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  1. Just got back from picking up some York 9 FC merchandise, great stuff! I met Jim Brennan as well as a couple of the other guys from the club FO, really cool guys. I have to say that I find it especially positive that the club is so accessible and engaging. It really does feel like I’m supporting my local club.
  2. Yeah, pure speculation on my part, but I’d say he did or said something naughty, and the club and League probably wanted to avoid any negative publicity early on so they turfed him and buried the story. I’m sure we’ll eventually find out.
  3. Ams1984

    CPL General

    Who knows. I think it’s probably a good tax write off for them though. So many hypotheticals here really, not much point in worrying about it. The company could keep the club, it might be twenty years from now and a big success... maybe someone else buys it and keeps it in York Region. Anyways, let’s hope Baldasara lives long and prospers.
  4. Ams1984

    CPL General

    I wonder if it’s in fact Baldasara himself, or his company Green Park that owns the club. I’d wager it’s the latter, in which case it’s not necessarily the case that any change would occur after he’s out of the picture (hopefully many years from now).
  5. Why not use existing lower divisions as a regional series of div 2s? In other words, you could have a 16 club Div 1 as has been discussed, and at that point (probably ten years from now) treat L1O, the Quebec League, and some similarly situated Western league together as Div 2. The winners of each face off in some kind of playoff, and the absolute D2 champion gets a playoff game against the lowest placed club in the CPL. That would be dramatic and entertaining as hell.
  6. Ams1984

    CPL General

    Yeah, I’d expect most of the clubs to lose money for the first few years. That’s normal for new businesses. I just hope that they manage to get to the black sooner than later. If they’re able to have even slight growth in viewership and attendance year on year, it should work out. The costs are pretty low, so it’s not a huge ask to get the clubs into profitable territory within a few years. That’s why I think it’s so crucial that they’ve kept salaries and such down to start with.
  7. Ams1984

    CPL tickets

    That does sound frustrating.
  8. I'm trying to find where to download this newest version, could you please post a link?
  9. That would be fantastic if true. If always felt that for this league to get mainstream buy-in it needs to be generally available on TV.
  10. Ams1984

    CPL tickets

    I guess I missed the memo about tickets being on the app... but after seeing that info here, I checked it out. They’re all there, no problem. I haven’t experienced any problems with the app yet.
  11. I think it’s the fact that Adjei scored a lot of goals last year, that’s hard to ignore. I agree that Telfer and Porter should be on the wings. If it’s a 4-2-3-1 then Murofushi should be the CAM.
  12. Is this our mystery man “Piña”? https://www.transfermarkt.es/jose-gregorio-pina/profil/spieler/308804 Also, who does everyone think will be York 9’s starting striker(s)?
  13. Ams1984

    2019 Attendance

    Yes, and that’s what I was saying; it was a comment in response to someone saying that they felt that the season ticket prices for York 9 FC are too expensive. I was pointing out that they are in fact much cheaper than TFC seasons, and therefore in my view are fairly priced.
  14. Got to start somewhere. It’s better to start from a position of caution, keep the overhead low, allow the clubs to prosper and get entrenched, and then raise or eventually eliminate the cap years from now.
  15. Yeah, that’s a pickle. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I guess I’m trying to say that I’m so far as it’s possible it would be cool for it to resemble the ECL / Europa League dynamic. I feel like that’s where it’s headed in real life.
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