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  1. Is this the most Canadians we’ve had in MLS ? And minutes played should be broken ?
  2. Can we just agree that Vanney isn’t a good coach ?
  3. I think and hope he will, makes more sense to play a young up and coming keeper on a cliff that is rebuilding.
  4. Montreal gifted Vancouver a starting goalie, I don’t think you can fault him on any VW goals against, he’s faced like 4 PK’s already.
  5. Atleast he’s getting chances, hopefully he gets more starts.
  6. I have to say starting on he best team in mls and being a huge part of it not to mention that LAFC has a loaded midfield, seriously crazy rise for a guy who wasn’t good enough for TFC 2. Good job OZ.
  7. Can the league handle 3 expansion teams in the league 2 years though ? Like talent wise that’s 18 Canadians... 9 of them can be U-21 so I guess that’s easy. But those are also minimums. Hopefully the caliber is actually high than USL.
  8. Dominic94

    CPL General

    There were couple that said the league was being set up to be profitable from day 1. between Marcon, Nike, West Jet, Volkswagen and Media pro surely the league isn’t going to be in red, and they have sponsors that are going to be announced.
  9. Dominic94

    CPL General

    Hard to believe this league will make money on day 1, but looks like Halifax will, is imagine Hamilton and Winnipeg are also sold out ?
  10. Good thing we have depth upfront and in midfield because it sounds like we will be needing it.
  11. Am I alone in thinking we could beat Costa Rica ? I mean, Davies and David are dynamic and could change the game. And with Hutch and Kaye in the midfield, we’ll have great distribution.
  12. Well Atleast we’ve found our starting RB for the next while.
  13. Half of the impact’s starting 11 was Canadian... wow
  14. He did say it would be rough at the start.
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