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  1. "Mais les vrais voyageurs sont ceux-là seuls qui partentPour partir; coeurs légers, semblables aux ballons,De leur fatalité jamais ils ne s'écartent,Et, sans savoir pourquoi, disent toujours: Allons!" "But the true voyagers are solely those who departJust to be departing; hearts light, like balloons,They never turn aside from their fatalityAnd without knowing why they always say: 'Let's go!'" Charles Baudelaire, "Le voyage", Les fleurs du mal (1861)
  2. I love boxed kites. Could you pass me your wife's personal phone number, and a picture?
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    CPL General

    Usually a pre-season friendly can be a simple scrimmage, and if there is no CSA ref involved officially, designated by them or by a provincial association, they should not really have anything to say in the matter. Which makes me wonder: have the Caps not properly registered their u-23 team, do they not have CSA authorisation to play? Or is there some defect related to players' insurance or the like? Since the CPL teams are properly sanctioned, and all requisites are 100% fulfilled, perhaps even for trialists, I am assuming the problem has nothing to do with FC Edmonton. So I am thinking that the Caps have not properly gone about sanctioning and/or fulfilling CSA conditions for their u-23 players.
  4. I agree, there is a big high school right beside. And out there, instead of always having to dream up something to do with kids, you have it nearby. It could mean a few hundred in any case, which I think is fine. Folks underestimate just how many teams are actually supported by immediate neighbourhoods.
  5. If he plays in top flight Egypt, after 4 games he is ahead of half the players you name, maybe more. I can't for the life of me figure out what team he is with, what sort of updates are these?
  6. Come on you chickens, wins, draws, losses! Let it hang!
  7. I think you simply have to make the standard decision to not sell certain sections, leave them empty, or cover over unsold areas with advertising, like the upper part of the lower bowl at BC Place. Not seeing empty seats actually does put them out of mind. By overarticulating pricing by section, which I think is an error, you expose yourself to these sorts of gaps, as I see it. My opinion is that in larger stadiums, you have to reduce the variations, while in smaller stadiums, close to being sold out (at Wanderers, at Cavalry, hopefully Pacific), you can do more detailed variations on price by section.
  8. Okay, here goes. Pacific FC, best, 13 W 8 D 7 L = 47 points Cavalry, worst, 7 W 8 D 13 L = 29 points I don't really believe this, but if I had to bet, that'd be it. I am betting on parity this year.
  9. Even numbers would be more attractive for fans, though clearly, the more teams we have, the less an odd number matters. But I think the key is readiness. If a team is in a situation close to Winnipeg or Hamilton in terms of a stadium, that is a huge step. If the ownership group has deep pockets and can prove they can move effectively on all fronts, another plus. If the proposed club has a parallel supporters group, not set up by them but spontaneous and enthusiastic, another plus. My view is that all groups were speculating this first year, on the basis of a dream. A good part of what we have started as shots in the dark. From now on, all teams will have a much clearer path, with a lot of the groundwork for accurate financial metrics done for them. They will walk into existing fan knowledge, overall and specific league and club experience, media deals, digital support. So I say we have to ask a bit more from them: a lot more. And I am not talking about franchise fees, though I do believe that something has to be paid into the pot to benefit the general good, as part of the league's seed money (this has to be handled right, as asking too much, when the value of the next 5-7 teams is very high for the benefit of all, would be rash and counterproductive).
  10. I was looking for pictures, and saw that the Westshore Rebels pointy-ball team will be playing out of the stadium this summer as well. It is going to get a high use in the end.
  11. If you check the CPL twitter you can see they are creating a lot of content in the Dominican Republic, sometimes through CPL media (Kurt Larson), sometimes, apparently, through press related to clubs (Sandor), but now, also Media Pro Canada, like in this tweet below. Their twitter feed, https://twitter.com/mediaprocanada, refers to the CPL content team, while they are just now referring those interested in their content to One Soccer, apparently their outlet. It'll be interesting to see whether Larson, the clubs' media people and Media Pro share content and collaborate and to what degree.
