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  1. You honestly thought that was a handball?
  2. Defenders seem to be the weakest aspect not just of CMNT but our whole player pool (which maybe explains why Valour FC have signed 15 midfielders, much to the dismay of @dsqpr ). Seems like clubs are having a tough time finding Canadian defenders with solid resumes, which explains a signing like this one. Valour have a pretty solid roster, and almost every CPL analyst has them ranked near the top. Perhaps they just wanted a solid experienced defender to round out the roster.
  3. I knew Choiniere had some skill on the ball, didn't realize he was so quick. Couldn't believe how fast he tracked back a couple times.
  4. ZBG, Bayiha, Choiniere, and Shome all possibilities for our Olympic team?
  5. Kids look very good. Taking it to DC at the moment. ZBG and Bayiha combining really well on the right wing.
  6. Looks like he's mainly played left wing for Alloa in a 4-2-3-1 and also sometimes played as a second forward in a 4-4-2
  7. It's an interesting argument with Haber. Clearly he's very high quality for this league, but has he ever had a huge goal-scoring season? He always struck me as a winger in a target striker's body, with an ability to score in a variety of ways but not really a poacher's instinct. He should be great this season but I think there are purer goalscorers I'd favour for Golden Boot.
  8. Some good votes for Bekker. How did Ferguson get into this conversation? The list of players I'd have ahead of him in this league is pretty long.
  9. Right Back but getting forward a ton in a very fluid formation. Has looked very dangerous so far. Drew a penalty that was negated by being ever-so-slightly offside.
  10. First signings in some time! https://forgefc.canpl.ca/article/forge-fc-signs-two-canadian-players?hootPostID=87d39894069f4d851b13b983d3906c0f Forge FC sign L10 scoring leader 24 year old forward Anthony Novak and 19 year old defender Klaidi Cela, who I don't know anything about. As much as I like our roster this year, it is interesting how our later signings tailed off to a lot of L10 standouts, whereas with a team like Cavalry FC their signings got stronger and stronger. We had a few decent import signings but we are really depending on Canadians like Bekker, Awuah, Zajac, Nanco, Choiniere, Borges, and Guyanese Canadian Welshman to be stars in this league.
  11. Could go halfway between Toronto and Vancouver and hold it in the Hammer (ok maybe not exactly halfway). Bob Young does own the Canadian Premier League after all.
  12. If you don't like him, ignore him. No need for comments like this.
  13. Cavalry are trending up for me for sure. Was giving Rollins a hard time on Twitter for ranking them 1st, but with recent signings they are looking good. Similar to Valour: not necessarily any stars but solid across the board.
  14. This should without a doubt end up the most-liked comment of the day. Maybe with some friendlies we can iron out a functional back line going into GC.
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