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  1. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    You can't underestimate the power of FIFA. FIBA in turn is weaker overall and it's regions have little clout. The Euroleague is on fact a renegade split off and unofficial for FIBA...and it's the strongest competition after the NBA.
  2. Unnamed Trialist

    Ballou Tabla

    Ballou could get minutes if we have some injuries. Right now, in fact, Suárez is not sharp physically, and Malcolm is out a few more weeks. But we'd have to be in a dire situation in attack for him to be called up. Or else, if we solve the away leg of the next Cup round, which is feasible, he could appear in the 2nd leg, as in January-Feb Spain plays round of 16, quarters and semis home and away: a lot of games. As for B team full internationals, we've had them in the past, like with Halilovic the Croatian, or before that the Israeli Gai Assulin. Right now, quite a few are Spain u-19 or 21, Carevic is a u-21 Montenegro keeper, Araujo a u-21 defender for Uruguay, McGuane had been an England u-19. So Ballou and Wague (who as I see it is way above the level of the B team, but was injured 3 months) are the only full internationals, as you say: I am also hopeful that Wague's presence and being French speaking will be positive for Ballou, as it seems to me he is really quite shy.
  3. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This is of course, outrageous: they were selling tickets and signing players without being officially sanctioned by US Soccer to play in USL until this week? Really?
  4. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Fury is the club with primary responsibility for spreading hearsay about the CPL salary cap. As a way to justify their decision. Then they claimed they had long-term contracts in place and that they'd be damaged by a move to CPL, after which they dumped quite a few players themselves. To the point where as we stand they only have half a squad. Further, they have overstated their solidity in USL, where they've been only a few years--they recently changed leagues with out a fuss, but now make out like a change would be the end of the world. Then it turns out that they were making announcements about their continuity in USL when they had no sanctioning from US Soccer until this week. Which they apparently were hiding from followers, selling tickets, without having their sanctioning as the one foreign team in USL firmly in place. For me, they are a not the most honest bunch, and are, as we stand, one of the major shit-disturbers in Canadian soccer. On top of that, whining like babies when they get their wrists slapped for their own incompetence. But as I say, for me it is still better to let them play in USL, have their season, keep their fans in place, and let the owners come around slowly and easily, without being forced, to CPL.
  5. Unnamed Trialist

    Ballou Tabla

    Also training with the first team on Wednesday were these players from Barça B (Ballou included). Wague, by the way, is that great Senegalese fullback who was at the World Cup. I am pleased to see the core of B team starters get regular training with the first team, usually after a 1st team game when the previous night's starters do not train at full pace. It is usually to enable scrimmages. Of these, Riqui, Miranda and Chumi are the ones who go the most.
  6. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I agree. The Fury asks the CSA to apply for the sanction. Apologizing they are late, or however they want to do it. Asking for a special provision, considering as well that there are other teams pending a season's schedule, and that cancelling player contracts would constitute an employment discrimination. Then they play in USL for 2019, understanding, explicitly, that after next season they will not be able to. Allowing them time to reconsider their CPL options. I perfectly understand that the Fury could go into litigation on this, as I don't agree with what the region has done. I understand it, even sympathise with the sentiment, since the Fury have deliberately sought to damage the reputation of the CPL (slagging it publicly, and lying about the reasons to not go in). But I don't think it makes sense to force their hand as that can never work. The club, as is, belongs to its owners and they can just close it. In fact, considering how little they listened to many of their own supporters, none of whom would have complained about a move to CPL (they accepted the NASL to USL move), they have shown they really do not care about soccer fans in Ottawa that much. So no point forcing them to close shop, because they'll do so without blinking an eye. Basically I am saying that let the pricks have their way for now.
  7. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL General

    I'm widely ignored as well. If you think me calling you logically incoherent in this particular case is insulting you can ignore me too. What's surprising is that you post well and coherently most of the time and I agree with most.
  8. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    So you are ruling out games between one team and another as competition? Look, Im not the one making things up as I go along. If you can't deal with it just ignore me. Or don't make inane posts. CPL is in the midst of astronomical growth and no teams have failed or faltered. You are a slagging it with no mathematical, logical or respectful justification whatsoever. And on a CPL thread. So you're fair game.
  9. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL General

    If you feel that way you should just ignore instead of revealing yourself to be so logically incoherent: you are basically saying you disagree on the basis of who says what, not what they say. Which means nobody can expect to be honest with you ever. It's better to ignore on the board than having to behave so poorly.
  10. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    So it could be that the CSA has been black balling Fury. Or that Fury has ignored the CSA. Or that there is de facto collusion between the CSA and Concacaf. I feel we are still missing some pieces.
  11. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The day a CPL club eliminates an MLS side from the Voyageurs Cup will you admit they're competing? There are plenty of cup precedents to see it happening sooner rather than later. In any case if you think going from nothing to about 5000 in stands in 7 cities is less relative growth than MLS will see in the next 1000 years then you never passed math. It's mathematically insurmountable. CPL is growing in leaps and bounds before our eyes. As for stability, we see MLS franchises close and fail every few years, while others falter. It's less stable than any other sport league in North America.
  12. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    As for the Fury, I agree.They apparently ignored reminders to request sanctioning. Very negligent. But how so the CSA? Are you interpreting that Victor is taking a shot at CSA inaction?
  13. Unnamed Trialist

    Ottawa CPL Club

    So conclusions. 1-Sanctioning for USL for a Canadian team like Fury is not a blank cheque, the implication is that application should be duly made each year. 2-If Ottawa Fury knew this and did not request sanctioning, then they were clearly negligent. 3-Instead of arguing that Concacaf has screwed Ottawa late in the game, which is the narrative Fury is trying to sell, it may be equally or more legitimate to say that the lateness is the fault of Ottawa Fury. 4-I personally do not respect a team that blindsides the CPL in the way that they did, and then is proven to not have even taken their USL option seriously. When apparently warned in this regard. 5-There does exist a remote possibility that Ottawa has played this hand deliberately, for reasons we shall see emerge in the upcoming days.
  14. Unnamed Trialist

    Liam Millar

    I think he should stay put as there is the promise of what we have seen with last year's Youth League stalwarts, yesterday Foden played the whole match for Man City, and Miranda for Barça, at left back. Both born in this century. If you sit tight, and work hard, I am sure you will get your chance in the Liverpool structure.
  15. Unnamed Trialist

    Cyle Larin

    I turned it on just in time to see Quaresma stomp on a guy with his studs in the midfield, straight red. There was at least 10 min left still, or more. So it is painfully clear there is more going on than just Larin, the team in general is in rough shape.