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  1. The Squizz article from mls.com is great for the history too https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2015/08/11/canadian-championship-amazing-story-behind-fan-created-trophy-awarded-canadas-best
  2. Not that I’m on here much but yesterday got a couple of those in one session on my phone
  3. Never knew him sadly but much respect for everything he’s done. He will definitely be missed
  4. Not very tech savvy. The main soccer bar in Windsor is adding streaming due to Champions League otherwise if it’s during the day the guy just streams through his laptop. Small local pub I go to I stream stuff off my phone and push it to their Apple TV like for the V Cup stuff. But as usual pretty much only me down here and the odd friend who I can rope into watching
  5. Sounds really good Jamie. First time poking around here in a bit and excited to see what I’ve missed
  6. Like I’ve said, I’ve been part of the pro-CPL forces getting into way too many stupid arguments. The issue has been the CPL keeping so many things close to the best. People want to know information, they don’t have it and some jump to worst conclusions. Mostly I try to say relax and they’ll let us know when they’re ready to tell us but then I get accused of naive, stupidly cheering the league while only certain people can really tell us how things should be done. Like I said, I’ve tried to stop and for the most part have. Just realized I’ve got better things to do than worry about what a hand
  7. I was called a traitor and not a true fan because I thought that Tabla should have the right to choose who he plays for. Trying to be a voice of patience and reason here usually leads to the personal attacks I’ve had
  8. How shocking that a serious discussion on the future of the board is trying to be derailed into an “I’m picked on and I do nothing wrong pity party” while still arguing your same old, tired theories. I should of known better than to turn the ignore off
  9. Geez I need to get off the CPL board more often so I don't miss things like this lol. I've had my share of stupid arguing here and have tried to cut it down. It wasn't accomplishing anything and just really took up bandwidth. I personally like the splitting of boards for club and country purposes. Each is important but the focus should be separate as we have different goals with each. Also like the setting of rules and moderation. Fairly sure I wouldn't of been rightfully slapped down a few times. There's nothing wrong for with being told that you are out of line when sometimes you can'
  10. VP of the CSA board of directors, so hardly a clown. I don't see an issue in pointing out to a room of hardcore, knowledgeable people that despite the outside appearance that little is being done, things are progressing and that it's the CPL's plan. Especially given the excessive amounts of clowns online who cry and bitch, complain and preach doom and gloom non-stop because they don't know everything that they want to know right this minute.
  11. Northern Starting Eleven recap of the townhall http://www.northernstartingeleven.com/csa-town-hall-and-the-future-of-canadian-soccer/
  12. Good to know thanks. Don't know if they held one here but I probably wouldn't of heard if they did lol.
  13. Always stuff in Toronto lol. Enjoy and hopefully we can get a recap
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