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  1. Did I miss the results of the Forge's exhibition games or were they never released?
  2. That's the problem though isn't it...you claim to support the CPL and yet you put a negative spin on absolutely everything. You want the CPL to succeed but only if it follows your idea of how a league in Canada should be run...which of course involves the US system because in your eyes that is the only way we'll succeed. The CPL is happening...we are 2 weeks away. Just support it for fucks sake and stop being such an annoying cunt. Have you even bought any tickets or will you have some convenient excuse not to go?
  3. Cardinal Newman could arguably be considered one of the best all-time high school programs in the country...not that that means anything lol.
  4. How is that too difficult to understand? It is within their powers because of how the league is structured. Whether they would do that is the big question but Garner seems like a vindictive little man to me so...
  5. Elva has had a really good run lately for Würzburg though...notice should be taken. It took him a while to get integrated but it seems he's won himself a starting spot.
  6. That should be obvious...it's because you always come up with a negative spin...Every Single Time.
  7. Sorry what...you deleted it and that's where you left it? That's almost as fucked up as what he did. That's not exactly your average line of insults.
  8. Lmfao thanks for proving the douchebag part...now remind me how many World Cups you've won
  9. You should get to know someone before you make a dumbass statement such as this. Now I am most definitely a Canada fan and supporter( unlike yourself as you have so clearly indicated in this post) but I was born in Germany...Munich to be precise...and have and always will support Germany and Bayern Munich. So my comment came from that direction and your incessant claims of how everything Dutch in football is superior to anyone else's...especially Germany. So I'm asking again...how did your douchebag Dutch do against a mostly no name group of Germans? Lmfao
  10. Good for you. I have no idea what makes you think I'm a young punk but I'm willing to bet I've supported Canada and Canadian club teams as long as you guys. I also was around for Canada at the World Cup. I've seen Bunbury play for the Hamilton Steelers. I've been to Varsity Stadium to watch the Toronto Blizzard. I saw Maradona play for Napoli in Munich at the Olympiastadion. Still think you have the market cornered on supporter longevity? Blow it out your ass. I also am not so vain as to doubt that there are longer serving Canadian footie supporters. I'm just tired of his constant diatribe. Some tell me I should just put him on my ignore list and I respect that opinion but the thing is...I enjoy telling him off (even though I know he has blocked me lol). It's like flipping someone the bird on the road after they've cut you off...it doesn't accomplish anything but it makes me feel so much better.
  11. Nope...absolutely no one finds those links useful...nor anything else you post.
  12. Dude...no one gives a fuck about Elgin City or your twisted views on Canadian soccer
  13. Hey asshole...how did your douchebag Dutch do today? Lmao
  14. longlugan

    CPL General

    Shut the fuck up asshole.
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