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    Im a twin, Im left handed but not Left footed, Play soccer of course (Right midfielder) and Ultimate Frisbee, got into Canada soccer when I was in grade 11 or 12. Always enjoyed watching great players I went to school with play soccer.
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    Regina, Sk, Canada

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  1. Not the best pic of the scarf but this was his 87 cap. I thought I had a better pic.
  2. oh darn I put this in th wrong selection sorry
  3. Hey this is kinda last minute but I was wondering if anyone in Vancouver plays disc golf? I'm coming for the game this Friday (March 25th) and ill be in Vancouver on wed I was going to bring a few of my golf discs. Let my know if you want to meet up and play. Jordan
  4. Finally signed up to be a full member. Anyways Jamie you don't have to worry about sending me the shirt right away. You can send it after the Gold Cup Games when you not crazy busy. I would say you could even bring it to Seattle but that might be more of a pain to bring them. Anyways my brother will be signing up as a member too and we live together so you could send them together.
  5. could you add me : 10 1 under 20 game in Edmonton 3 Games in Edmonton 1 in Cuba and 5 in Toronto
  6. the water bottle throwing was a great moment I was at the game and coming back I felt that travaling 9 hours to see the game was a waste because of the poor poor reffing Stalteri showed me that he cared about Canada Soccer the night and I love him for doing something about the poor reffing
  7. Tucan (jeff) and I are making the trip to Toronto for the games from Saskatoon I heard that there may be a bus to get to Montreal for the game is this going on?
  8. im not sure of ways to get new members but as a kinda new poster I think people on this site are very nice and back up what they said I love Canada soccer and I have been learning more about it the more I post and ask questions I use to just read posts but after my user name was changed its easier to log in here One thing tho when I made the trip down to a Canada National Team game for Regina to Edmonton my twin bro kcisoul and I never knew about the Voyageurs. When we founfd out about this group we wanted to sit/stand with the Voyageours and it was easy to be involed and thats a goo
  9. There suppost to be 199 of the 205 teams in the game Justin Ill be so mad if some how they left out Canada that many teams is one of the reasons i want to buy the game
  10. Pretty nice I like the different options I think if the 2nd one had something like Canada soccer supports on it that would be cool. Also if the logo was bigger on the 3rd one so people could see it better but that could just be me... like big logos
  11. I added myself and I put TFCRegina in the Regina list
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