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  1. Ok how about a game vs Costa Rica/Jamaica/Panama...etc etc. Take Cornelius for e.g. he has looked good so far against minnows but has not performed well in MLS so far..early days yet but we go into the GC with players that have not been tested aginst strong competition
  2. Hard to play for our youth teams when they don't have camps or games...yes I know, our senior team is not much better in that department either but we have 2026!
  3. He heard he was playing left back and decided to stay at Bayern
  4. When he played for our youth teams his long range passing was a key component of his game and even scored a few screamers from distance. Have not seen much of that for the senior team. Hope he has rediscovered that attribute.
  5. He started in a cup quarter-final on wednesday, but yes I agree he has not played much this year. My comment was more re GC. James is also the only CB in JH's player pool that has recent GC experience. Edgar is the other but as mentioned by others will probably not see the field. He also scored in Honduras in WC qualifying. When was the last time that happened 😊
  6. Right now he is playing at the highest level of all our CBs and if he continues to get minutes should be our #1 CB for the GC
  7. That may mean we don't see Godinho start against FG on the 24th. The manager at Hearts has been very careful with his playing time citing his previous serious injury.
  8. Bayern is in transition. The core group that brought them success all these years, Robben, Ribbery, Lewa, Muller, Hummels are past their sell by date. They will reload this off season. Lewa is a shadow of the player he was. Guess he hasn't recovered from his performance in the WC.
  9. Hate to be a Cassandra but Arfield is an injury doubt for Saturday's game vs. Kilmarnock 😟
  10. Here's a thought. If we have 13 world class players are we going to play with 13? Part of developing and building quality depth is that quality players are going to end up on the bench and that is what good teams have. Subs that can make a difference. Playing players out of position just to get your most skilled players on the field is akin to a child in a candy store. I hope we are all just speculating and am keeping my fingers crossed that JH uses this game to set the team up for the GC.
  11. Not if we don't have camps or games for the U23 but we can hope
  12. We keep saying this but when are we going to go with a formation and lineup to prepare for a stronger competitor? Our first game in the GC?. If not now then when?
  13. No surprise there. Adekugbe has started consistently in Norway top tier for the past 2 seasons and if we were playing a top tier Concacaf team or GC I would expect MDJ or Morgan as cover depending on who was more in form.
  14. Arfield is a very good two way CM and is very responsible behind the ball. I have no doubt he can play that role and has lots of grit to go with it.
  15. In addition to the 2 defensive subs Will J has played right back and Sam Piette has played as a CB for Montreal a few times. Atiba could also slot into the back 4 if need arises. Not ideal but there are options
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