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  1. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ayo Akinola

    Icon top right, go to accounts, go to ignored users, and simply add user to ignore. With just those few simple steps you can make this forum great again.
  2. Shortdutchcanuck

    CPL new teams speculation

    Guelph not so much. Smaller population and not even a history of L10 or PDL team there. London and Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge seem as likely to me as anyone on that upper list right up there with Laval/Quebec City and Saskatoon (Ottawa of course a no-brainer if the situation wasn't so fucked up). Both have population and a solid history of soccer teams in PDL. Also a good business/financial base (Kitchener especially). I think both need to sort out a viable stadium situation and an owner. Rumour has it Bob Young is willing to invest on Kitchener, and possibly Ian Campbell of FC London could be convinced if CanPL has a successful first season.
  3. Shortdutchcanuck

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    3 defenders . . . we could certainly do with some more young success stories at the position.
  4. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Interesting. Did not realize that.
  5. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ottawa CPL Club

    He's just saying there is a much stronger case to be made for MLS teams staying put as opposed to Ottawa. For example based on precedents like Swansea, Cardiff City, Monaco, Wellington Phoenix.
  6. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I suppose TFC II could make the argument that CanPL didn't want them, and they already have a team in L1O.
  7. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Check out @KevinSenSoccer’s Tweet: This seems like a reasonable and likely final outcome to me.
  8. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This is my worry, that there will be some fuck CanPL sentiment in Ottawa even though this was not CanPL's decision to make. Nobody likes to be forced into something, or to feel like a club they support got fucked over.
  9. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This is one side of the story. I've heard other sides too. But you're talking about the club. I'm talking about the fans, and the soccer community in Ottawa.
  10. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Some were already mad at ownership but plenty of others seemed happy to err on the side of stability and stay in USL at least for the short term. And there is still a Welsh team in League 2 as well as several more in lower English leagues, so Ottawa's situation is not without precedent.
  11. Shortdutchcanuck

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Sorry, Ledgerwood makes more sense. I always thought of him as a Bundesliga 3 player and forgot he played some games in 2. That would have been early on in his career if I remember right though. Ledgerwood is a good player, and all of the Cavalry signings have good potential. I'm just personally hoping there's a little more coming to get us truly excited. Either way some of these young Canadians will far exceed our expectations in 2019 (and some not so much), and that will be awesome to watch.
  12. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Can't wait for CanPL to start and was quite frustrated when the Fury opted out but I think this was a shitty decision for soccer in Ottawa and in Canada. Might be looking at one less team and a bunch less spots for Canadian players than we could have had in 2019. If CanPL thrives the Fury would have joined in time. Seeing a lot of angry comments on Twitter from Fury fans and I'm wondering what the longterm damage to SOCCER in Ottawa might be. For those who think you can just throw a CanPL team in there and expect all those fans to switch their loyalties at the drop of a hat, I don't think that's how loyalties work. If I had been a Fury supporter all these years, supporting Canadian players before there was a CanPL, I'd be pissed too. After all the talk of wanting clubs instead of franchises to get away from MLS-style centralized control and excessive rules, we now have a club that made a decision and is being overruled by a central governing body.
  13. Shortdutchcanuck

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Spins can work in both directions though. Pointing to Edwini-Bonsu's Bundesliga 2 experience when he last played in the Oberliga is quite the spin in the positive direction. As pointed out already, a long way to go. I think we are all waiting with excitement but some apprehensions too. If Forge FC ends up being Bekker and Nanco and a L1O all star team I'll be a little disappointed though still supportive. These Calgary signings are all good signings and we should all be happy for these young Canadians. But hopefully for the sake of Cavalry FC fans there is still some 'spice' to come. If BBTB gravitates naturally towards skepticism that just balances out some of the overly optimistic spins we've also seen on here (including my own initial hopes for the league that included fringe MLS players like Ricketts, most Canadian USL players, and some Bundesliga 3 and Scottish Championship players like Straith and Aird).
  14. Shortdutchcanuck

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    Yep Deportes Melipilla's Wikipedia page is out of date. They did indeed play in the Primera B in 2018 and finished middle of the pack with Meneses scoring 3 in 12 matches. Thanks for the correction @Big_M. And yes, he could be one of the higher-level signings in year 1.
  15. Shortdutchcanuck

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    Check out @ValourpegBlog’s Tweet: Interesting potential signing if true. Appears to have split 2018 between Chilean Primera (Level 1) and Segunda (Level 3) Divisions, spending most of the year with the latter. On the downswing of his career but definitely some pedigree.