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  1. Hibs have an aging back line, could be a good opportunity for him if he is signed.
  2. Kosovar Sadiki played 90 for Hibs Reserves Against Celtic Reserves. 2-2 final https://t.co/6ySRT39BCx?amp=1
  3. Turkey Atiba starts and Larin is on the bench for today’s match with Trabzonspor
  4. Bulgaria Iankov played the final 3 in Ludogorets 2-0 win over Dunav Ruse Scotland Arfield starts Against Hamilton
  5. Nilton Terroso managed Olhanense last year
  6. Wotherspoon went 66 in a 2-1 loss, They had done pretty well as of late. They missed another penalty today(converted 2 of the last 6) Jackson went 90 in a 2-1 loss. Zanatta had a goal in a 2-2 final. Aird played 63 in a 1-1 game. Trafford played the last 8 on the other side. Haber played the last ten in a 0-0 draw. Norman played the final 30 in a 0-0 draw Dunfermline Paton went 90 in a 2-0 loss. No for me, hes been invisible against bigger teams. We also play with 1 striker so it would hard to justify calling him up. I have also read people calling for Aird to be called, i would also be a No on this, as the level is not high enough and he rarely gets through a full game.
  7. Scotland Wotherspoon starts Against Motherwell Simeon Jackson starts Against Aberdeen Zanatta starts for Alloa Against Partick Aird starts for Dundee United Against ICTFC (Trafford is on the bench) Haber is on the Falkirk bench for match with Morton
  8. Belgium Jonathan David is on the bench for match with Charleroi
  9. Iran Hemati started again for Persepolis and went 90 it was a 3-1 final against Pars Janoobi Jam
  10. Guidelines for this thread In this thread post match updates on all Canadians abroad for December 14-20, 2018. If you find updates posted in some other thread then post them here as well, but be sure to credit the original poster. If there is news that is particularly significant (eg. someone scores a big goal, someone gets injured, etc.) then feel free to begin a new thread on that topic in order to draw greater attention or start a discussion, but also post that news here. Some comments on news posted in this thread are okay, but let's not let this thread go off into a long discussion. If the news already appears in another thread (as per the previous bullet) then post your comments in that other thread, otherwise if you want to say something significant or if it is likely to generate replies then begin a new thread.
  11. Dom Iankov is on the Ludogorets bench for Europa match with Zurich
  12. Europa Arfield starts against Rapid Wein. Larin is on the Besiktas bench for match with Malmo.
  13. Uefa Youth League Liam Millar starts and scored the second against Napoli. 5-0 final looks like he played the assist on the Glatzel goal as well a reddit link to the goal https://t.co/OJjxaz6D4S
  14. Bulgaria Dom Iankov is on the Ludogorets bench for the match with Slavia Sofia. Remained on the bench. Poland Vitoria is on the bench for match with Legia. Remained on the bench. 0-0 final still top of the table. Belgium Jonathan David is on in the 67th
  15. England Hoilett is on the Cardiff bench. Match is Against Southampton. Came on in the 67th. Cardiff win 1-0, creating some distance from the relegation spots. Scotland Wotherspoon starts Against Aberdeen. An assist and 90 mins in a 2-0 win Jackson starts Against Livingston. 90 minutes in a 3-1 loss. Godinho played 90 in a 1-0 win over Motherwell Aird starts Against Morton. Aird has another assist it’s 1-0 at half. Dundee drew Morton 1-1 Aird came out at the 65th. Haber is on the Falkirk bench. Zanatta starts. In a 2-2 draw Haber played the final 9 David Norman starts against Ross County. Norman went 63 in a 1-1 draw. Harry Paton starts Against Brechin. In a 2-1 win Paton came out in extra time.