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  1. I see a lot of ZGB on this page, are those just typos or did I miss something?
  2. WhyTF do you have Davies at LB in games where we need him to be up the pitch and creating chances? WhyTF do you have Davies at LB in a game where we need to be rock solid defensively? Davies is not a LB. If you want to throw him out there against Martinique as a one off to get more offensive talent on the pitch.. fine. But that's it.
  3. I eluded to this on twitter. I was at the game and there were a lot of folks there who were soccer fans who I doubt had been to a Whitecaps game this year. Yes they cheered hard when he scored. But I didn't. Yes it was cool that I got to see a player of that magnitude score and I'm sure some whitecaps supporters did. But what am I supposed to do? Buy up all unsold tickets so non-Whitecaps soccer fans can't get in? Also Felipe talks a big talk. He always says that right things which are incredibly endearing to fans (that may be how he legitimately feels too). But when I see him go in for dirty tackles late in games, not be able to keep up with the pace of play, dive... it makes it hard to cheer for no matter how much he butters up the fans.
  4. No Alphonso for Bayern vs Dortmund tomorrow.
  5. I think Vancouver would have the bigger Phonzy draw, but I want him to play in Edmonton at some point! (Maybe WC 2026?)
  6. And unlike Phonzy, he practices safe celebrations. A little hop and hug after scoring, no knee slides.
  7. It’s fun when they’re separate but whenaway fans are scattered throughout the stadium it’s much less so.
  8. Not really a valid comparison. You can hate on BC Place as you want but it’s hosted a WCF. I doubt they’d play a friendly at Rogers Center. I still maintain that most games should be played at BMO but when there is threat of snow (ie November games) play it at BC Place (unless we use it for some strategic advantage). And if it’s easilt going to be a crowd of 45k + then Vancouver is an easy choice.
  9. I was thinking about this when I saw it too. But if it was tied in the 82nd minute instead of 8th it's actually a smart play. Red Card + Penalty Kick vs Sure goal
  10. BC place is also an indoor stadium which is huge.
  11. David insta-storied his little brother dancing through players in a soccer game in Vancouver. This is the first I’ve seen of Bryan Davies
  12. I'm convinced James will get called in but I doubt it Ballou losing his spot in the 23.
  13. Henry was most people MOTM for the Whitecaps tonight. He was rock solid and really showed his stuff on the defensive side tonight.
  14. Everything you need to know about Russell Tiebert is right here For context: This is late last season. Whitecaps were out of the playoffs, the locker room was an absolute mess (we just didn't know it yet), they are being out classed and embarrassed at home, they just got scored on in stoppage time, and this is deep into the 6th and final minute of stoppage time. You can see at the start of the video, there are 5 whitecaps in the shot.. none of them are Tiebert but he's the one hustling back. I absolutely think he's got a place in the national team. He's exactly the guy I want in a game late to close out a tight lead. He will run for days and close down players hard.
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