  12. It is a matter of two things, success, and longevity. First you need to win, otherwise the narratives are off-colour, with exceptions like for youth (Davies), or someone doing something exception (like getting over a cancer while active as a player). Then, on top of winning, have players with consistency doing so, to associate them over a longer term with the success. If we win the Voyaguers Cup and Felipe scores the late winner, there you are. If the run in Concacaf Champions goes deep and Felipe continues playing well, all the better.
  13. Can we get Ted or a few more Lake Side Buoys to make a foray out into the western hinterland and give us a few picks of what is going on? Was also thinking that in the 2nd week of May we have rugby there as well, so it has to be right asap. edit: I just changed my post to react to Ted laughing, so basically I lost what I said originally. This looks like it is to make Ted look silly for laughing, but it is just because I screwed up.
  14. As I see it, you have 18 clubs raring to go, with stadiums to be in the top flight, and a fan base, and of course the money to cover basic costs, and the tv pie---well that is a damn good 34 game season, balanced schedule. I'd stick with it. I'd prefer 18 teams in one top division, to 14 and then another, 2nd with 10 teams, where most likely the tier would not warrant you paying a living wage to your players. The only way to set up promotion and relegation, is to set it up at the amateur level by decree at the lower levels of the game, and then create a wide base of ambitious amateur teams who want to dream about making the CPL, even if they only have a 2300 capacity stadium and can't really compete on salary (exactly the same as all leagues the world over, with your Bournemouths and Huescas). The reason promotion and relegation is great is because it a true expression of meritocracy and the wonders of competition. But as we stand, if we get to near 20 clubs, we have an amazing league for players and fans in Canada--and we don't really have a motivation to start with the complications of a second tier.
  15. I am going to make a prediction. We will never have a properly speaking CPL second division, and there will never be promotion/relegation in CPL. The clubs we end up with, 12-14, will simply not have the balls to risk the consolidation of their market positions by adding the variable of poor performance as a definitive factor in forced downsizing. Promotion and relegation has to be driven from the bottom up, not top down. What drives the system is ambition of those below, not the monopolistic interests of those sitting on top. We will have equivalents to L1O Ontario, feeding CPL teams. Hopefully in more provinces in the country. That's it. Hopefully that will also mean more amateur teams in the Voyageurs Cup.
  16. Thing is, it is not that long a drive even. It is less than going to the ferry terminal, which folks do regularly, even if to pick someone up or drop off. It is not that much further coming from Saanich than Victoria even. It means coming down from Duncan or Nanaimo you avoid traffic entering into Victoria. But the walk and bike in will be likely less than a few hundred, local families maybe. And there is really nothing else to do out there apart from the game. I frequently stay at a house in Victoria, when visiting, that sees the lights at RAP, so you can imagine what I'd prefer.
  17. There is zero political will in Victoria to encourage a pro team in the city, that is not only not anywhere near the mayor's constituency, you could argue that none of the recent mayoralty candidates, and probably none of the current city councillors, would be the least bit interested. It's too bad, since you could fill a city facility 14 days a year more (15, 16) that would mean revenue, and then related revenue for areas near the downtown. You could also ensure a fairly large % of fans coming walking, biking, by one transit link even. It would be feasible in terms of converting baseball as well. As the mayor of Langford is a fundamental piece in getting the team into greater Victoria, he is not going to let it go that easily, and those running the club should reciprocally show loyalty to him, at least as long as the numbers allow them to justify the Langford scenario.
  18. Victoria will get a lot of last minute, and walk up. If you look at rugby crowds, and baseball, even hockey, the numbers are higher. Though if they don't get over 4000 I won't be surprised, I think that after the media hype on opening day, that'll push the Pacific opener up as well, sharply.
