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  1. Blackdude

    General MLS Talk 2019

    It's also a MLS subforum. I'm sure people will talk about CPL games here. I do agree that Big M having 18 straight posts about one single match is too much. (Edit exists as a function.) But I don't think it's wrong to post their pbp of a MLS match.
  2. Done with the Impact. Auxerre and Montreal couldn't agree on a fee. EDIT: It looks like Auxerre wants $200,000 and the Impact and a CPL team were willing to pay $10,000. Per Nicolas A Martineau
  3. I don't see Legault going to CPL. Legault hasn't been signed because Auxerre wants a fee for developing him and they are blocking ITC's (that's what has happened at Celtic and what is happening now with the Impact.) If the Impact and Celtic can't get it done, I'd be surprised that a CPL team gets it done there.
  4. Still, it looks weird. What happened in the 4 or so months for Didic to change his mind? Maybe he had not the guarantees he thought were needed to sign right away.
  5. Well, Amer Didic got released from San Antonio today to pursue "other soccer opportunities" for what it's worth.
  6. It could be Kosovar Sadiki. Didn't feature for Hibs reserves last weekend.
  7. I don't know if many of them will play. They rotated the squad heavily this week.
  8. He is a member of the 2019 Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame class alongside Randee Hermus. Expect him to be at a future Men's game being honoured.
  9. Seems about right. http://justesoccer.com/europe/espagne/mario-gerges-pret-a-signer-un-contrat-professionnel-en-espagne/ Article from last year mentions that he's going to be 23 later that year. 2019-24=1995.
  10. On Loin de s'en foot, it was mentioned that RDS will show Canada's Gold Cup matches and the knockout rounds.
  11. Wait who is the 3rd option? ZBG, Godinho and who?
  12. It doesn't work well for me at 1080p but works well at 16p.
  13. I think it's a lot lower than that. Just checking DAZN paid 10-15 million a year for the 3 year deal per the athletic. https://theathletic.com/903037/2019/04/03/what-dazn-means-for-your-english-premier-league-viewing-today-and-maybe-your-hockey-tomorrow/ I'd think it would be in the 200 million in Canada for 10 years.
  14. They deleted a tweet 1 hour before that said April's Fools.
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