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  1. Hey @finchster! Hope all is well where you are! I’m now at 23 with this weeks epic win!
  2. I like the banner and paddle idea and would be willing to chip in a few $$$
  3. @finchster not sure if you’re still updating this thread but I’m now at 22!
  4. Because they control ticketing to NT games? If we want to build something significant towards 2026 we’re going to have to work with them.
  5. I have the front page bookmarked and I immediately click "Unread Content". I then click it again as soon as I'm done reading a thread to go to the next newest.
  6. @finchster I'm at 21 now. Thanks for still doing this!
  7. Why do you have a graphic showing a 2-0 score line over Jamaica?! You've jinxed us. Seriously though, I wasn't a fan of the first rebrand but the minor changes included in 2.0 are very sharp.
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