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  1. Kadenge

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    Sitting in Sec114 close to the field and seeing Davies charge down the left flank taking on defenders in the first half was something to see. He was unstoppable when going forward. AD and Millar at this point, are forwards and thrive when taking on defenders 1v1. Playing them as wingbacks and assessing their performance in that position is harsh..just like it was when Henry played RB. Yes their passing was not great but I would like to see them both on the wings. Davies is the best young player Canada has produced..play him where he excels and see him fly just like in the GC 2017. If he plays or even trains on the wing at Bayern I sure hope we do the same.
  2. Kadenge

    Best XI

    Agreed but these 2 games have been all about marketing the CMNT to the casual fan. ...brand image...young exciting players, scoring lots of goals..the future is bright..get on board and support us. Intergrate the young players while keeping the senior leaders around. I suspect that the next games will see some rotation in the squad and hope that Adekugbe is there.
  3. Kadenge

    Best XI

    Its premature to assess any of those three. Don't think they have played 45mins for the senior team. Cordova played in the Aspire tournament and did well but so did ZBG for the U20s in the Concacaf WC qualifiers. Godinho had a cameo vs NZ and also looked good..competition finally at RB.
  4. While the jury may still be out re JH as coach of the CMNT he is doing a heck of a job on promoting the team. I have never seen this level of media coverage ever in the past 18 yrs. I am super pumped to be attending the game at BMO to see for the first time, in person, Davies /David /Millar /Tabla/ Cornelius/ Brault G/ Busti and even Cav....real quality young additions to our 2018 WC squad. Exciting times to be a CMNT fan.
  5. That's it..we need to start cloning ourselves
  6. What is your definition of a casual fan? Personally, the opportunity to watch players like Millar, Davies, Tabla, Busti, David, Cav, Hoilett, Atiba etc some for the first time should appeal at the very least, to TFC fans who by now must be aware of the players and the game. This regardless of the opposition. I have always wondered why we don't get more TFC fans attending CMNT game in TO. 😕
  7. Kadenge

    What is our CB depth

    Take a look at Wes Morgan's career path.
  8. There are advertising posters on TTC for the game!
  9. Stephen Eustaquio played 90 mins for GD Chaves in a 2-2 tie with Benfica (in first place). His progress has been phenomenal in the past 2 years. Raheem Edward went the distance for Chicago yesterday in a 2-0 loss against NYC.
  10. Kadenge

    Herdman new head coach

    In the Tabla thread @GlassCityFC gave a heads up with a pic of Davies & Tabla at the end of July...stating it's all good. Presumably the CSA knew about this 2 months ago.
  11. Kadenge

    Ballou Tabla

    @GlassCityFCGlass City GC called it ...
  12. Kadenge

    Ballou Tabla

    New formation vs Dominica 1-4-5
  13. Kadenge

    Ballou Tabla

    Hoooooonduras here we come!