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  1. Cristane was a fun discussion and could’ve worked out but it’s dead. This isn’t a coulda, woulda, shoulda forum...
  2. I thought Oso played well but that attitude BS makes me not want him called in. Our midfield is strong and unless he was injured, heading to the locker room is very telling.
  3. I don’t know enough about Gent and Belgian D1 but I think David could be playing in a lower level Bundsliga club
  4. I also think that when the game was in had Herdman took the opportunity to give a runout to some players that he otherwise wouldn't have chosen.
  5. Who's this Bassong character? EDIT: OH. The Zorhan.
  6. I'm not actually sold Hoilett is our best option. Technically very skilled and one of our best 11 in terms of quality but seems he can't connect as well with others in attack. Not to say he doesn't, had some good combos today.
  7. Great energy in the March and either Hoilett looks a lot like Davies or the marketing team was on it..
  8. Yeah just saw Davies at a popular taco joint downtown. Good to see him I’m town. He was wearing a brace and limping though
  9. It's just been so damn long since we played a non-minnow. Don't get me wrong, it's be fantastic for our NT to be on a winning streak (and not a 'calendar year without a goal' streak) but I can't wait for Nations League where we can have matches against the best in our region
  10. I think it's fine. There will be some teams playing in leagues they probably shouldn't but it will be easily enough to move up and down once the real thing gets started. Realistically it was either this, or seed teams based on ranking.
  11. I don’t care how well Besitkas has treated Hutch or what the true reasons for Larin not getting a run are, they are officially blacklisted by me. I no longer want any of our young hopefuls going there. I’m so glad Davies didn’t head over there
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