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  1. I also thought it was minimum 20 and max 23. But since a lot of draft picks are not full seasons most teams will carry closer to 20 so they can have their draft picks for the part season on development contracts. Only Pacific has to sign someone. For everyone else it’s pretty much optional at this point.
  2. Yes I think that Didic pretty much solves the mystery. Good pickup by Edmonton.
  3. I’m betting on either Straith or Edgar. No evidence just a feeling. edit- I know both of them are playing until the end of the month or May but I guess they will be in CPL sooner rather than later.
  4. I have thought for about a year that James and Henry are the best CB in our player pool right now. I’m always a bit surprised James isn’t a first choice every time.
  5. He’s become probably the 3rd best player on the best team in MLS which is saying something. When Hutch retires I think he’s going to be pushing Osorio for the 2nd advanced CM spot alongside Arfield and that’s impressive. I still can’t believe the quality depth we have as these guys develop.
  6. Miller was beaten awkwardly 1v1 in the box on the first goal. On the second goal he got caught high and was late recovering on his man who passed it to the goal scorer. Certainly his other appearances he looked much better.
  7. baulderdash77

    CPL General

    I wonder why Pacific hasn’t filled out it’s roster yet it’s getting decently later in training camp. They have 4 roster spots open and 3 international slots so I wonder what the problem is.
  8. baulderdash77

    2019 Attendance

    I think it was 6,000. They only have 426 season seats left now so that should put them just above 5,500 season seats now. I think they will get over 7,000 per game on average with weekend games getting close to 8,000 or possibly even 9,000. I imagine people buying flex packs are taking all Saturday games (almost exclusively I’d guess). Like for example the May 11th Saturday game has about 700 seats left on Ticketmaster so they’re probably about 8,500+ sold that game. The weekday games will be harder. The Wednesday May 29 game has a lot of tickets left. So for weekdays it would be closer to 6,000 I’d guess.
  9. CBC is still by far the most accessible TV station in Canada. If there’s 20 CPL games on CBC they may even outdraw the MLS on TSN games to be honest. I wonder which broadcaster is getting the Canadian Championship. That would also be good on CBC to add exposure to the league. I’m pretty excited to see the details in the announcement.
  10. baulderdash77

    CPL tickets

    I only have my season seats and the free tickets to the home opener but for a basic setup like mine it’s amazing.
  11. There was apparently 2 ownership groups looking at the Montreal area. We never got much information on the 2nd group.
  12. baulderdash77

    CPL General

    I think he’s more referencing the guy who barely gets touched in the lower body and then rolls around grabbing his face waiting for the penalty. Then miraculously with some spray he’s 100%. That kind of thing grated on a lot of people.
  13. I think the O/U on golden boot is probably 14-15 goals. There will be about 3 guys who have over 10 goals I think. I think Haber should be one of those 3 guys and will get 12-14 in 28 games. Maybe someone else emerges but he’s the striker with the most pedigree.
  14. I think he’s the odds on favourite for Golden Boot.
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