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  1. His tackle and subsequent outlet pass to Piatti to initiate the Impact’s first goal yesterday were both superb.
  2. Jonathan David starts for Gent in a must win game vs Oostende.
  3. Sanches comes in for the final substitution of the day. No phonzy today.
  4. Goal and an assist for him today. 3 goals and 3 assists in his last 6 matches.
  5. Galindo reiterating the the opinion of a fanblog's most fickle poster is incredibly irresponsible journalism.
  6. Cordova never ended up signing with the Whitecaps...
  7. All fair points, but I stand behind my belief that this our best back four currently. All four have been getting regular playing time over the past year(at similar levels), relative to the competition at their respective positions. I have no desire to have bench warmers or youth players in our first XI. LB - Adekugbe minutes played in 2018 : 2,667' vs. De Jong: 1,663' and Morgan: 1,690' CB - Henry: 1,800' and James: 2916' vs. Cornelius: 956' and at RB, Godinho is the only one we have getting anything approaching top flight minutes. Hopefully Brault-Guillard can lock down a starting spot for the Impact this season and show what he can do at the senior level.
  8. This is mine. For all the hype surrounding Eustaquio, Arfield provide the one thing this squad is sorely lacking; experience. Bench: Larin, Osorio, Piette, Kaye, Cornellius, Brault-Guillard, Crepeau. Rest of the 23: Millar, Tabla, Teibert, Morgan, Eustaquio.
  9. I'd drop Tabla for one of ZBG or Morgan. Going into a match with only one natural defender on the bench seems foolhardy.
  10. Better off playing Davies on the right, Arfield on the left (where he often played last season with Burnley) and Hoilett underneath the strikers. Asking Junior to track opposing wingers would be a defensive liability in my opinion. However I ultimately think that getting used to playing in a back 4 would be best for the long term success of our team.
  11. If James locks down a starting job with Midtjylland in the next year, he's our clear #1 CB.
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