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  1. Shortdutchcanuck

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    We were given a full seating chart with various season ticket prices. 199 (for 15 games) for supporters group 259 at other end 339 next section in then 419 and 489 at midfield. Net Net 259 339 419 489 419 339 199 Also of interest Bob and Bobby both mentioned they want to start rolling out first player signings in next couple months to continue to build momentum. And Clanachan opted to take 'the high road when asked about Ottawa Fury, just said he is disappointed but it is out of his hands, any further decisions belong to CSA and FIFA.
  2. Shortdutchcanuck

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    Gaz Munro. Hamilton TSN 1150 radio host.
  3. Shortdutchcanuck

    Best XI

    I have a tough time coming up with an 18 let alone a starting 11 right now. It's fantastic to have so many options but it means some good payers are not going to see the field. Just as an example, when Kaye comes back from injury, is there still a way he fits into the 18 on game day? Regardless of formation, I'm assuming a roster breakdown of roughly 3 strikers, 7 midfielders, 6 defenders, and 2 keepers. F - Cavallini, Larin, David MF - Arfield, Osorio, Hutch, Piette, Hoilett, Tabla, Davies D - whoever steps up Not much room for Kaye (or Millar either) unless you count Davies as a defender or play a 3-5-2. Obviously Hutch is inching toward retirement, and chances are someone will always have some injury issues. So having this depth is key. But we are moving toward a time where for young players like Kaye, Raheem Edwards, or even Millar as a Liverpool U-23 player, despite all they've accomplished at a young age, they will still need to bump their career up another level to be guaranteed a spot in our 18, let alone our 11. There should be some massive arguments in the future over roster decisions. You see it with every USMNT roster announcement: they have a ton of depth and a ton of young prospects at very good clubs, and every time there are not only very good MLS players but players at strong clubs in Europe who are left out. And fans have wildly different opinions about the options at certain positions. The goal is to get to a point where just being an occasional MLS starter, or a Bundesliga 3 or even lower-level Scottish Premiership starter, should not be enough to even get a sniff outside of friendlies and games against minnows. We've suddenly gotten our attack to the point where you have to be a top-level MLS player or getting minutes at a good club in Europe, Mexico, or South America. Players who have served well in the past, like Ricketts, or who we were once excited about, like Akindele or Wotherspoon, are depth players. Now we need to get our defense to a similar level.
  4. Shortdutchcanuck

    Herdman new head coach

    I don't think this will ever stop bugging me about Herdman, but the truth is many great managers of big clubs have had massive egos. Right now what is good for Canada is good for Herdman, and he is a highly motivated individual, whether or not he is highly motivated for all the reasons we would like. He'll be judged ultimately by the players he attracts to the program and the results he gets. To be honest I think we need a manager who is a bit of a salesman because in spite of our young talent our national soccer team is still barely a blip on the radar of the sports landscape for the vast majority of Canadians. If Herdman selling himself puts us out there and gets our CMNT talked about, it's a win-win. This team needs someone promoting the hell out of it, we need to be selling out CMNT home games by the time WCQ rolls around, and we need CMNT back on national TV and getting respectable ratings. Possibly if he goes too far in his self-promotion he'll start to lose some players in terms of buying in. But so far it sounds like players are buying in to his vision and I think if he gets results that will continue, regardless of how many interviews he does.
  5. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ballou Tabla

    Wow, did not expect to see this news this week. There has definitely been a run of good news stories in the last few years that should go a long way to healing some old wounds. On the other hand there are still games to be won. Even with a talented roster, going into Panama or Honduras and getting results is not an easy task. You don't just put the right names on paper with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Gent, Rangers, Liverpool, and Besiktas beside their names and get guaranteed a win. Herdman has proved he is a solid recruiter and motivator. Over the next couple years we will see if he is also a good coach. More than ever before we have attacking talent, as well as the depth and flexibility to play a variety of lineups and combinations. Tabla adds yet another dimension to that. There are some difficult and intriguing choices to make. Davies going to Bayern, David emerging, Tabla committing - all of this is awesome but this is till the easy part. We should qualify for 2022. With this talent, we really should. This more than ever puts the pressure squarely on Herdman to do so.
  6. Shortdutchcanuck

    Dieu Merci Yuma

    This guy seems like the perfect CanPL target: still young, has played abroad and scored goals in lower level Europe. Maybe a good year with Forge FC or York9 FC gets him another look over there.
  7. Shortdutchcanuck

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    Or like running the ball to the corner flag and trying to just hold it there instead of making a positive soccer play.
  8. Shortdutchcanuck

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    https://www.hwcdsb.ca/236050--STM-grad-Ryan-Raposo-sizes-up-a-career-in-soccer 5'7 and 135 pounds. Doesn't sound like he is having any issue with the physicality of NCAA.
  9. Shortdutchcanuck

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    Nice curl! Check out @CuseMSOC’s Tweet:
  10. Shortdutchcanuck

    CPL General

    You're making a lot of unfounded assumptions about how this went down. The two sides have been in dialogue for some time but as far as we know the Fury never made any promises to CanPL. It was CanPL who announced they would start with 8-10 when they probably should have promised 6-7 and 8 would have been a bonus. CanPL has also heen very slow deciding on concrete details like salary cap (which appears to have moved significantly since the Fury were first approached) and maybe the Fury didn't get enough details by the time they had to make their decision. What we see now is the usual of both sides trying to spin things their way. I doubt we'll ever know the full truth, but I've seen a number of opinions on social media that there is plenty of blame on both sides and I tend to agree. Going into Ottawa with an established team already there would be a huge risk and it would look very bad for CanPL if their team was the one to fail in that situation. We've seen the advantage in Hamilton and Winnipeg of having an established marketing team and the Fury would have that edge over any new team.
  11. Shortdutchcanuck

    CPL General

    They could but I don't see any reason why the CSA would want to damage an established team that has led the way in signing Canadians and invested as much money in Canadian players as any CanPL team seems likely to next year. If CanPL has solid ownership possibilities in other cities like Kitchener, Quebec, and Saskatoon I think they will explore those first and wait on the Fury a years in Ottawa. Sour grapes aside (and I do have some sour grapes but I'm ready to move on) that is what makes the most sense and what is best for Canadian soccer. Especially all those players Ottawa signed when they had nowhere else in Canada to go who CanPL may or may not be able to afford next year.
  12. Shortdutchcanuck

    CPL General

    I think this is all posturing by both sides. Fury will be in the league in a couple years and CanPL will not be foolish enough to try and put a second team in Ottawa in the meantime.
  13. Wow. Two defenders. Davies at LB?
  14. Shortdutchcanuck

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    I think he means either signing Simon Thomas or getting Sean Melvin on loan from the Caps. @Xavier knows Simon Thomas has been in Norway.
  15. Shortdutchcanuck

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Obviously hope to see some Davies magic in this game. But he's also the guy I'd least like to see injured and I hope if we've banged a respectable amount in he gets subbed out at the half. Inferior opponents can do some awkward tackling and no need to expose him if things start to get lopsided.