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  1. I'd suggest to add donators of the first cup to the section. I think it's important to remember people who started this when it was just a League that was created by nerds and I also wonder why did this game get chosen over that game?
  2. Would it be possible to have 1st item at X 2nd+ at X+Y and non-V's at X+Y+Z? I'd put it at resetting every 6 /12 months. That's an idea.
  3. I still have a lot of them. I usually just refresh and it works and goes on the one post I'm looking for (since I go on next unread post and if I refresh it goes to that particular post)
  4. Thanks for everything you've done for the V's, Jarrek!
  5. I mean is it because Nations' League isn't WCQ also?
  6. I know when I did that, you can see me for like 4 frames from far away.
  7. There was a french section. Personne n'écrivait. Et, puis les quelques-un qui écrivaient ici se sont tannés. I don't think we're going to win Quebec fans on a Canadian Soccer board also. It's easier to interact on Impact-related forums with other people in French than go here since there are actually people who post in French there.
  8. I don't post often and rarely on facebook (Since I have apparently power). I will however ban people who post anything that isn't related to Canadian soccer. So, if you post your stuff that isn't about Canadian soccer, you're gone. I did that earlier and I wouldn't mind doing that more often.
  9. The Barton St. Battalion are an independent supporters group founded for the purpose of supporting the yet to be announced professional Hamilton Soccer Team. Expected to be announced in 2017, a new professional Canadian league will be launched across the country with Hamilton to be receiving one of the new soccer franchises. Since being founded in February of 2016, the Battalion have built a positive relationship with the Tigercats and look to build a strong fan base within the city. While it may be early to begin supporting a team yet to exist, we are a group that stands for supporting s
  10. @strobe_z is living in Korea as far as I know.
  11. MISSION : promouvoir, développer et régir le soccer sous toutes ses formes au Québec; soutenir les Association régionales de soccer (ARS) par des actions concertées et coordonnées; favoriser l’accès à ses programmes en harmonisation avec ses partenaires. VISION : Être un modèle de leadership pour nos partenaires dans la promotion et le développement à long terme du soccer en insufflant la passion VALEURS Respect (suivre les valeurs, les règlements et s’ouvrir aux différences) Intégrité (en tout temps, tant sur le terrain qu’à l’extérieur être un modèle digne de c
  12. Started in 2012, the PLSQ is sanctioned by Canada Soccer as a D3. It is the highest Quebec-based soccer league. In 2017, it will include 6 clubs.
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