large part based on an upcoming (and not yet planned) meeting with Canada Soccer. The goal of this meeting is to determine the scope of what can be done, expectations from each party and what we hope to acheive come 2026. While our board will consist of Voyageurs, it will be a professional board. I am currently the sole board member for set up purposes, but will recuse myself when the final structure is created. I will not be on the board as I am not qualified to be on it no matter how many tickets I have sold or tifos painted. I'm a grunt and will continue to be as I am happy to do that kind of stuff. Commitment and professional credentials will trump any desire or percieved need to spread the board out or try to hit any check boxes. The board will consist of five people. We are looking at lawyers, CMAs, MBAs, and people with specialties in marketing, communications, operations and logistics. Canada Soccer wants us to succeed. They have opened the door for us and it is now up to us to orgnanize and seize what is an amazing opportunity to build something awesome. Exactly what that is will be shaped here by us on this forum and in meetings across the country. It will be Voyageurs in nature and definately unapologetically Canadian. Sorry. Welcome to Voyageurs 2.0 beta release 1.
  9. Well you got the all caps down.
  10. Sir we have taken your suggestion of mandatory conversion to furries and bronies under consideration.
  11. The new site will feature a section on the Voyageurs cup. Looking for someone to do the following. Compile history on the cup Post all V cup games into the Calendar to maintain the schedule Keep results updated Add any relevant content, news articles, stories.... anything of interest. Gather photos from all teams and supporters groups involved for the gallery Work with social media coordinator to provide maximum intrusiveness into people's lives. You will be featured in the staff directory on the new site, so you can't be anonymous.
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    Event suggestions for Voyageurs attendance

    That is one thing we won't be going to.
  13. Going to pin this here, and leave it as on going thing for people to add suggestions as they come across new ideas. Looking for events we can go to to spread the good word of our lordbob. We have enough bits for one booth right now, but I hope to spread that out so we have a couple that can move around. Any place you think we should be, post it here. Soccer shows, club registration nights, large tournaments ect.... Obviously we can't do them all, and it is a learning curve with each event we go to. The response has been getting more and more positive.
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    Membership brainstorming

    What we know. Annual : single payment through site/PayPal. Manual options for sensible people who eschew technology. Cost: $19.86 What it will include Significant discounts on tickets. (our almost at cost model) Membership benefits we can create with partners. As the numbers grow, so would the benefits. Special event access Voting access for things like tifo, merch, awards Increased or maintain site feature access - ignore, blocking, blog, gallery ect.... Full site access - We can decide what that means, but definitely member only access to planning forums Separate V's store with discounted merchandise and member only merchandise Trips and away games - This is actually necessary to sell trips legally in most of Canada. plus THING What we don't know What is THING? Whatever thing is, it needs to be sent by regular mail. 10.5" x14.9" x 0.6" inch maximum size. Go beyond this and you hit package shipping and it is game over. All size t-shirts will fit into this package. I am largely stuck on thing. Scarves are out unless you are charging $25+ for membership, and people have A LOT of scarves. Whatever thing is, it must be able to be sent by regular mail, and be something I can make or not invoke some serious capital cost for an unspecified number of things. It should be something 'collectible' in nature I think. Annual patches? 8x10 team photo glossies? Annual V's pennant you can hang and be a super nerd? Annual tshirt? Ideas?
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    Membership brainstorming

    We are thinking of the future.
  16. socceronly

    Membership brainstorming

    Here, you can belong and no one has to know.... LOL
  17. socceronly

    Membership brainstorming

    Canoe hat for you then sir.
  18. socceronly

    Membership brainstorming

    Now, is this allowed?
  19. Getting people to help isn't the same as handing them the keys. I am being very cautious with that as many people have messaged me and some of them are bat shit fucking crazy. Demanding this, demanding that. They already feel that given this is now a non profit and that they like soccer and post on the forum that they have a right to a seat at the table and to take things in directions that would simply lead to our destruction. We are not going to start a league one team, demand the CSA resign, start raising money to build professional academies.....ect....
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    TOKYO 2020

    Only trouble here is teams are not, at least I don't think, required to release players. If any of those players are seeing first team action, it seems unlikely they will be on a U23 team.
  21. He was always really helpful to us. Just recently he sent me a list of every player that ever played for a Canadian team. I am going to make a flag out of the names.
  22. socceronly

    Membership brainstorming

    Sidenote..... Is it technically a plaid?