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  1. longlugan

    Calgary FC launch/2019 offseason thread

    Do you ever listen to yourself?
  2. longlugan

    CanPL Opening Game - Group Tickets and Post Game Party

    Your point being?
  3. longlugan

    2019 Voyageurs Cup

    What time is the draw today...anyone hear anything?
  4. longlugan

    CPL General

    My apologies...I'm usually only like that when my wife is looking for an argument🙄
  5. longlugan

    CPL General

    No worries Matty...I wasn't offended in the least bit...much more serious issues in this world to take umbrage with.
  6. longlugan

    CPL General

    Lol actually if you noticed when I joined you'd see that I post very little...considering how long I've been here...so it's obvious that I don't care about likes. You have a point in one sense but at the same time Montreal was the first Canadian team to be successful in the Champions League...before they joined the MLS so I don't think we owe them jack shit.
  7. longlugan

    CPL General

    To be honest most of your babbling is confusing but that's probably just me...babble on.
  8. longlugan

    CPL Season Schedule

    I agree...can see them opening at home the following weekend against the Forge with a founders angle to it.
  9. longlugan

    CPL TV Contract

    Very harsh and also very much like the pot calling the kettle black( yes...I'm old)
  10. longlugan

    Calgary FC launch/2019 offseason thread

    Still such an arrogant douche eh? At least you're consistent.
  11. longlugan

    CPL TV Contract

    Seems to be your answer to everything
  12. longlugan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Basketball is a religion in Lithuania and became big because emigrants to the US brought it back to their homeland. They also won the Euros in the 30's while they were independent between the two world wars. Soccer in the Soviet Union had nothing to do with it.
  13. longlugan

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    I don't see it as a pointless rant...actually I mostly agree with him...what's with the pointless rebuttal?
  14. longlugan

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    Wow...and now you've insulted Alex Bunbury too...do you have any limits douchebag?
  15. longlugan

    Will the CPL have a Chivas?

    I totally agree..and as soon as you admit you're a douchebag I'll admit whatever you like.