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  1. hamiltonfan

    CPL General

    Flat out, those Ottawa wage averages and housing spend are not true. That is absolutely the higher end. Slightly higher than CPL.
  2. hamiltonfan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    W t f ?
  3. hamiltonfan

    CPL General

    My guess is CONCACAF tells Ottawa and CPL to work together going forward. If 2019 doesn’t happen, Ottawa will be granted a one year exception period by CONCACAF.
  4. hamiltonfan

    Diego Gutiérrez

    Looks like Diego will be joining Winnipeg on loan. With respect to Christian, Hauchipto has terminated loan. He will report back to Colo Colo. Six months left on his deal. Likely to spend the remainder of deal on loan to smaller club.
  5. hamiltonfan

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Lol Jonathan David is a legend
  6. hamiltonfan

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    1. Borjan 2. Hutch 3. Arfield
  7. hamiltonfan

    League 1 Ontario 2018 Game Reports (R)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Another year in the books; always so appreciative of your reports.
  8. Would Would we be able to mitigate unfavorable circumstances (no points from FG match resulting in us outside of Top 6) with a friendly or two scheduled before XX date? What date or month would we have to have friendlies played by to impact our FIFA ranks for WCQ? How does the Gold Cup come into play? too late?
  9. hamiltonfan

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    cmon! with all due respect, have you not watched Piatti play? Consistently one of the best players in the MLS. From an attacking play-making/creativity perspective, would be our best player today and likely for the coming two years. Agreed - only a few years left at this level but if we could pull this off seamlessly would be a huge pick-up.
  10. hamiltonfan

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    Would be great to have Montreal media ask him directly of interest in CMNT... or ask John H directly
  11. hamiltonfan

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    Piatti would add serious value to for the next few years. I like it.
  12. hamiltonfan

    Juan Guillermo Cordova

    10 minute video
  13. hamiltonfan

    We've lost Jarrek! :(

    RIP sir, you are missed.
  14. hamiltonfan

    Juan Guillermo Cordova

    Gets in against Colo Colo down 2-1
  15. hamiltonfan

    Monsalve looks to regain form

    Only keeper on the roster at this point. All signs are pointing towards David earning the starting spot this season. With all do respect to the CPL, we should expect USL Championship standard of play to be slightly higher than CPL. I do not believe there is much upside in debating this to-death (no win game), yet all things considering, I do not expect the CPL to pass USL Championship in Year 1. Hopefully by Year 3... David had CPL interest/offers. His intent was clearly to play at the highest level and club stability (something he hasn't had over his 12 year career). I would expect to see David in the CPL fold in time.