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  1. Hey @finchster! Hope all is well where you are! I’m now at 23 with this weeks epic win!
  2. This is what I believe as well. I was actually curious if there was a connection between Amer and Stephen Hoyle as he referenced a few Canadians who had regretted signing in the USL.
  3. I don't believe that but the CPL pessimists on this board will paint it that way to make this look like a step down.
  4. Please provide links. Edit: Just saw Big_M's post in the Amer Didic thread. 6 goals against in 2 games started is definitely not good.
  5. Not sure what time I’ll be there but I plan on showing up!
  6. Edgar is 6' 4", so a fairly tall guy. I agree though, it's unlikely it's him.
  7. Ya, it looks like rugby lines.
  8. Good game for the Fury. Daniels and Hundal got in. 2-0 and never really looked threatened.
  9. Fury finally capitalize after a great cross from Howarth who’s back to playing RB. Screencap of the crowd, looks like maybe a couple thousand to me.
  10. Fury playing well against DC United affiliate Loudon United. 5 Canadians in the starting 11 and an all Canadian bench. Dixon and Attakora not starting which seems odd to me. 100-150 people watching on YouTube and it doesn’t look like a good crowd at TD Place despite some pleasant weather.
  11. I’ve been trying to find that interview for a long time.
  12. I know, even if he plays he’s definitely not close to a call up. Borjan, Crepeau, Thomas, Leutwiler, Irving, Roberts, Carducci, Busti, Breza, Gomes... All guys I’d take ahead of him. I’ve seen him play but he’s 23 and was an amateur until this contract.
  13. I’m not for handing out GC call ups to guys who aren’t playing or who just turned pro. This is an important tournament and I want our best 23. No St Clair, no Cordova, no Morgan.
  14. Edwards is injured, out 4-6 weeks so he won’t be back to game shape by the GC.
  15. Call up? Glad the guy got a contract but I don’t know if he’s even in our top ten GKs...
  16. When speaking with Kurt Larsson at the kit launch Clanachan said 18 groups. not cities.
  17. He’s from Hamilton. He went to Cardinal Newman Catholic High School, then to Guelph, then to USF.
  18. 7 G in 12 GP for the USF Bulls last season.
  19. Apologies but has a review been commissioned? I would be delighted if it has but I fear this will get ignored until it disappears.
  20. It does! I think the sheen on JGL’s big bald head makes it look a little inauthentic as well.
  21. Anyone who would jump to the conclusion of us being tolerant of Birarda’s actions because we don’t issue a statement is not worth our consideration.
  22. I totally disagree. We don't have a precedent for making such statements and we don't have the ability to come to a consensus on what we would say.
  23. I remember reading that is was 6 months as well, but I’m not sure where.
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