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  1. Make sure who ever you sell these too, know what 113 is like. THanks
  2. You can buy tickets right now on our ticket page.
  3. Ticket sales for the south end are up now. See the ticket page.
  4. You can buy tickets from the Ticket page right now. JM
  5. Hey, we are now approaching 1000 flags.... it's kind of insane.

  6. How does this riff raff keep getting in here and asking for tickets. We have standards you know.
  7. Did someone not inform you we have standards here? 😀😀
  8. Our tickets are 4 times more expensive if you wear and Arsenal hat.
  9. Tickets sold here must be face value. Jamie
  10. You can just buy those can't you?
  11. The game effectively sold out in 15 minutes. All tickets were gone in 30.
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