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  1. We have class management, owner, football operations teams...but we came up short, hamilton is black and gold. Regretfully we are the worst suited in the league. Ny favourite to win the league still!!
  2. a great place for those who wish to having a meaningless debate on host venues!
  3. Gathering of things and thoughts venue related. This thread was created too save other threads from endless opinions on host venues.
  4. Love this draw. Sounds like we may have a few friendlies line up prior to the Gold Cup. Lots of CMNT football ahead in 2019!!! On another note, perhaps these two matches plus a potentially friendly and/or Gold Cup match will be the start of a modern day football rivalry with the Yanks. This would be major.
  5. Hey, have you found a link to the game tape by chance?
  6. Hey gents, we won! First CMNT I haven't followed live (on TV or in person) in many many years. Do we have a link to the full match?
  7. If anyone has come across the French Guiana roster, please share. Thanks
  8. My Gold Cup XI: Borjan Godinho-Vitória-Henry-Adekugbe Davies-arfield-hutch-hoilet David-Cavalinnil Remaining 18: Larin, Eustaquio, Osorio, Cornelius, Cordova, Millar, Crépeau Remaining 23: JGB, Jaković, Wotherspoon, Tabla, Piette, Busti Pending tactics, rotation, formation, and injuries any player in my 23 can make it in the XI. John doesn’t have a easy job, this is a great squad on paper.
  9. Tomori would be my first priority based on our gaps
  10. This match will be an absolute party! Bob Young and the Hamilton staff will be putting on a real football celebrations. Hopefully we can bust out a few of our Canada flags to add to the environment.
  11. Welcome sir! Pacific FC needs guys like you and @Michael Geldreich...luckily they are assembling a kickass roster
  12. hamiltonfan

    CPL General

    I have reviewed investment material prepare by the league and yes, according to this CPL Champions will be awarded a CL spot.
  13. Voyageurs Supporter Section at CPL Inaugural Game in Hamilton, Ontario Event details: Hamilton vs. York 9, April 27th, Tim Hortons Field Attention all fans making the trip to attend the CanPL opening game. The Hamilton Forge, through our very own James Hutton, have arranged a section for all of us soccer nerds to be together for this historic game. Pre / Post Game EventBarton Street Battalion will also host an awesome post game event. Details will be out closer to the game. Tickets & SectionTickets in Section 113 can be bought through James Hutton at the Forge. Full ticketing is not available yet until the full schedule is out, but get in touch with James if you want to be in the section. Flag, drums, and the regular support culture is approved and encouraged for this section. James HuttonJhutton@forgefootball.club905-527-3674x332 Edit: Duplicate thread, please move discussion to:
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