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  1. Agree on the top 100, anyone and everyone with a web page has done a top 100 and they range from ridiculous to random. Even the ones by quality organizations like the Guardian (who I think have two Canadians and a half dozen Dutch) are half-baked. But the odds, that stuffs legitimate and backed up by real money. It's not someone and their three friends coming up with something. It moves with money played and like all free markets tends to settle in balance.
  2. Vic

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Given their response today they obviously think they have a winnable case and it will end up in court. And all the power to them to do that. But go that route and all you're doing is going damages, you're still sanctioned out and your club is dead as a doorknob win or lose.
  3. Sinclair's only 35, age shouldn't be an issue. At that age Charmaine Hooper was on the World All-Star team, was voted to the World Cup Best-11 and scored the winner in the quarter against Japan to put us in the semi's. And then played another three years for Canada. And really, what are our alternatives? After Sinclair the drop is quite significant. Whereas comparatively the Dutch attack with players like Viviene Miedema and Lieke Martens, both recognized as world class already and just in their early-to-mid 20s. Because of the vacuum Sinclair can probably start for Canada for another 3-5 years, while in countries like the Netherlands she''s already off the bench late. That's why although we were in Pool A and the Dutch in Pool B in the draw, they're 10-1 to win it and we're 34-1.
  4. He simply doesn't understand women's soccer. But then so few people do. A positive capable player is worth so much to a team. 11 of those and you win a World Cup. Wilkinson is a good case in point. Few people can comprehend that. Theyb would rather vote for Marta as the player of the year when she (and not Desiree Scott) was the great destroyer. That's not just coaching either, it's the essence of Canadians and Canadian culture. Something omnipotent in women's soccer and again something few people can understand.
  5. "Winner of Group E gets runner up of Group B, runner up from Group E gets runner up from Group F" Winner crosses over with D and not B. Win the group and probably get: - England (4)/Japan (8) in the 16 - Australia (6)/Brazil (10) in the quarter - Germany (2)/Dutch (7)/Swedes (9) in the semi Lose the group to the Dutch and probably get: - Sweden (9) in the 16 - Germany (2) in the quarter - England (4)/Japan (8)/Dutch (7) in the semi Pick your poison. Coming in second in group gets you an easier round of 16 but a more difficult quarter.
  6. It was a cup game against a Tier2 opponent while the team rested their better attackers. Beckie got her first start of the year and hugely made the best of it and was player of the game. https://www.mancity.com/news/mcwfc/womens-match-report/2018/december/man-city-v-sheffield-united-continental-cup-match-report-5-december With the attackers MC has the difficult part is getting playing time and just dressing on game day. Tough for anyone to find minutes attacking with Nadia Nadim, Tessa Wullaert, Jill Scott, Nikita Parris, Caroline Weir, and now Pauline Bremer returning after a broken leg a year ago. And then you have to fight other young players like Georgia Stamway who at 19 just got a couple England senior caps (and lost the golden boot on assists in the U20 this summer). She has thin minutes with Man City but it's a much better place to be for a young player with ambition. Gutsy move to put yourself in that position.
  7. Second in our group plays the winner of group F in the crossover in Paris. USA is in group F. And we just drew the Netherlands. Not good.
  8. Someone once did an analysis of Abby Wambach's goals and I noticed she only had 16 PK's, thought it would have been higher but guess she was down the pecking order in who takes for the US. Also that she only had three in extra or additional time and that she scored in half her games played and over 40% with her head: https://www.ussoccer.com/womens-national-team/thanks-abby/151216-wambach-goal-facts
  9. Vic

    Kadeisha Buchanan

    A situation like that can make you or break you, depends on your fight. Hopefully it's the former. What a waste to have a player like that sitting. On the men's side you're making so much money you'd clean the locker room for it, but on the women's side I wonder if you'd rather just find something else.
  10. Spain was definitely a class above and they have written the book at the women's youth level in Europe for quite a while. Spain had never been in a World Cup before Canada or even a Euro medal game going back to 1979. But they are back again in France next year, so the results at the youth level has clearly paid dividends on the senior side. In the women's game they have a dangerous combination of skill and intelligence. They didn't win a game in Canada and surely will get their first World Cup win next summer, and sooner rather than later will go on a run and lay down their marker.
  11. Pretty much describes the plight of women's soccer in a nutshell: https://www.whimn.com.au/talk/djs-sexist-request-of-worlds-best-female-footballer-deserves-all-your-outrage/news-story/cbd69b2e331877ab222e60d593144aca I'd love to know what she mumbled, I've seen references to "wtf" in Norwegian.
  12. The NCAA as a development avenue is kind of a trompe l'oeil. It exists solely due to men's football and basketball and Title IX. School programs do not exist like club programs which are by nature, design and passion in the soccer business, they exist simply because by policy schools need to offset enormous financial investment on the men's athletics side. As such they too often reek of amateurism. Jeffrey I'm glad you mentioned the playing season which truly is the clearest statement of all that it is not a serious development option by design. Another is the substitution rule and games like the UNC one's with combined 50+ substitutions and how that completely transforms the game we call soccer. And red card a good point about how the US college system was historically a best practice and leader but as the women's game evolves it will be usurped. The Americans can throw 350 million people at that problem though and it will be a while before it surfaces, we'll see the effects of it much sooner. To be out front of that we need to transform our domestic alternatives to keep players here and from being marginalized and going backwards abroad.
  13. I've talked to her, she's quite bright. I think if I was in her shoes at that point in the game my face would have been more disappointing. In Canada we're not up on gamesmanship but in other parts of the world going down at that point would be more common. She just needs a primer on Canadian courtesy to understand that she really was injured. Given that, if it's the first minute of three minutes of extra time, and it takes at least a minute (and probably more to get someone on the field), if you can walk off the field, do you not walk back to the penalty area and cover even a metre of ground until someone can possibly get in the game?
  14. Ada Hegerberg wins the Ballon d'Or
  15. Regarding possession... not wanting to play possession-based attacking isn't wrong or evil. Norway play direct, if you are taking more than two touches or not playing forward on the break you're doing it wrong. And if not for two missed penalties in the final against Germany they would have won the last Euro before the Dutch win last year. They are cognizant they are a country of four million people and their success speaks for itself. They have a plan and they execute well on it. That's the key point. Tactics aren't always pretty but success always is.