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  1. Unnamed Trialist

    Worldwide women's news

    This is a bit anecdotal but also interesting, about a member of the Spain u-17 WC winning team, Salma Paralluelo, who was the left side attacker or wing. Although she is still 15 she competes with adults in athletics, she broke the Spain u-20 400 m record yesterday and qualified for the European indoor championship by making the minimum.. So she'll be the second youngest female athlete to ever compete at a European championship.
  2. Unnamed Trialist

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    It has been confirmed to me from someone at the club that there will be a ticket exchange program set up for games not attended by season ticket holders. They will also have a Ticketmaster secondary resale platform. And they are setting up a donation option for games, while reminding me that if you donate a ticket to a service organisation you can get a tax deduction for that, which I'd forgotten. I hope that all the clubs do similar.
  3. Unnamed Trialist

    2019 CPL All-Star game.

    I am actually in favour of having a game that could be rotated between venues, but the league looks like it has scheduling problems, with the short window to play in. That is the only drawback as I see it. You add another date and more travel for the stars and that could put undue pressure on them. I personally like the idea of pitting your CPL all-stars against a visiting team, like a classic Scottish PL side or an English championship side. You have to have a name to draw a bit, it could be an Italian Series B team in pre-season too, like a Venezia or Palermo. I realise they are all probably better by far than what the CPL will have, but you have to have a team that is recognized.
  4. Unnamed Trialist

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    The whole point for me is that being dead obvious, unless it is a terrible irony (like the Timbers, it is sort of dumb, but funny because it is right in your face), is no good. If you go about detailing all the obvious references, then it is boring as hell. Most clubs end up with weird little idiosyncratic stuff that has charm because it came about naturally, over time, and the fans pushed it too. At Barça we are called "culés", which is a very odd reference (from outside the stadium seeing bums (culs) sitting on a wall watching a game back in the 20s): nobody could ever have dreamt that up in an office. It is much better for fans to grow into a logo, colours, other references of a new team. The main Pacific is a totally abstract tree, is plays a bit with north-west coast native motifs, with those closed cells and rounded edges, without ripping them off or being expropriational. You can play with it a lot. It gives you possibilities to do cool colour combinations because the blocks are big and solid. I just don't agree with how the letters of the club sit in there. For a logo or crest and colour to grow the process should be a bit organic, in the sense of seeing what people buy, what they like, what is popular at a merchandise stand game day, what sells in kids sizes. It also makes sense to let a supporter section invent a chant related to something about the name or logo, and that sticks too. York9 can do a numerical chant, Cavalry can do their military charges. Hamilton can bash chunks of metal to death. Pacific, well we just don't know yet.
  5. Unnamed Trialist

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Oh, so Universitario is Peruvian? Well my bad, good for you. That actually does not hurt my argument, though, I thought the sponsorshop of a Forlan contract was possible because it was a team from his home country, and it wasn't. Though I wonder if you could get Valour sponsors to chip in for something like that.
  6. Unnamed Trialist

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    I just want to say that I don't agree the trident is a good logo, it is undynamic, and is a total cliché, a high school kid could have thought of that: the sea, oh, Greek mythology, cool, TRIDENT!! Like wow. The main logo and its variants, when properly worked on, is effective. Again, this weekend, someone I knew literally touched the logo on my black Pacific t-shirt in the middle of a conversation.
  7. Unnamed Trialist

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    When he signed back in Uruguay about 5 years ago his salary at Universitario was paid by the sponsors, so a similar sort of operation could be in place here. Though of course his image value is nowhere near as high. I am trying to find out if he has a deal for boots or brand in place, as often that is a way a deal could be negotiated.
  8. Unnamed Trialist

    Should Canada get more spots than the US in the CCL?

    What I don't like about the way you post, @PhillyJawn-guy is that every single one begs the question, forces the argument, and is tendentious. Without exception. I understand there are times when that could be a useful rhetorical device, and as a form of humour fairly good. You have zero sense of humour so I assume it is a little rhetorical trick you've latched onto, because somehow you convinced yourself that being, as one person is called here a complete homer, is a good role to play. It's not, it is really irritating and, on top of things, it is treating us as stupid. If you always post this way and start threads like this, it is, like Missy says to young Sheldon, dumbass.
  9. Unnamed Trialist

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Since we often talk about comparable Concacaf players here, for age or projection, Diego Lainez, the 18 year old Mexican, has played a few games for Betis now and scored in Euroleague this week. He is more an attacking mid, but is very mature, confident, understands the game, needs to improve his physicality but, IMO, is in there amongst Davies, Millar, and, why not, Pulisic, as the most promising players from our confederation. As we stand, by the way, Pulisic is the real thing and Davies is still waiting to happen, I don't know why this should bother anyone but it's the plain fact.
  10. Unnamed Trialist

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    I also think it is rough for Pacific to start on a Wednesday, the stadium location needs a specific trip and having to think about parking, and you are inevitably going to catch rush hour both ways in the lead-up to that time (say 7 start).
  11. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL new teams speculation

    I am mostly intrigued by the I, Braineater graphic behind him, I saw Jim Cummins many times in the early 80s in Vancouver. Really legendary stuff. Same era as the breakout of Skinny Puppy. Would be great if many Ontario locii get CPL clubs, but we need to fill in the rest of the country as well.
  12. Unnamed Trialist

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    May Day, phenomenal. A mid-week match, so we got that clear: we are going to see midweek matches. I think that means we are going to see road trips combining a Wed and a Sat or Sun. Fine by me, anyway they figure they have to get this league going, is fine by me. I realize that expecting a perfect schedule is not realistic, although Pacific would surely draw way better a weekend afternoon.
  13. Unnamed Trialist

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    Ballou is not called up for Albacete's match away to Zaragoza today.
  14. Unnamed Trialist

    Ballou Tabla

    He has not been called up for Albacete's away match at Zaragoza this afternoon. Not a good sign, he is not injured. He may find he has to train harder and show more than he did at Barça B, where the mentality was focused on development. That said, often when Barça loans out a player, there is a clause that requires him to play a minimum amount of minutes, and otherwise the new club has to pay a financial penalty for not using him.
  15. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL Season Schedule

    Not two champs, but the half-season does decide the Cup seeds. It has slight flaws, as you may have drawn the tough teams away in the first half, and that could affect your standing. But it is relatively minor. As I say, it would be ideal, only that the season starts too late, as we go about adding teams, we will have to advance the early rounds of our Cup even more, perhaps early May instead of mid. Otherwise, a single table sound fine by me, no playoffs. What motivates players with no chance of a win or a playoff spot: hopefully teams set up financial bonus systems for results. I would just like the CPL to be able to designate the league winner each year as the next year's Concacaf League rep, flat out, no ifs or buts. And that team should also get a bye of a round in the Voyageurs Cup, just to reduce schedule a bit. But not this ridiculous bye into semis for TFC: poor guys, they were so exhausted last year we have to save them the hassle of too many games, fine. But jjust four games and you can win a spot in next years Champions? Screw that, totally ridiculous.