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  1. York 9 still have yet to make the signings of Denis Pina and Emmanuel Zambazis, as well as the departure of Munir Saleh. I do hope they are the ones to sign Molham Babouli and not Forge, they could need the extra depth in offence, Simon Adjei and Michael Cox look like the starting pair up front with the youngsters Austin Ricci and Cyrus Rollocks as their understudies. The next 10 days should be all about finalizing the 23 man roster! Last but not least, they have the option to sign their final draft pick Daniel Pritchard from England to a Developmental contract until August
  2. If only these two were in the CPL, instead of Americas div 2 all the announcements happening; Hoyle of valour FC said in an Interview that "All these Canadians in the, didn't believe in the league now they're stuck in the USL and can't get in the CPL"
  3. Blackjack15

    CPL General

    "To pursue other soccer opportunities" big player coming to his hometown of Edmonton! Former NCAA Div II standout, MLS countracy with SKC and 96 games in the USL, as well as featured in the CONCACAF champions league and called up to the CanMNT by OZ to one of the games/camps. Great signing for the league and FCE. I'm very certain it's him who Paulus teased about, now sign Jackson Farmer, Noah Cunningham and you have local talent in defence
  4. Signed a contract extension until 2021 as of April 12th (last Friday)
  5. Very impressive, his second start in the Danish second division. Promising sign for a 19 year old centre back! Maybe he can make the jump to the Superliga or decides to move sideways to Norway or Sweden to try and make it with a club in the Eliteserien or Allsvenktan, anyhow good loan for him so far, one to keep an eye on. He should be on the radar of Herdman if he make a jump to a decent to good first division next season in Europe, were very weak in defence
  6. So I was thinking about Qatar 2022 and its qualifiers already and it's fair to say Mexico and USA have always been 1 & 2. Costa Rica and Honduras have had a dominant presence with strong results in our region but Panama however is the one I think we can go after and be better than. (Not saying we won't go after CR or H but if we want to be TOP FIVE in Concacaf we need draw comparisons to what we have vs what our opponents have) Okay so, Panama had 5 KEY players retire from the NT; they are - GK - Jaime Penedo (37 yo and 130 caps) DF - Felipe Baloy (38yo, 99 caps and 4 goals) MF - Gabriel Gomez (34yo, 141 caps and 11 goals) FW - Blas Perez (38yo, 116 caps, and 43 goals) FW - Luis Tejeda (34yo, 104 caps, and 43 goals) Other players are either thinking about retiring soon / not being considered by the coach at the moment because of lack of playing time with their clubs / discarding themselves for the new cycle ahead or simply just questionable. They are ⤵️ GK - Jose Calderon (33yo, and 33 caps), (DF - Roman Torres (33 yo, 110 caps, and 10 goals) & DF - Adolfo Machado (34yo, 79 caps and 2 goals) All of the players above have been HUGE blows To their squad and have hurt their team being hard to replace. They've been testing new players in friendlies, and it's safe to say that they have Just enough to compete but are a weaker in terms of roster quality as they had more pieces before. Still good players but lack of depth. On paper Canada is stronger? Decide for yourself. I really believe that we can compete against them and win Now they do have a few omissions (5) Midfielders - Cristian Martinez of Chicago Fire in the MLS, Edgar Barcenas of Oviedo of the Spanish segunda, forwards - Alfredo Stephens | Santa Clara in Primeira Liga (Portugal), Ricardo Clarke playing in the Paraguayan league and Rolando Blackburn in Bolivia's top tier. The rest play in Panama, USL, mexico's Ascenso, Venezuela and lower leagues in Europe. So not bad but great either, very limited player pool - about 20 decent footballers is Canada better as of now? I'd like to see us play them soon to find out This is their current 18 man squad:
  7. Blackjack15

    CPL General

    Yes! Here's the CEO of Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) Scott Mitchell on Twitter in regards to this: https://twitter.com/ticatmitchell/status/1116404848159789056?s=21
  8. Blackjack15

    2019 Attendance

    I do hope the CPL has a system in place to track the number of tickets sold/attendance for each team's home matches. I think it's crucial to know, we need have knowledge of these numbers, because on a year to year basis the average will grow and statistical analysis too. Its too bad they're a lot of midweek games for the regular season (not including Canadian championship), hopefully with 10 teams in 2020, the 5 games can all be played on the weekend; One Friday Night, One Saturday afternoon, one Saturday night and Sunday - 2/3pm range. That way all rounds/fixtures can be used and the standings will show where each club stands, as everyone has played the same amount of games. For Year 1: I'd expect a minimum 5,000, high of 10,000, average of 6,000-8,000 Forge, Valour, HFXW, FCE look very strong in ticket sales. Pacific and York are doing okay but with room to always improve. Calgary reallt concerns me, the location which is outside the city in the very very south, and the ticket prices are outrageously high. Luckily for Pacific, there's a culture in Victoria of being a walk-up crowd and since all season ticker members get a free jersey, that will help spread the word. York 9 Have until May 25 until their home opener, good enough time to try and sell out and the inaugural game will bring publicity plus 1,200 away fans is quite strong. If CPL makes noise in Toronto, expect GTA fans to "check it out" for a game or two at lions stadium
  9. I would say the 3rd stringer for GK is up for grabs. Thomas, Leutwiler Last played in November. They're both back ups for their teams and hard to see anything change. Tough to bring them to the gold cup IMO. St Clair and the CPL - Carducci, Robers, etc will be with a good set of games by the time selection comes. Adekugbe, James, Henry, Godihno are locks. I'm sure most people would agree on this; they've all had really good season(s) so far or up date For positions like back ups: LB, CB, RB, I 'd much prefer guys who are in regularity with their clubs and that's where we lack the most depth. You can have guys emerge out of nowhere. There's an opportunity there Levis, Morgan, Cornelius, Miller, ZBG, Cordova (Laryea) and whoever else have to play more games from now on until May and then June to see who goes. Our midfield and attacking looks pretty solid, both in the CDM/CM, LW/RW and CF. Sure there are a few decisions to make, but for the most part we have a sure idea of who will be there. For our remaining defenders and 3rd string GK, it's very unpredictable
  10. Orlando lost 2-1. Miller and Johnson went the distance while Akindele went 56 minutes. He'll have good games and bad games, if the club still believe in him; one bad to OK performance won't affect him, 3-4 will. It's all part of the learning curb, centre back is one of the hardest positions I'd say
  11. I do wonder how this announcement (both CBC and One Soccer) coming now is quite late, and how will it affect viewership in general? For TV and Streaming with 2 weeks left to the season, gives little time for fans as the notice is so close to when the first game is. Maybe it would had a bigger affect for more casual and mainstream fans for the tv but for streaming, can you imagine how many people would have signed up by now to one soccer should it have been announced like 3 months ago Oh well, Hope they make a lot of noise and promote that first game like crazy
  12. What a difference a couple days make
  13. As it should be, the best 23 should go based on form, and regularity with their clubs
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