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  1. Vince193

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Coman's injury isn't serious and he's expected to play against Liverpool.
  2. Vince193

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    I could see it if he's looking at the current crop of defender England has. Sure he can keep playing for the U21s but realisitcally he's going to be stuck behind the likes of John Stones, Harry Maguire, etc. for a while. For Canada he immediately steps into our backline.
  3. Vince193

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    I think Herdman is implying, assuming it's Tomori, that he's leaving the u21 program for us and would be available for March.
  4. Vince193

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    He tore his ACL in his first game for Cruz Azul.
  5. Vince193

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    If it's Ferreira or Eustaquio I'd be very disappointed because both aren't going to be playing anytime soon, and the former's career is hanging on by a thread after his latest injury.
  6. Nothing about actually playing more games outside of mandatory ones. Nothing about more youth camps. Sigh. Just another media ploy of patting themselves on the back.
  7. Hopefully it includes playing more than 4 games a year.
  8. Vince193

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    Damn I'd rather see him play CPL than USL One.
  9. Vince193

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    I'm like 30% sure he's joining HFX on loan.
  10. Vince193

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    I mean it's easy to forget he's an 18 year old Canadian who is playing for Bayern Munich.
  11. Vince193

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    I'm interested to see how many CPL players get invited to these camps. I think we'll see a good amount considering the MLS/Europe ones might run into issues getting released by their clubs.
  12. Vince193

    Matthew Nogueira

    Toronto-born keeper with Maritimo in Portugal. a 98.
  13. Vince193

    Callum Irving

    I don't think Silva will be York' #1 so one of them or even an Angelo Cavalluzzo can still be signed, if they haven't already.
  14. Vince193

    Ben McKendry

    If that's true it's borderline embarrassing. 500 million invested ad they have such a paltry cap.
  15. At this rate, he's 22 and has been injured too many times. I don't think he'll make it to the first team, especially as they are trying to soldify themselves in the mid-table. I hope I'm wrong though. I remember there was a ton of hype between him and Bustos when they signed those pre-contracts with Vancouver.