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  1. Plus Godinho had also played some LB with Hearts
  2. Tabla not in the squad for Albacete in a 1-1 draw with Elche. Alba in 2nd place in Segunda. It's unfortunate he has not been able to break into the squad. Don't understand why a club would make a loan move for a player and then not even include him in the squad.
  3. Atiba scored in the 42'. Now 2-1 for Besiktas at 55'
  4. Kovac declares Davies fit for selection this weekend 😊
  5. Adekugbe went 90 for Valerenga in a 4-1 loss to leaders Molde. How does the Norwegian top league compare to MLS?
  6. I have only seen Godinho play a part game vs NZ where he played well..like a real RB with some sandpaper. ZBG has played several games with the CMNT and he has been very impressive. He just makes good decisions both on defence and times his runs perfectly when we have possession. He is stocky and hard to move off the ball. Does not mind getting stuck in and most of all he has explosive speed..important when we face Concacaf teams.My main concern was that he had not faced stiff opposition...how would he perform against better teams?...well its only 1 game but I think that was answered yesterday. The next 3 months will probably resolve who wins out but ZBG is the real deal. May the best man win. Regardless it's a win win situation for us.
  7. Garde has to be really happy with the draw yesterday. Five 2nd XI (young) players thrust into a starting role in an away game vs a tough opponent and they come away with a result. I hope that at least one or two start the next game . It's a short week though!
  8. What role would that be? Atiba has played a number of roles for the CMNT
  9. DC having trouble handling the speed of Montreal's young players. Totally agree that ZBG and Bayiha are looking really good. lots of hustle and hard work by all the young players. Really great to see them playing so well
  10. I think its safe to say that Scotty would have got the call for Scotland if he had not committed to us....well he's ours now! Hope he is fit for the Gold Cup. He has only played one game during Herdman's term
  11. Hoilett working his butt off vs City with some good defensive work. Cardiff are down by 2 goals on 65'
  12. Is it just me or does Henry look like he has significantly improved his skill on the ball?
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