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  1. MtlMario

    CPL Power Rankings

    I was thinking of doing a topic like this but I was waiting for each teams full roster to come out first. So I'll wait to predict till then. 😎
  2. MtlMario


    Had one (maybe still do).
  3. MtlMario

    Ottawa CPL Club

    If Ottawa joined CPL, wouldn't JDG have to say that the CPL is the best thing for his team and soccer in Canada?
  4. MtlMario

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    Anyone have any news about this meeting?
  5. MtlMario

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Especially that they used the Macron ball during the tryouts.
  6. MtlMario

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I'm just happy that you started putting back capital letters at the beginning of sentences.😀
  7. MtlMario

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    I have 7 leading candidates😉.
  8. MtlMario

    CPL General

    Want happened to the bi-monthly reports of the commish?
  9. MtlMario

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Starting the season mid April should be ok in cities like Victoria,Toronto and Hamilton. Do the first couple of weeks in those cities.
  10. MtlMario

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    How is he connected to the USA?
  11. MtlMario

    CPL's Independent Club League Model (Not Single Entity)

    I normally can't wait for spring BUT this year it's even worse. Can't wait till we have all the details!
  12. MtlMario

    CPL TV Contract

    Just because we don't know the schedule, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  13. MtlMario

    CPL TV Contract

    With DAZN getting the rights to the major soccer leagues from TSN and Sportsnet, shouldn't they be more interested in CPL?
  14. MtlMario

    Calgary FC launch/2019 offseason thread

    Enjoyed the interview but was hoping for a little more talk of CPL.
  15. MtlMario

    CPL General

    Merry Christmas and a CAN'T WAIT FOR HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all.