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  1. Perhaps of the Mbappe mold on the women's side. You can't coach speed. Must be exciting to watch, will keep an eye out for her.
  2. Vic

    2019 Algarve Cup

    The odds of seeing a new name in a roster are about 100/1. Pretty strong statement about the depth of women's soccer in Canada.
  3. China becomes another country where sanction of a top-level men's program requires a women's program as well. https://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/news/women-s-game-receives-fresh-impetus-in-china?_branch_match_id=587778880683530053 "This is a pattern on which we can model our women's game. So we have decided that each CSL [Chinese Super League] side should have a women's team by 2020 so the men's game will lend their strengths to the women's game."
  4. Final decision on VAR at FIFA Council meeting in March, but considering officials are being trained on it now it's likely. Referees and assistants are female, VAR judges are male. Same judges from the men's tournament. Women are testing it now at a youth tournament in Europe with teams from Bayern, PSG, etc. Yesterday for the first time a female official cancelled a goal with the use of VAR.
  5. Will be interesting to see how we approach it, experimenting and a lab or pure performance.
  6. Good quality highlights
  7. Quality pass by Lawrence:
  8. Saw this one in the news this morning too: https://globalnews.ca/news/4907067/londoner-jade-kovacevic-professional-contract/
  9. Speaking of the Aussies... almost made me break down and lose it: https://www.playersvoice.com.au/jada-whyman-our-home-was-tent/#jXQ8bCXEMbVgwsRM.97
  10. Wow. I think that is the first time I've seen two women have a conversation in the women's forum. Kind of threw me when I realized it. You're both not just knowledgeable and very intelligent but way ahead of your time and add so much perspective and insight to this forum.
  11. I caught a feed of Atletico Madrid v Malaga today. The quality of play was so incredibly high. We don't have anything remotely or fractionally near it. We are so completely, utterly, massively and royally f#*ked. Hate to harsh the mellow but Canadian women's soccer is Dead Man Walking. We have a limited chance of success in France this summer but it's the least kick at the cat. Well probably always have a Buchanan or Lawrence or Fleming, kind of like our men with Davies or Hoilett or Larin, but we can't put 11 on a field like others will be able to. And we know the ranking of that formula / scenario.
  12. De Vanna would be one of the leading candidates. Coaches technical area is interesting in that video but her comment to her teammate in the audio is even more so.
  13. Good read https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/inside-the-matildas-dressing-room-that-led-to-stajcic-s-sacking-20190125-p50tlk.html
  14. Just read she's been living with a billeted family. Sounds like she's already been living all-in for a while. Being a pro is tough work. The ups and downs, fighting for time against very talented teammates, constantly believing in yourself, different cultures, injuries, etc. You need to be talented but also very driven and focused because the distractions can be overwhelming. Especially when you're her age. Competing against NCAA scholarshipped athletes and succeeding is one thing. Doing it against international players and professionals of all ages is another level entirely. Twenty or thirty years ago you could become a Hooper or Sinclair or Hegerberg without going pro at her age. I don't think you can anymore. Maybe Jessie Fleming will prove that wrong. Hope so, but if she does I imagine she's one of a small number of exceptions who don't fit the pattern. Like Socrates who became an actual doctor while playing. Decisions like hers change things and have a very big impact on others in her footsteps down the road. Best of luck to her, wherever she lands I hope it's a quality program in terms of developing young players.
  15. Stanford would be more than that but in terms of education in Canada we are very fortunate and have great affordable programs. The choice for someone young and with talent and motivation and options is: a) Do education primary and on the side have a short amateur season of soccer for 4-5 years and then turn pro, or b) Turn pro primary and do education both on the side and after Curious if she's been talking to Bayern. I saw them earlier in the year and watching them move a ball through the middle was poetry.