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  1. I'm sure if he's playing it will be based on merit.
  2. Well he did very well when he did get a chance, so consequently he got another chance, and now he's been called to his third camp in a row.
  3. Obinna

    Best XI

    This is very likely imo
  4. He may be 7th on the Juve depth chart for keepers, but it's Juve. If our coaching staff deem him to he the best of our 3 keepers in camp, and he gets the start tomorrow, then so be it. He isn't competing against the keepers in the Juventus system, he's competing against Pantemis, the third choice at the Montreal Impact (4th if we include Crepeau), and Thomas who is playing at "I have never heard of em" FC in the Norway second tier. I wonder where either would rank in the Juve depth chart?
  5. Obinna

    Atiba Hutchinson

    You're probably right, but that in itself is hard to believe. Even if you aren't a soccer person, you can see that Canada is playing another team that has Blue jerseys. You don't really need to know much about soccer to realize that what your giving out is the colour of the away team. Probably it is more accurate to say these were not sports people giving these things out? I'm sure at least someone thought it was odd but never gave a shit enough to point it out. They are just doing a job after all. They were not invested in the actual match, clearly. It's all understandable, but unfortunate nonetheless.
  6. Obinna

    Atiba Hutchinson

    I still cannot believe to this day that happened. Like seriously, talk about putting your brand ahead of your country....
  7. Obinna

    TFC 2018

    Giovinco makes the bench, but doesn't see the field, as Italy rescue the 3 points in injury time against Poland in their UEFA Nation's League A tilt.
  8. Completely forgot about this guy. A few seasons ago, I thought he'd be a guy who would eventually make his way into the pool. Not saying he wont eventually, but it's certainly looking much less likely. The increased competition is unfortunate for him, but it's fantastic to see as a fan of this team. He's up to 20 MLS appearances since joining the first team in 2016. Not bad, but gone are the days where that automatically gets you in our team. I do like this player and wish him the best. With all the turmoil in Orlando, I hope he gets a chance to cement himself in that team. He is still only a "MAK-level" season away from getting back in the conversation for a call, I think.
  9. Obinna

    Atiba Hutchinson

    If we win the GC and he plays a role, that decides it for me. - GC champion - Danish POTY - Multiple CL competitions played - 2x Super Lig winner - Dutch cup winner - And if he's not the all time cap leader, he'll surely be in the top 3.
  10. Obinna

    Best XI

    That is crazy. But yeah, though to get everyone on the field, isn't it? I just don't see how Osorio, Piette, Arfield, Davies, Tabla, Hoilett, Cavallini and David all fit on the field. Not to mention Atiba. In reality, we are probably going to see strong attacking options on the bench, which is fine with me.
  11. Obinna

    Best XI

    I think it depends on what his form has been like in training this week. On his day, I think he can easily command a starting role. The Tabla I watched quite often in Montreal definitely had the quality to be a starter for Canada. Plus I expect that he's only gotten better with the Barcelona reserves, so we'll see.
  12. Obinna

    Best XI

    I was actually going to line the four of them up in that way, but I was too lazy to retype it. At any rate, I see it exactly the same way. Play Hoilett in that advanced midfield/second striker role, with Davies and Tabla as wide attackers.
  13. Obinna

    Best XI

    Anyone else still puzzled on how Herdman is going to fit Tabla, Davies and Hoilett on the field all at the same time? Will he put them all on the field at the same time? I can't wait until Tuesday to find out. Personally, I still believe those 3 have to start for us. Not that I am advocating for it, but I can see Davies playing as a wing back as the solution, for now. I wouldn't be as against that now that Tabla has joined up, but I am still holding out hope for something like: ------------------Cavallini----------------- Davies--------Hoilett-----------Tabla -----------Arfield------Piette----------- ?-----------?---------------?--------------? -----------------------?---------------------------- One of the recent articles on, I think put out by Sportsnet, said something about the importance of familiarity within the back four. I can't remember if it was Herdman or Morgan who was quoted as saying that, but either way, it could be a glimpse into how we look in the back - at least for this fixture. And how many we play in the back will obviously dictate how many (and more importantly, who) we play in attack.
  14. Obinna

    Atiba Hutchinson

    I think if we win the Gold Cup for sure Atiba would call it a career internationally, and go out on a high note. If we lose Hutchinson but win the Gold Cup, that'd be a trade I would be willing to make!
  15. Obinna

    Herdman new head coach

    A few clicks later and I am watching Usain Bolt score his first two goals for Central Coast Mariners.