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  1. Serbia Borjan starts against Mladost in the Serbian cup Semi’s
  2. He is signed in the fifth tier with Tenhults IF and plays for this U21 team from time to time
  3. 1:20, and 3:40 to see the Ricketts goals. If you don’t have Facebook but use Instagram FK Suduva has them in their stories
  4. Lithuania Ricketts starts against Palanga. Has opened the scoring. In the end it was a 3-0 final with Tos scoring the first and third. Denmark Manjrekar James starts against Odense
  5. Had an assist today in a 3-2 come from behind
  6. Belgium Jonathan David starts against Antwerp
  7. I always just remember him going up late in games, how ever I am also starting to not remember as much from the early 2000’s https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/134462-11-years-ago-today-hibernian-1-hearts-2-kevin-mckenna-86-phil-stamp-92/
  8. Poland Vitoria starts against Cracoiva. 90 mins in a 4-2 loss Serbia Borjan starts against Radnicki Nis. Another clean sheet in a 3-0 final Turkey Atiba starts and Larin is on the bench. Games against . 90 mins and a goal as mentioned below. 2-1 win and Larin came in during injury time
  9. 3 goals this morn for Lille 2
  10. Probably tactical since he starts normally in the 4-4-2, regardless you have a week before you take your next shot at him.
  11. They rotate him cause of his knee injury
  12. Belarus Kapor starts against Energetic-BGU. 90 mins in a 3-0 win England Hoilett starts against Burnley. 73 mins in a 2-0 loss Leutwiler backs up against Nottingham Forest France Brym starts against Haguenau and has 3 goals with Lille 2 up 3-2 now Mexico Cavallini went 90 in a 3-0 loss to Leon Scotland Harry Paton is on the Ross County bench, game is against Partick. Remained on the bench in a 0-0 draw. Zanatta starts against Queen of the South. 83 mins in a 1-0 win. Aird is on the Queen of the South bench
  13. There is a small rumor of interest from Southampton, I can't see him being sold unless it is a really good offer (Can't imagine he wants to leave either)
  14. Lone striker or wide left recently
  15. Scotland Harry Paton is on the Ross County bench for today's match with Dunfermline Zanatta starts against Greenock Morton
  16. Asian Champions League Adam Hemati is on the Persepolis bench against Al Ahli of Saudi Arabia. Remained on the bench.
  17. Lithaunia Ricketts starts against Zalgris. 90 mins in a 1-0 loss Serbia Borjan starts against Proleter. Another clean sheet, 4-0 win
  18. Manjrekar James is on the bench for today’s match with Esbjerg
  19. Three goals for Arfield this morning. Comes out in the 71’st
  20. Cavallini went 90 In a 1-1 draw last night, Puebla are presently in a play off spot
  21. 23 mins for Millar, Wotherspoon still injured ⬆️
  22. Ireland Twardek is on the bench for Sligo Against Bohemians. Played the last 13 in a 2-0 loss Belgium David starts against Genk
  23. Belarus Milovan Kapor has the start for FC Gomel against Slutsk. 89 mins in a 6-0 win. Bulgaria Iankov is on the Ludogorets bench for today's match with CSKA Sofia. Remains in the bench. England Leutwiler backs Blackburn up against Stoke Scotland Jackson starts against Hamilton. 84 for Jackson Millar is on the Kilmarnock bench for today's match with St. Johnstone. Wotherspoon is still injured.Millar comes on in the 67th. 2-0 final for Kilmarnock Zanatta starts against Falkirk. Has scored again it’s 1-0 at half. 90 mins in a 2-1 win. Trafford is suspended for Inverness. Godinho was not in the 18 Aird is not in the Queen of the South 18
  24. England Hoilett starts against Man City Scotland Simeon Jackson is on the bench against Celtic. Jackson in 19 to go Godinho starts against Rangers, with Arfield starting on the other side. Arfield has put Rangers up 3-0. Godinho goes 58, Arfield 68 This pass by Arfield on the first goal was nice Wootherspoon still out injured Serbia Milan Borjan and Crvena win 3-1 over Backa
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