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  1. BuzzAndSting

    Crew to Austin?

    Apologies, just looked it up to clarify. The NFL prevents majority ownership of another franchise in a different NFL market. So in this case Jimmy “Jack The Rebate” Haslam is perfectly allowed to “buy” the Crew.
  2. BuzzAndSting

    Crew to Austin?

    Interesting considering there is currently a rule that prevents NFL owners from owing other sports franchises. There’s been speculation that NFL owners are going to change that but it must be iminanent.
  3. BuzzAndSting

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    Couple bad calls/non calls so far..
  4. BuzzAndSting

    CSA 2017 Financial Statements

    Consider the amount of effort The Vs and the Canucks Abroad put into finding and tracking Canadians, it’s not sad at all. The CSA could never justify the costs associated to do the job currently undertaken by a couple dozen volunteers. I’m glad we have such dedicated supporters who are willing to do this.
  5. Surprised it hasn’t been posted yet. Can’t wait to read some of the hot takes on this! https://www.canadasoccer.com/files/CSA_Financial_Statements_2017.pdf
  6. BuzzAndSting

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    They changed the camera pit to the North (other) side a while ago.
  7. BuzzAndSting

    CPL TV Contract

    I imagine the commercial broadcast rights are/will be separate from the private home market. That's the way it works with other sports packages like Centre Ice, Sunday Ticket, etc ...
  8. BuzzAndSting

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    Post a few pics if you can.
  9. Not only that he said if we made the Hex he would commit.
  10. BuzzAndSting

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    For the last game I bookmarked the Canada page on the Concacaf website beforehand. They posted the full match without the score.
  11. BuzzAndSting

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    Man! I’ve been cursing poor Nik Ledgerwood all these years! Apologies to him and @Obinna!
  12. BuzzAndSting

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    I tried to look up video and there’s nothing out there which in this day and age is crazy. I would love to go back and look at that game.
  13. BuzzAndSting

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    I think Ledgerwood was the one who got burned in Greece, the ball went over his head when it was easily playable. I was at that game but I could be wrong, I had a few Fix beforehand!
  14. BuzzAndSting

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    Not sure but he has to be included at some point. Cordova is in a similar situation, I’m sure JH will want to bring him in soon.
  15. BuzzAndSting

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    Maybe Adekugbe and Petrasso come into the squad. I don’t see any need for any other changes.
  16. BuzzAndSting

    CPL General

    That hashtag! 👍🏻
  17. BuzzAndSting

    Herdman new head coach

    Or because he’s a somewhat recognizable name and face in Canadian sports he’s trying to get out there and build the CanMNT brand? Either way it’s good for the program to have this much publicity, we’ve never had it before.
  18. BuzzAndSting

    Ballou Tabla

    What if Tabla gets injured in camp and goes back to Spain before the game? How will everyone feel knowing he’s not cap tied?!
  19. BuzzAndSting

    Best XI

    A 21 year old with 16 pro apps for Scottish Premiership and League Two sides is ahead of the 23 year old with 67 pro apps for Championship, League One and MLS sides? I don’t agree at all, the RB spot is still wide open at this point.
  20. BuzzAndSting

    Ballou Tabla

    @JamboAl and I were totally on the fence about the game, but once we saw Tabla commit today we had to jump on some tickets!!! /s
  21. BuzzAndSting

    General Discussion on CMNT

    2-5-3? Was Piette in the middle with Arfield and Osorio? I think I’m going to bet the over for this game.
  22. BuzzAndSting

    General Discussion on CMNT

    So with BT in do we play a 3-4-3 vs Dominica? Borjan Cornelius - Henry - De Jong Junior - Arfield - Osorio - Davies Tabla - Cav - David
  23. BuzzAndSting

    Ballou Tabla

    Bandwagon era?! Never thought the CanMNT would have bandwagoners!
  24. BuzzAndSting

    CPL General

    Without proper definition of some of these terms that are being used by the CPL, DC and team reps it's impossible to decipher how much roster costs will be. That being said I think a player and coaching budget of $1.25M, which would represent 25% of the $5M operating cost number, would be reasonable.
  25. At it's simplest, the OECD is a group of 36 countries that represent the worlds leading economies. Member countries are like minded in the promotion of democracy and market economies with almost all earning amongst the highest levels of income, quality of life and development. These countries work to promote economic development and trade both within the organization and elsewhere. More specifically the OECD is invaluable when it comes to the collection and publication of key economic data and statistics which helps countries like Canada make important decisions in all facets of government. The OECD also produces many major working papers and reference pieces on topics like human development, taxation and governance which help member countries, NGOs and the private sector navigate many different objectives. As a member of the OECD, Canada's economy has benefited immensely both domestically and in foreign markets because of the connections and partnerships we've made both with the organization as a whole and with individual members. Edit: just gave the article you linked a quick read and it seems the OECD has issue with Canada's foreign aid spending falling about 20% below the organization average. That makes sense considering targets are made jointly with other members on the assumption that all will work towards those targets and when one member doesn't pull its weight the goals of those targets are in jeopardy.