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  1. Will be interested to see the new total when it's updated. Tks.
  2. I'm a long time reader but only recently became a member.I can't understand that with 6174 members we are still stuck at $445. We are all soccer fans in general and Canadian fans in particular,so let's all give a helping hand to those working hard for us so we could continue reading and writing about what we love,Canadian soccer.Thank u thank u very much.
  3. I dont't know if this helps but when I was the first to donate, the bar did move to my donation amount.
  4. Just picked up my order,nice stuff,even if it's Hecho En Honduras LOL.
  5. I received a delivery notice yesterday so hoping it's my order. Thank u thank u very much.
  6. I'd like to know why on Billings & Purchases my order # 182 is marked canceled? I never canceled and I got a email the other day saying a partial credit was being put on my c/c concerning this order.
  7. Put in an order Oct.14, when should I expect to receive it?
  8. Put in my order yesterday & paid directly with my c/c.No problemo.
  9. Tried to put in a order today but didn't see CC payment option, only Pay Pal.
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