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  1. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Me too, but on the bright side, he has finally had bone fragments removed from his foot after playing on it for two years. So, that should improve his durability in the short and (hopefully) medium term. However, in the long term, he's probably going to always have issues. He's a big boy and his muscular issues occur because of his weight. Just comes with the terrirory. The body seeks readjustments to deal with the stress. First it's the knee, then the hamstring, then the ankle, then the bone fragments in the foot. It's all related. When he's healthy, he's fantastic though. Obviously we don't have a crystal ball, but I can see him having a healthy 2019. After that, it's anyone's guess though. I say we get the most out of hin while we can. He's probably got a good season or two left in him. After that, it may be downhill quickly. That's when I would move on (or resign him on GAM).
  2. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Kinda holding out hope vdw and vanney can squash that beef. He's a valuable player. People make mistakes. Yeah, I wouldn't want alessandrini if I had to give up jozy, no way. I'd take him on a tam though. Yes, meeting tomorrow with the MLS brass and the Genk TD. I think the deal gets done. You don't fly across the Atlantic if there is no chance of a deal. You can do that from home. Both parties are in NY to do business. I'm thinking TFC will either pay a premium to get him right away, or he comes in May for less money, or something in between. Either way though, I think there's still hope it gets done.
  3. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    The problem is the Alessandrini is a DP and we only have one spot, so that would mean no Pozuelo, but it could work if TFC buy down his contract using all the TAM they have.
  4. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Orlando close to landing Nani. I don't believe there is a transfer fee. He scored 7 goals in 18 games for Sporting this season and has a ton of assists. He is still just 32 years old. This as a missed opportunity for Toronto. There is no guarantee he'd even be interesting, but it's hard to imagine Orlando was a more desirable club to play for. Especially with the Toronto Portuguese community... I can't help but question the strategy of Toronto in this transfer window. I appreciate and understand the need for long term vision, but as a fan it is hard to have faith when everyone else is making moves and we are standing still. Furthermore, I get the need to get younger and spend wiser, and I really like what I see from Pozuelo, but I don't know, is a $10M transfer fee + $3M/yr for 4 yrs (example) for him better than Nani on a free for $5M/yr for 4 years? He's 32 already, but it's still freaking Nani! He is still putting up numbers for a big club. He's always been very athletic (unlike giovinco), but technically is very good, so even though his slow down will likely be minor, he has the technical ability to adjust. Anyways, just some thoughts from a frustrated fan. All of that said, I actually feel decent about CCL. I have completely lowered my expectations mind you, but on the bright side, Bradley, Delgado, Osorio, Chapman, Morrow, Auro, Mavinga and Moor, Bono and Zavaleta are still around. We are not exactly starting from scratch. The group has experience. Jozy will be back shortly, maybe even for the second leg. Ciman has experience in the tournament, DeLeon and Boyd are decent recruits. I think it'll be alright and the team could make a run. Hardly favrouites, but with the experience, I wouldn't be afraid of Toluca or KC in the QF, if we get past Independente. It's probably a coin flip against those teams right now. And, maybe the underdog role is what this team needs?
  5. Obinna

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Maybe he'll be the first CanPL player to earn his first NT cap. He's been in a few camps before and CB is not a spot we are deep in.
  6. Rather than boycott, why not a Tifo! Something like: CSA, we deserve transparency! (with a big concacaf league logo, and perhaps smaller forge, fce and valour logos) And/Or "Fair play, not paperwork" (again, same logos - or you can switch it up and insert a voyagers cup logo instead of concacaf league, if we want to bring attention to the first round buys. Come to think of it, the latter would be good for teams during their round 1 games in the cup......
  7. Obinna

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    If you're not too tired, tune into the Genk / Slavia Prague Europa league game. Skip to the 55th minute if you have DAZN, he comes on as a substitute. Only watched a few minutes, just to see what he's all about. Took him less than 1 minute to unlock the defense. I can see why Toronto are fighting for this player. He has quality, for sure.
  8. When I said "just be honest", that was for the CSA, not you. I have moved on from the geography discussion. Water under the bridge! What I mean is, like, if some clubs couldn't participate due to travel (which is valid imo), the clubs should just say that. The CSA doesn't have to make up a silly format to indirectly protect these clubs, if that's even what's going on! None of what I said could be the case, perhaps the CSA just thinks this is a suitable format for 2019! Again, I must stress that I hate having to play this guessing game to explain why they chose this format!
  9. Obinna

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Yeah, I don't think he's played much for Braga since that big injury he had. I expected him to move home to Toronto. TFC could use the depth. He could use the fresh start (probably). I hadn't heard anything about Eustaquio getting injured.
  10. Obinna

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    If any one of Eusaquio,Tomori, Gutierrez and Ferreira commit I would be happy. All would help. My money is on Ferreira. He is already 26, going on 27. His window for international. Probably second most likely is Eusaquio. Younger than Ferreira, but he plays with Cruz Azul now, so I'm hopeful that orients him toward Canada.
  11. I hate that all of us have to theorize why such a decision was made. It's ridiculous. I know it's just for one year, but it's the principal. These things make us look amateurish. If we are trying to be a legitimate soccer country, surely the way forward is not to accept and ignore such boneheaded decisions?
  12. Well, looks like that has backfired Anyway, I do get what you're saying now. It's all good. To your point though, yes they are going to be big trips. I totally agree. Perhaps some clubs are unwilling to take on that expense in their first year. That is totally understandable. However: Just. Be. Honest. Come out and cite that as the reason. Hell, it might not even be the reason. This might just be some dumb favour the CSA is giving the 3 founding clubs. At least one club (Pacific) is pissed about it, so...
  13. Well at least two people were mislead lol
  14. T&T is off the coast of Venezuela. How much further is that from Georgetown, really? 20 minutes in a plane? It is all the same neighborhood. Just because it is technically South America doesn't somehow make it super far away from most other Caribbean nations. No need to make that distinction
  15. I get your point here, now that I have read your post more closely, but you do see how that was misleading to mention South America right? There is no difference between travelling to T&T (more likely) and Guyana or Suriname (less likely). Considering the context of the topic (concacaf), you adding "South America" is georgaphically accurate, but it added no value to your point. Actually, it distracted from it, clearly.