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  1. Blackdude

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    The big question for Schmidt is that she probably didn't get challenged in the past 6 months being unattached. Before NWSL, being unattached wasn't a problem since most of the squad was, so you didn't see that the unattached player was really that bad. Now, you just see how big of a deal it does to a player like Schmidt.
  2. Blackdude

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    If Canada calls the same kind of team (ie 2 fullbacks) against St Kitts, I will lose my mind.
  3. Blackdude

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    I could be wrong, but could it be that they would be playing WCQ at that time?
  4. What about Turkey and Czech Republic?
  5. Blackdude

    Atiba Hutchinson

    And when his dad watched Honduras players in the pool the day after the match.
  6. What about finishing behind Czech Republic, Iceland and Turkey? Being able to only get 1 point out of 18. Also, yes, Gibraltar winning their first match is a big deal since they went and did it in Armenia. Germany just had their worst World Cup and it's a program that needs to do some soul searching.
  7. What did the Netherlands do in the past 4 years?
  8. I don't hear people about the Netherlands winning. I hear people are talking about Germany losing. That's what was mentioned in soccer site.
  9. Not the same thing. CSA/CSB doesn't sell the rights for the CONCACAF Women's Championship. So if the group who has gotten the rights wants to sell it to TSN/Sportsnet, they can, but if TSN/Sportsnet doesn't want to pay the price, it won't happen.
  10. Gibraltar won its first ever international match.
  11. It's possible. Canada vs USA in women's sports sells. If a Canadian network thinks it makes money by acquring the final, it will do so. However, I doubt that they would pick it up.
  12. Blackdude

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Just results. Home field advantage doesn't matter.
  13. Blackdude

    Milan Borjan

    It didn't play a role since it happened after the World Cup.
  14. Patrick Leduc will be an assistant coach for this team. As mentioned in loin de s'en foot today. Also, Leduc mentioned that there are a couple of Quebecers on the staff. We know Olivieri will be the coach. I don't know about the other members. Maybe Jean-Lou Gosselin who did work with Olivieri and Leduc before with the women's U-20's.
  15. I think Liga MX wouldn't mind closing their system. It is technically closed right now, because there is only one team that can be relegated from Liga MX to Ascenso and even then, they could just pay the clubs in the top 2 leagues to stay in Liga MX.