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  1. Czech Republic 3rd tier Papa Dione started and played 76 minutes for Hodonín in a 2-1 loss away to Vrchovina.
  2. Three keepers in Italy over the weekend.... - Alessandro Busti was on the bench for Juventus U23 in a 2-1 loss vs Alessandria in Serie C - Sebastian Breza was also an unused sub for Potenza in a 1-0 loss away to US Catanzaro in Serie C. - Axel Desjardins was on the bench for Spezia in a 2-0 loss away Cremonese in Serie B.
  3. Czech Republic - 3rd tier Sep 15 Papa Dione started and scored in the 26th minute for Hodonín in a 2-2 draw vs Velké Meziříčí. He came off in the 84th minute.
  4. Toje

    Olivier Occean

    He has resigned with Mjondalen for the 2019 season. https://t.co/behFZR2a9h
  5. Toje

    Mélé Temguia

    He just finished up his season with Valentine Phoenix FC in the Australian 2nd tier. Radio interview from today - http://www.abc.net.au/radio/newcastle/programs/breakfast/mele/10230130
  6. Just some random information. There are still 3 players who are active who played in the Canadian U23 14-0 win over the USVI in 2003. Atiba Hutchinson, Elliot Godfrey (7th tier in England) and David Masciantonio (6th tier in Italy).
  7. Josip Granic who has played in League 1 Ontario is now with NK Zagreb in the Croatian 3rd tier. https://t.co/gBcP1wPn9X https://t.co/OmFWS9vRv9
  8. E Mozzo, Raejae Joseph, J Engerman, C Labrada, Derrick Smith, T Andrew, B Pierre, D Dyer, A Dennis, J Mack, J Saintil USVI starting line up
  9. Sep 8th - Czech Republic 3rd tier Kroměříž 2 Hodonín 0 - Papa Saltigué Massamba Dione started and played 90 minutes for Hodonín.
  10. Yousuf Butt has been called up to the Pakistan national team which is playing in the SAFF Championships. He first represented Pakistan in 2012 and has since won 12 caps. Currently he is playing in the Danish 3rd tier and has spent most of his time bouncing around the lower leagues in Denmark.
  11. Chaim Roserie is on loan to Novelda CF in the Spanish 4th tier. http://www.thefinalball.com/player.php?id=473330&epoca_id=0 https://t.co/6chtpjREn7