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  1. And sorry, but on an experienced CB. And on a sure-fire striker to accompany Montero. What makes no sense is for MDS to talk about possession and have a single striker up high, which is not how possession football should be played. You have to combine all the way into the net, so you cannot have a guy playing as a pure target as your end-point of possession attack.
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    Former FCB president José Luis Nuñez once went to Barcelona City Hall after we won a trophy, and started his speech like this: "It is a pleasure to be here in the hall of the city that takes its name from the club I preside." And he was serious, he had no intention of being funny. Barcelona was founded in 14 BC, by the way, at the end of the reign of Augustus Caesar.
  3. Quite right, my package in Spain has only ATP for Masters 1000 tennis, no women. So no WTA, and I could not watch that match, which I wanted to at least catch part of yesterday. In any case, you can't really say we have tv producers at all sharp when it comes to Canadian talent in the world.
  4. What tees me off is that MDS had all winter to figure things out, they did their preseason, and they are still figuring things out a month into the league. I mean, the guy knows the league, if he had a clear vision he needed to be executing it earlier and getting it to work earlier as well. I'd give him another 3-4 games to prove we can win or draw and compete. After ten, decide whether we are going anywhere with his ideas or not. We are still sitting on the money for Davies, it has not been spent yet.
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    The Spanish league was pretty well amateur up to maybe 4-5 years ago. I am just going on memory. Two factors have really pushed the league forward. First, getting regular television, starting with a game a week. Then having a major league sponsor, in this case Iberdrola, an energy enterprise, which drives the economics. That has strengthened the finances. Now sponsorship and tv are pushing things forwards. There is a third question, which is having the pro clubs take women's football seriously, for example, by shifting club sponsors to their women. At Barça, for example, Stanley wanted to get into the club's mix but there was nothing available for the men, so they were convinced to start as the women's shirt sponsor. The other factor from some clubs is the will to put major games in the main stadium. The team that pioneered this was At Bilbao, for a Champions League match a few years ago, then a key league game (also vs. Barça, think Barça won the league by winning that match), and also when fellow Basque team Real Sociedad visits. Then, la Real reciprocated. At Madrid has made this next step, very intelligently in a match that was key for the league. Barça winning puts them 3 points back with maybe 6 games left. The fact that Real Madrid scorns women's football is a negative factor in Spain, but that is their ethos. If they were involved things would be even better for the women. But there is a precarious side to things. I am not even sure they have established a mininum wage yet, so some lesser teams may be paying low or below living wage. I know a guy working in a warehouse where I work externally who told me his sister plays in the league, for Espanyol, I gather she makes more than he does in his job, but not much more.
  6. One of our own, @MrsC I've been a bit starved for team info, as the board has fallen a bit quiet in this preseason I am going onto the respective team's social media channels.
  7. Just learnt that Dani Fernandes, who as we know was capped by Portugal, is still playing: he is at Farense in Portuguese 2nd division, been there all season. Dani was spending a lot of time last year in Vancouver, setting up some coaching services and getting involved in some business ventures related to training, and then I believe he started to work on his coaching license back in Oporto or vicinity. So I had assumed he had retired. Which was also a reason I thought he could be a coaching prospect for CPL. I wonder if Pacific would offer him a deal to go in goal for them.
  8. Ballou Tabla did not dress for Albacete, once again, as they beat Extremadura 1-0 at home. Considering the rival was a bottom dweller, the team is still weak in the scoring department.
  9. What I like most about this is trying to remember "Regina Time".
  10. This is what happened to me: on one leg because the other was injured, and ended up hurting the good one while hopping around to avoid the injured on.
  11. Luca Magic. Puebla is called "la franja" because of the sash across their crest and shirt.
  12. I didn't, because I had a tear and not a break--still, I think I made a mistake, though I feel fine and well on that foot, I am not sure taking the slow method was the best. Any athlete has to operate 100%, I often wish I had just thinking about wanting to continue doing basic activity like running. But that may not be my real problem, I have a condition known as Haglund's syndrome, which affects both feet, with one of the consequences bursitis on the heel. So I had pain in the torn heel for years before, and now in the other. I hope those in the Curva or the Southside appreciate the sacrifice involved for some of us standing and hopping in a supporters section for an entire game.
  13. I tore my Achilles ten years ago or so. Not being a pro athlete, I can say I recovered from the pain well, but muscules and strength were very hard: I still do not have a balanced set of calf muscles (I was a cross country runner). I underestimated how much work is involved. I have heard of pro athletes coming back after ten months. It's a moot point regardless. He is gone for the season, feel so sorry for him, for the guy, not for Pacific, as we'll sort things out.
