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  1. Just curious. What's the time frame of receiving the tickets?
  2. Just curious. What's the time frame of receiving the tickets?
  3. This is supposed to be for the full season no spring or fall season. Like it says on Tims Roll Up the Rim " please try again" 😁.
  4. I thought it would be fun to pick (guess) which team would finish first and who would finish last if we didn't have spring and fall seasons. Just best overall records. My crap shoot is Edmonton #1 and Cavalry #7. Of course guessing ends on April 26. I'll have results at end of season. Good luck.
  5. The Giant vs Hogan. Back when I use to watch WWF.😁 I think that was the first time the Giant was ever body slammed.
  6. MtlMario

    CPL General

    All the blame is not on the refs, the league should instruct the refs to INFORCE the rules that are already there. (I think I created a monster).
  7. MtlMario

    CPL General

    One thing that I haven't seen mentioned here is prior to the kits unveiling the commish stated that the league will not allow flipping and flopping around the field., and that he'll stop that by being "tough on crime". He also called it Un Canadian. I'm happy he listened to me since I mentioned it here about a year ago.😁😎
  8. Sorry I didn't see "Potential" in the topic name. And like you said, what's the difference, these " bunch of people have little to no knowledge of what is going on" anyways.
  9. I still think this topic should be in the USL forum.
  10. I don't get the green for Cavalry away but overall pretty nice. Too bad for the same multiple sponsors but happy we got Westjet and Tim's.
  11. It stopped for me again.😞😞😞
  12. For me not working anywhere.
  13. 😏😫 Maybe that rumored second ownership group is delaying things? I hope it's not something worse.
  14. MtlMario

    Away Days

    Will go to the opener (Hamilton) and probably do at least one York9 game later on in the summer.
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