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    Im a twin, Im left handed but not Left footed, Play soccer of course (Right midfielder) and Ultimate Frisbee, got into Canada soccer when I was in grade 11 or 12. Always enjoyed watching great players I went to school with play soccer.
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    Regina, Sk, Canada

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  1. jojoflow

    WCQ - September Viewing Parties

    lol nice I like that you added the set excuses why you need to miss work. I'll have to go to the page and read them.
  2. Hey I found a deal for a hotel room in Vancouver the room is book for Sept 5th and 6th. I'm looking for someone to split the cost with. I already booked the room it the hotel right by the pre party so I booked it early (it's now sold out) The room has 2 beds and I asked a few people I know but they all have places to stay. So if someone is looking for a hotel room I have another bed in my room. Just hoping to cut down some costs and hopefully help a fellow V. The 2 nights should cost about 200 each thought that's a damn good deal for a hotel 10 steps to where the pre party was the last 2 games, Contact me if you are interested and ill send you my cell number through a personal message on here. Jordan Kelemen
  3. jojoflow

    WCQ - September Viewing Parties

    Hey I'll be in Kelowna for the Sept 2nd game (before I go to Vancouver for the Sept 6th game) Is there any V's that live in Kelowna that want to watch the game somewhere?? Or does anyone know if there are any V's that live in Kelowna? Maybe ill message them.
  4. lol I bought my tickets already ;). I'm on the ball this time. A buddy that came to an Edmonton Woman's world cup game will be joining me. This will be his first big game and pre game.
  5. People on the fence. Just go to the game damn it lets pack BC place.
  6. jojoflow

    Thursday March 24th - St Regis Hotel 7pm

    yes I can make this ill be in Vancouver wed please add me Jamie
  7. jojoflow

    Stadium March for Canada vs Mexico

    ya easy and we could do it long and be very loud
  8. jojoflow

    Stadium March for Canada vs Mexico

    Ill be in Vancouver wed Maybe we can put something together. What do you thing about people wearing a fro wig while he gets honoured?? I think I have one Anyone know where people could get cheap wigs in Vancouver?
  9. jojoflow

    Roll Call: Canada vs Mexico BC Place, March 25th

    jojoflow (Regina) - my twin brother can't come
  10. Maybe ill come and kick the ball around and watch since im injured. Jeff I could be your water boy Maybe i'll get to see @rob.notenboom will score another lovely own goal
  11. jojoflow

    Iain Hume on fire in India! Canada needs him against Mexico!

    Well a lot of those games he was subbed on and played on the outside.
  12. jojoflow

    Iain Hume on fire in India! Canada needs him against Mexico!

    Are you kidding me. He was subbed on and scored the only goal. He guy has fight in him he does not care what the score is. He plays hard. We need him on the Canada team. He has never got a fair chance.
  13. Thanks Andrew for getting this topic back to why it was started in the first place. I hope to be there at the game too
  14. you are not acting any better than him right now