  14. I was in a big pub, but was paying attention to the greatest team in the world on another screen. Seriously, most commentators in Spain are saying that the team that will end up spending most this upcoming summer, after Real Madrid, is Bayern. And they have actually announced they have money to do so.
  15. I am not sure if you are being ironical, or commenting how English teams are so traditionally poor at closing out matches when leading.
  16. I personally think they won't repeat this year's format. If they do have a first and then second half, and get the champ from that, let it be two even seasons. Even then, I don't like that final match between winners of two halves, because one is recent, the other far off, and the final does not correspond to a clear curve of winning form.
  17. Everyone is posting as if Davies were a goal-scorer. He is not. And as if he were a player to face a team in the lead, sitting back, able to absorb his speed. He is not that either. He thrives with space, and then his dribbling comes to the fore, not in tight set-ups with the rival in formation and able to sit deep if they want. This is why we need to see Kovacs get daring, and put him in where it counts: early.
  18. Quite right. I do not favour any Canadian team getting any privilege in the competition. I mean, it gets you to the Champions League, it is the fastest track to any similar club competition anywhere, it is a frigging gift from the CSA. So let them damn well play a minimum no of games, always, no matter what; and let them bolster the conditions for playing it by ensuring the minimum number of Canadians is fulfilled, and, better, increased.
  19. I think if you analyse what I am saying, you'll see that is not a solution at all: you cannot avoid an unbalanced schedule by dividing it in half. Or maybe I don't understand you, you'll have to explain how two halves solves not playing each team the same number of times home and away. I know that in N America we are used to unbalanced schedules, but they are previews to widely participated playoffs which are essentially systems to accomodate margin of error and soften the injustice of the regular season.
  20. Setting up a D2 will have a lot to do with scheduling. It is where you put teams in waiting for eventually entering the D1, plus others with no intention to do so. As we sit, we have designed a schedule for 8 teams, seeing every team twice home and away, 7x4 = 28 games. An eighth team rounds that out. A ninth team takes us to 32 games in a season. A tenth, to 36. That is already maxing out if you want a balanced schedule, because we do not have the weather to stretch things much more, and want to avoid excess midday matches. But it is possible. After ten teams, and up to 13 or so, you have a bit of a headache. You are almost certainly forced to think about a regular season and then a championship round, or add playoffs, or go to a very unbalanced schedule. At about 14 you can once again redraw a balanced home and away schedule with 26 league matches. Maybe the earlier Cup rounds add fixtures. But you are at least close to what current teams are offering their fans, 14+1. Reducing a match or two is no tragedy, you can always do a guaranteed friendly vs a visiting team, for example, or a team can do a pre-season tournament. So I am proposing that a D2 is a sort of holding league for future D1 teams, and for others who do not see it viable to make a move into D1 but could conceive competiting in a lower tier.
  21. I reported on him all the season at Leganés and Alarcón, by the way, prompted by @Toje who is of those most on top of the Canucks Abroad here. In Spain they spelt the name "Sadik" Nolan is right, I almost always had to check when writing up his games. In Spain they just called him Bakr, easy.
  22. Since I am a Liverpool fan and quite hate Bayern, I am fine with it. Kovacs very much respects pecking order, is all in with a few players who are not really up to par this year, tends to use a short roster. Fair enough. We all know that Alphonso is most effective when the rival is attacking, but that means showing some character as a coach and risking that card when you are ahead, not behind.
  23. I've watched a fair bit of them this year, for me they are badly coached. I know this is a bit of a cheap shot, but Kovacs is not that good, and this is not just because I am teed off he does not think enough of Davies, last fall when I saw matches they had weak overall tension, were sloppy, and had poor cohesion. For me Kovacs is not anywhere near their last coaches in quality, maybe he's at Jonker's level...way behind Heynckes, Guardiola, Hitzfeld, the list is long of superior managers.
  24. I'm actually not talking about who "it" is, I am just saying that I liked what I could gather about this kid, I think he's a good prospect. My two cents about keeping people thinking about possible players. I watch a lot of lower tier Spain, and you don't see that many 20 year olds playing at 4th tier, or even 5th tier, and less so at CB.
  25. I saw Edgar in what I think was his home debut for Whitecaps, a friendly vs. Crystal Palace, and I remember him very well. He was intense, was in communication with other backs and keeper, anticipates well, he is a solid pro who frankly gave me a better feeling than a few others we've seen since (Henry). My feeling is that he came into Caps very psyched, so he was very unlucky with that dumb injury. Just on that basis, watching him live, I have a very positive idea of his potential. Sometimes, unless you actually watch a guy carefully, you really can't know. Both virtues and flaws.
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