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  1. I feel like you’re joking, so... cool. But, I figured I’d point out 3 quick things: 1) I’ve watched Fox a lot over the years (it’s sensationalist garbage, but it’s a lot better than the usually predictable and vitriolic CNN et al) and I’ve never heard them mention Canada as being ‘sharia law abiding’. They probably have called us socialists at some point, so I’ll concede that; 2) most Canadian provinces (maybe all now) do not allow Sharia courts. The Arbitration Act, written by the Liberals and passed by the NDP, very clearly does not allow for it outside of maybe some narrow contractual issues (especially in any substantative area of family law because of Sharia’s treatment of women violating the Charter’s basic rights). A lot of people, left and right, have very legitimate concerns about Sharia, and that certainly doesn’t make them phobic or racist as some might imply. 3) Lots of great reasons to live in Canada, but there’s also lots of great things about the states. Americans are mostly good people who just want to get by, Trump supporters included. Apologies to everyone for discussing that which shall not be discussed, but to be fair - I never start it.
  2. Ams1984

    CPL General

    I just found out that De Jong is out for all of 2019... that really sucks for the league and for Pacific FC.
  3. I’ve never heard of him, but great CV. He’s only 31 too... could be a very useful player at the CPL level.
  4. That last bit of your comment really does ring true.
  5. That would be great. In fact, I’m hoping that it’s the direction that the CPL takes around the country in order to foster the development of a national second division, even if it’s divided up regionally (which I think it’d have to be)
  6. Garbage films?! Stop it! Braveheart, everything by Bruce Willis, Starship Troopers, half of the Star Trek movies, Arnold Schwarzenneger did like a million flicks in the 90s! C’mon! And... garbage CGI wasn’t a thing yet... garbage music?!?! Grunge anyone?!?!?!?!!!!!! Ha ha... but yeah, the fashion wasn’t the greatest.
  7. Better fashion than the ubiquitous extra skinny super tight slim fit for overweight people-who-souldn’t-wear-skinny-shit (like me!!!) that we have today.
  8. I wonder when we’ll be told! I’d really like to make the appropriate TV or app arrangement so that I can be sure not to miss a single out of market game.
  9. Just keep it simple. No DPs, no MLS style stuff. In fact, if the league gets to a point where it’s definately succeeding, and wages become less of a worry, then just eliminate the cap (but keep the minimum Canadians rules)
  10. Hmm... what if I’m on vacation in FL watching Orlando vs TFC on DAZN? Is it only for DAZN users in Canada (the delay)?
  11. Ams1984

    CPL General

    I remember that! Yeah, she was pretty nervous in front of the camera back then.
  12. I’m now thinking it’s something like this: Figthing for 1st will be: Forge, PFC, and wait for it... York 9FC! Reasoning; Forge- has a good looking mid. Midfield wins games IMO. They’ve got a good off-field setup, and a nice stadium to boot. I think they’ve also got solid fan buy-in, and buzz and support matter psychologically to a squad. PFC- IF, and it’s an “if” ladies and gentlemen... if they can avoid injuries to their big three players, and if those players actually commit wholeheartedly to the project, they’ll be a team capable of beating anyone in the league. That being said, I think they’re below Forge in terms of probabilities because Forge has a better overall roster IMO. York 9FC- Full disclosure, I’m biased, I’m a SSH... that being said, I legitimately feel that they could be a contender. Telfer and Porter will be among the better wingers in the league. Aparicio is an underrated young midfielder with good experience. Di Chiara is another guy who never quite panned out but who is used to high level stuff and could spark his career back to life here. Gasparotto is yet another in the same vein. Also, as much shit as Brennan gets, the man knows soccer. He’s played at the highest level, and he is a qualified (albeit inexperienced) manager. I’m also confident that one or two of the others in the squad could surprise us in a good way. Underperformer - FC Edmonton. Reasoning: the Eddies should be competing to win the league right? They’re an existing club, several of their players already have chemistry. That being said, they were pretty garbage in the NASL and I think that the CPL will be at least as good as the NASL was. They’ve also got potentially more pressure on them because their existing fan base could have expectation based on the fact that the Eddies aren’t a new club... they should be able to beat these untested groups of strangers right? If true, that might put undue pressure on the Eddies. And I agree that Calgary may well struggle. Their roster seems subpar compared to the rest. I don’t know what to think about Winnipeg, I’m still not sure where they’ll end up compared to the rest. Dark Horse? Maybe Halifax. They’ve got a good coach, and like Hamilton there seems to be great fan buy-in. They’ve also got a few tittelating sounding foreign players that I just don’t know enough about to know if they’re any good. They sound like they might be though.
  13. Honestly, I just got it so I’m not sure. I’ve seen an MLS section on the menu beside the other leagues’ sections. I’ll let you know next time there’s a TFC game!
  14. So... whether it’s DAZN or something else, I finally surrendered and signed up for it. Not only does it have the Premiership, the ECL, MLS, and the Libertadores, but I strongly suspect that it will have the CPL. I sat down to do the math (not my strong suit) and by canceling a few soccer channels from my TV package I’ve saved $450 ish /yr. DAZN costs something like $115/yr. Financials aside, I think that the fact that it’s Mediapro makes DAZN a good bet. Even if it weren’t exclusively DAZN (the odd match on local TV?) I’ve seen DAZN’s MLS coverage now, and I’m expecting something similar. I just hope that the rights to the various above tournaments don’t get picked up by different services again, forcing me to change yet again.
  15. Telfer will be an impact player at this level for sure. With Porter and Telfer on the wings, York 9 is starting to look really good dangerous in the attack.
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