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  1. Obinna

    Ballou Tabla

    How do you rate Ballou's chances of making a first team appearance this season? Also, as an aside, I see the Senegalese fullback has already won 12 caps for his country. Very impressive. I think he's the only other full international in the B team, no?
  2. Obinna

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Clarke Stadium looking really good. Should I assume that football lines will be a thing of the past?
  3. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    What about 3 at the back? Sure, Mavinga-Moor-VDW make for a good combination. A great combination in fact. But losing Moor again means: - Bradley (not a CB/too valuable in MF) - Zavaletta (not good enough) - Hagglund/Dunn (not that type of player) Or, Vanney is forced to revert to a back 4.
  4. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    I would really like to see the club bring in a good communicator to fill Moor's spot. Let Drew play the Jason Hernandez role. At 350k he's a little expensive to be used sparingly, but his contract is what it is. Drastically cutting back his minutes will not only prolong his career, but will also make room for the transition to begin in ernest. And if Drew wins the minutes on merit, so be it, but please bring in a big piece who'll be expected to lead the defence.
  5. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    And it looks like Fabian Johnson, who they annoyingly give the nickname "FabJo", may be following him there. FCC (even more stupid) owners have not give up on him, and they hold the top spot in the allocation order.
  6. Obinna

    Liam Millar

    There's an RSL player who went to RSL on loan from Liverpool, so the prescedent for such a move does exist.
  7. Obinna

    Milan Borjan

    I think us fans just want our players attached to the biggest clubs whenever possible. I know I am guilty of it myself. With Borjan though, he's honestly better off exactly where he is now.
  8. Obinna

    Milan Borjan

    I would rather Borjan finish his career at Red Star and become a legend than ride the pine at Napoli and be remembered as a footnote.
  9. Obinna

    Milan Borjan

    Any idea how much he makes at Red Star? He might be achieving both already for all we know.
  10. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    For sure. At the very least it will be nicer in terms of weather and probably surface as well. It mustn't have been very nice playing on that frozen pitch in Colorado. Don't know much about the opponent, but we shouldn't underestimate them. I think FCD fell at the round of 16 to a team from Panama last season, didn't they? The Panamanian teams can certainly surprise.
  11. Obinna

    Milan Borjan

    Think he's fine where he is. Doesn't need to play in a top 5 league. What he needs is to be the number 1 keeper at a winning club who play in a decent league. He has that ar Red Star Belgrade. Plus he has a good chance at European football every season.
  12. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    I’ve been pondering a move for Cameron the day the season ended. Would look great in the centre of a back 3 sandwiched between VDW and Mavinga. Moor could also play in that spot and Cameron could take up the RCB spot and VDW could play as a fullback. Or, Cameron could give Bradley a break from time to time at CDM.
  13. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    That’s what I’m thinking
  14. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    I personally don't put much stock in this particular rumour, but I need something to cling to right now: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://mlsmultiplex.com/2018/12/11/toronto-fc-fabian-johnson-perfect/&ved=0ahUKEwiE0tDJ9ZjfAhUp1oMKHReNDD0QqQIIJCgBMAE&usg=AOvVaw0oTm7cxc1cgj5HOeV4OfG7
  15. Obinna

    Liam Millar

    Really appears to be in good form at the moment. Can only bode well as he prepares to take the next step, whether that be at Liverpool or elsewhere.