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  1. Good signing by Cavalry. The signings lately seem to have gotten better.
  2. Yes Petrasso looked good in League 1 as a winger when he was 20 but then got that knee injury and was moved to RB because Canada had no other RB. Those 2 moves seemed to basically derail a promising career a bit. Hopefully he has a great season on CPL this year (except when he plays Forge) and gets back on track.
  3. There’s no doubt he would be a major win for our program. He’s a key player for the US program and he would be a similarly big part of our program. You can never have too many attackers and he’s a good young player.
  4. Not really. Hutch and Osorio still start. Piette and Kaye are 4th and 5th on our CM depth chart are both are in form and ready to start for Arfield. Hutch, Piette and Osorio is still a great central midfield.
  5. Piette gets underrated here because we have depth at CM. He’s a really good CM playing at a good level in MLS. The moment that Hutch retires from international play I think he’s locked into being a top 3 CM for us for the next 6 years and I suspect he will retire as the first male Canadian with 100 caps!
  6. It would be borderline but yes maybe as the 11th or 12th seed. There is some quality in the league for sure even though it’s mostly our B squad right now. That team with a couple other players that didn’t make the 23 this camp could qualify I bet.
  7. I think the CPL’s impact will be in 2026. By then I expect virtually all of our player pool will have played for an MLS or CPL team at some point. Its all about expanding the base so there is a bigger funnel of talent to go and not waste away in that 18-23 age range long term.
  8. I’m very ok with Edgar. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt with all his years of service. Not too long ago Edgar was by far our best defender and if he is match fit he still is.
  9. It’s preseason with a brand new team. Now isn’t the time for him to come up.
  10. This is a very strong team. Our player pool has come so far in the last 4 years it’s unbelievable. Welcome back Will Johnson! Thats a pleasant surprise. I’m a bit glad we didn’t bring up Kamal Miller yet. I think it’s important for him to stabilize his starting CB role.
  11. Hoilett is a LW primarily or RW as a secondary. Arfield Hutch Osorio Piette Kaye
  12. Our midfield depth is really good. Kaye has been turning into a good player and only adds to that. Right now I have him as 5th on our central midfield depth. He’s really turning into something.
  13. Starting as the AM in a 4-2-3-1 for Gent.
  14. Henry and James are to me the top 2 CB that we have. But if Kamal Miller becomes a consistent starter in MLS he’s going to put himself in the conversation. At CB and RB because we are so thin, anyone starting every week at a good level is going to be someone that we should consider.
  15. They said on the broadcast that Junior Hoilett has been called up. Obviously not a shock.
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