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  1. Vince193

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Not worried, yet but certainly following along with what's happening with Bayern Munich right now. Lots of reports that players, staff are unhappy with Kovac and if things get worse come January what kind of environment will Davies be stepping into?
  2. Vince193

    Adonijah Reid

    Really hope he's with the U20s next month.
  3. Vince193

    Milan Borjan

    So Red Star is being investigated for match fixing in their 6-1 loss to PSG. So on Twitter Borjan is quoted as saying something to the effect of getting a bonus for the game but it comes off as slightly incriminating. I can't link it I'm on mobile but if you look up his name on twitter and go on latest he's quoted by a French account. Ill link it when I'm home. Can anyone clarify what he said? Also I wonder if there's more to him being left off the Canada roster.
  4. Vince193

    Manjrekar James

    His coach at Midjytlland (oh god I'm sorry) is leaving to join David's club, KAA Gent. I don't know if this changes his status at the club depending on who they hire to step in as new coach.
  5. Vince193

    What is our CB depth

    I like Cornelius a lot but it seems he's not playing for his club, which is now in the Serbian 2nd division.
  6. Vince193

    What is our CB depth

    The only two "good" prospects I can think of are Julian Dunn with TFC and Thomas Meilleur-Giguere. TMG was alright with Ottawa and it remains to be seen whether he can get a role with Montreal who really likes their journeymen CBs. Dunn should play the final two games for TFC now that they are out of the playoffs and I think does have a good future. You also have Rocco Romeo who is well thought of in TFC media circles. Otherwise It's gonna be a Tomori who comes into to help or we wait to see who emerges from the first season of the CPL. I'm still waiting for Amer Didic to get playing time lmao. Also we can't discount Jakovic for at least until the GC simply because he's playing regularly for a good LAFC.
  7. Vince193

    Terique Mohammed

    should be said, TFC II, not TFC.
  8. Vince193

    Ballou Tabla

    That was literally me when I saw the tweet
  9. Vince193

    Ballou Tabla

    Remember in 22 Jump Street when the captain is mad that Smitty was doing his daughter and then Jenko starts yelling "OH SHIT" and is running around the room? That's me right now.
  10. Vince193

    Canada vs USVI - Viewing Parties - Post ASAP

    I hope this means we can watch other nations league matches.
  11. Vince193

    Jems Geffrard

    That's how Davies got cap-tied. In our game against French Guiana.
  12. This team is also for the 2019 Gold Cup which will most likely feature all four of these guys.
  13. Vince193

    Dario Zanatta

    Damn shame he couldn't break through in the Scottish top flight. He had his heart set on Europe but I don't think this is how he imagined it playing out. I wouldn't be surprised to see him come to the CPL.
  14. Vince193

    Lucas Cavallini

    Hasn't scored yet since the Liga MX season has started. Puebla in general are looking kind of bleh.