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  1. Looks like they won 4-1. The other semi involves Rad, Borjan's old club, and Partizan Belgrade, which has won the last 3 editions of this competition.
  2. Obinna

    General MLS Talk 2019

    Hey! I went through this thread in the morning and I very much appreciated the updates. I didn't get around to watching most of the games or even the highlights yet. I enjoyed it and it was noteworthy to me. You can't seriously say live updates are not noteworthy to all because you personally don't find them to be so. I'll extend an olive branch and say that ideally there'd be a live updates thread, but would it be too much to ask that you start a thread yourself rather than asking @Big_M to do so? Afterall, you are the one who has a problem here, so perhaps you should consider making a thread instead of asking someone else to do it in order to please you. Is that fair? I'm sure he would have no problem posting his updates there if you created the thread.
  3. Obinna

    General MLS Talk 2019

    News is literally newly received information about noteworthy events, so yes his updates are indeed news. If you want a more specific form of news, perhaps you should start a new thread. This is a general thread, as per the title.
  4. Obinna

    General MLS Talk 2019

    Sure, if he wants. Live updates are news as far as I am concerned. Don't see the need for another thread, but if others do then fair enough.
  5. I see what your saying, but going back to Shakmur's comment about AJH not taking a chance elsewhere, it does make me wonder where he'd be if he dropped down a level. Would he develop those missing qualities? Would he just rack up goals without developing in other areas? We don't know the answer, obviously. And in some ways, it's not fair to the player. If he leaves the criticism is typically that he didn't stay and fight, but if he stays and doesn't play you get people like Shakmur. So from that perspective, I am on your side. That said, I get the sense he would have been better off going elsewhere, where he can at least score more. Like I said, not sure if he would fill the holes in his game by playing at a lower level, but he would be scoring regularly regardless, which he is not doing now, because he can't get on the field for long enough. It's like Tosaint Ricketts, I would rather him scoring regularly at a lower level, than not seeing the field in MLS.
  6. Obinna

    General MLS Talk 2019

    I personally think these are great! Mostly Canadian updates with the odd mention of league stars when they score nice goals or have big games, sounds great to me. I'd rather get my news here than Twitter any day of the week! Thanks @Big_M
  7. Even though AJH was scoring in MLS and MAK was playing at TFC 2, it wasn't long after until he impressed at the U23 camp in Qatar. That was the first time I watched him closely, and I could immediately see why people were excited about him. At that point, I really felt he would earn senior caps for Canada. If someone had told me back then that Kaye would win more caps than AJH, I wouldn't dismiss it as crazy. Kaye was (and is) just a better overall footballer, while Jackson is a very good finisher but is lacking so many other qualities. In fact, it was quite apparent he lacked a lot of fundamental qualities, even when he was scoring a few years ago. He is fast, but doesn't have elite speed. He is an alright dribbler, but definitely not great. Same for his first touch, shooting ability, hold up play, etc. I would rate Akindele ahead of him in all these categories, except for finishing. I had hoped that, eventually, Jackson-Hamel would round out his game and add more outside of finishing, but that hasn't happened and that's probably why he hasn't seen much of the field.
  8. I had forgotten about this. I wonder if Herdman see's this as an option...
  9. Morgan did not look very sharp against Seattle. At this point, he is definitely on the outside looking in, unfortunately for him. We saw last year in the CCL that he can play at a very good level, but ultimately I think it's down to him and Adekugbe, as we won't carry more than one natural left back, since Kaye and Davies both can (and have) play the position due to their versatility. My money is on Adekugbe at the moment. He'll be match sharp with all the minutes he's playing.
  10. Only watched part of the first half but Miller seems to have a lot of nice attributes. Nice to have an alternative to Cornelius in the left CB spot.
  11. Two penalty kick goals for Ricketts and he drew one of them. Good for him and nice to see him scoring.
  12. Ciman's long passing and overall distribution is an asset. Sometimes, his emergency defending proves valuable. But oh boy, he really has issues with switching off, doesn't he? Better game for him, but still not good enough. Zavaleta looked far less rusty than I anticipated. Actually, I had no issue with what he gave today. Unlike Ciman, I don't have big expectations, so as far as 4th string centre backs go, he's a good option. As for Layera, he'll get another chance, perhaps as soon as next friday against Minnesota.
  13. Obinna

    TFC 2019 Season

    I'm sure you are both correct unfortunately and it really is silly because if the league is going to step in and help a team circumvent the allocation rules, why have those rules in the first place?
  14. Obinna

    TFC 2019 Season

    Thanks, that certainly make it more plausable. I assume the Championship is done at that point. Doesn't the MLS window close before the 31st? If so, they'd have to wait until the summer.
  15. Obinna

    TFC 2019 Season

    Maybe, but isn't he under contract at Chelsea? If so, loan would be the most realistic option. But then, do we really want to burn the no. 1 allocation spot on a loan player? Forget a transfer fee for Miazga, that won't happen.
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