  19. Okay, I get it, no problem. I like Ibra now, now that he is in semi-retirement, he is funny and the formulas people come up with are quite hilarious. But he has never been any better than no 8 player in the world, more or less. That's not bad, and it is good enough for MLS--TFC won the league with Giovinco, who was never even in the top 100 in the world, ever. I saw Villa at BC Place and he was poor that day. Pirlo was too his last game there. I never saw Beckham in MLS but in La Liga, and for all people say about him, he was a hard worker, he was loyal, and he cared. I once saw him take a late red for Madrid, at the Bernabeu, because the rest of the team was coasting and he was sick of his teammates being fine with a draw at home, so he lashed out to wake them up. As a player, for me, he was a great pro. He was just limited, he had a few things he did well, and really should not have been asked to do much more nor even really lead. This adulation stuff, I get it, but it never corresponds to reality. Just look at NBA all-star voting by fans, it's embarrassing, Derrick Rose still gets voted high, because he has a cult following not at all related to his real play, it is just a narrative some buy into. Whitecaps fans, as we now stand, have not one player fans can latch onto, with Waston gone, with Ousted long gone, and it is not clear anyone is willing to step up this year either.
  20. You are a long way from BC Place, that's clear enough. Even Beckham is more deserving of accolade than Ibra, since the guy was a better professional, a better ambassador of the game, and way more humble when it comes down to it. And I only ever saw him as a rival.
  21. What is worse, bigger players than Zlatan have come through BC Place, who have won more and are arguably objectively better even in his position (David Villa), and people did not seem to even realise who they were watching. Okay, so I've seen him playing for Barça for a season and being just a regular player who could not understand he was in Messi's shadow, so I am not in awe. Fine. But if you do want to be in awe, pick someone substantial. I'd take Pirlo or even Schwansteiger over Ibra, though he is obviously charismatic and funny in his own egomanic way.
  22. I've been in Barcelona for over half my life, and we work way harder here than in Vancouver. Considering the housing costs in Van, it is pretty inexplicable, since people should be really pushing when young if they want to make Greater Vancouver their long-term base. Okay, I am in a place where salaries are weak and tourism pushes up costs, so you have to work a lot, but still. I am shocked in Vancouver when people in positions of management, people who lead I have contacts with when in Van, in charge of many others and large budgets, are going home at the same time as their secretaries on union hours. I take this as a lack of ambition to really excel, because to do things at a high standard, and to lead, you absolutely have to work way harder and push more to the limits. When everyone else has gone home, that is when you get a few things done. But no, it is like watching 40-somethings in pre-retirement phase. Unfortunately this translates into sports culture, as while we have a lot of Canada's Olympians, like in rowing, who really know what it means to drive (though they are on the Island), we have team sports where folks really do not care about playing well, being good, winning, making playoffs. People are not even embarrassed by the fact that we are being beaten by direct rivals, like Seattle in soccer, and every year some Western Canadian hockey team, except like once every 20 years something odd happens.
  23. Another great interview with Hoyle. I really like this guy. I am not sure if his level is that high, but his mentality and professionalism are tops. In cases like this, I really do want him to excel, as on a personal level he's a big asset to the league: https://canpl.ca/video/hoyle-earning-mr-worldwide-nickname-as-valour-moves-to-dominican
  24. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL General

    Hockey never used to have a penalty for embellishment, but they introduced it. So that is on the hockey guys, all the way, it has nothing to do with soccer.
  25. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL General

    Thing is, fans getting all upsett because an opposing attacker goes down and stays down. And their team making terrible decisions on the field, players out of position, lame defensive give-aways, tactically inept when either ahead or behind (this is mostly Whitecaps for the last few years): no reaction. Not at all upset. High tolerance for garbage football. But that guy on the other team who fell, get up, get up. This is low IQ soccer culture, and it absolutely cannot be encouraged. I am used to watching football where if you miss a clear pass, anywhere on the field, and especially in the back to middle, the whole crowd groans. And if someone repeats that, a murmur starts. And if it becomes consistent, his spot on the team could be at risk. And this is not just at Barça don't get me wrong, it is at Gimnàstic de Tarragona, in relegation in 2nd division: inept football is frustrating, and diving--well just get over it. If your fucking team could keep the ball, the others would not have it, you would not have to tackle hard to get it back in desperation, and that guy would not be on the ground. It is your fault he's there.
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