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  1. Same for here in Mtl. last week on local TSN radio calling it a friendly. Pretty amazing (sad) for being a TSN SPORTS station.
  2. I thought I read somewhere that the soccer team wasn't interested at the moment but I'm not 100% sure. I also thought it would of been a good idea.
  3. MtlMario

    CPL bilingualism

    His partners will be Francophone Quebecers if I understood correctly.
  4. I'll take our MNT over college basketball (or anything else for that matter) any day of the week.😎
  5. ......and March Madness on 3 channels (TSN) and a basketball game (I think) on another. There is definitely room if they want to show the game. You don't need 3 channels showing March Madness.
  6. On another note, today on my local TSN radio station they kept calling the Mar.24th game a friendly. I don't understand how a sports (reporter) station just guesses things. I tried calling the station but never got answered. Pitiful just pitiful.
  7. Should we expect our tickets at least a week in advance of game? Reason I'm asking is because we'll be travelling 4 days prior to the game and would like to have tickets beforehand. Thank-u thank-u very much.
  8. In a way it would be great to have a team to hate as a rival to a Laval/Mtl team.😀
  9. I read some where that Ray Charles works for Nike and he designed our jersey.💤😎
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