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  1. Rheo

    CPL new teams speculation

    Random check in to see what the board was saying. Anyways the account quoted the Laval fan group who quoted an article of the trial in Laval. Bunbury‘s interest is we’ll documented but I’m skeptical for now. It’s easy to throw out random predictions/“rumours” based on general knowledge and hit some to look legit
  2. Not that I’m on here much but yesterday got a couple of those in one session on my phone
  3. Rheo

    We've lost Jarrek! :(

    Never knew him sadly but much respect for everything he’s done. He will definitely be missed
  4. Rheo

    CPL new teams speculation

    Depends on who the owners would be, same with any other professional team. Doesn’t hurt to try and get the groundwork set up in case someone is interested
  5. Rheo

    CPL new teams speculation

    Howdy all. Sticking my head out to say that there’s a Windsor supporter group started. Early days but we’ve got to start somewhere. On twitter if anyone wants to keep up its https://twitter.com/windsorcanpl
  6. Congrats Jamie. Looking forward to what’s next
  7. Not very tech savvy. The main soccer bar in Windsor is adding streaming due to Champions League otherwise if it’s during the day the guy just streams through his laptop. Small local pub I go to I stream stuff off my phone and push it to their Apple TV like for the V Cup stuff. But as usual pretty much only me down here and the odd friend who I can rope into watching
  8. Rheo

    CPL TV Contract

  9. Sounds really good Jamie. First time poking around here in a bit and excited to see what I’ve missed
  10. Rheo

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    @1996I have no ideas if the accusations on Brennan in League 1 are true or not but if they are why haven’t you gone to the media with your proof and have them expose how horrible you allege he is rather then just repeat it over and over on here? Without proof other than your word it is pretty slanderous in my opinion
  11. Rheo

    Alphonso Davies

    Great article by Sandor on his pathway and some competition talk https://the11.ca/theres-an-alphonso-davies-in-every-canadian-city-after-uncovering-one-star-player-free-footie-looks-to-find-more/
  12. Rheo

    CPL General

  13. Rheo

    CPL General

    DC said they were going on a media run next week touting how the league was coast to coast
  14. Rheo

    Alphonso Davies

  15. Rheo

    Victoria CPL

    Lots of new stuff in here including stadium details https://juneof86.com/2018/07/20/former-players-want-to-ease-pathway-for-future-stars/ -4000 seats added next year, another 4000 in the second wave when they get rid of the pole. Also will be switching to grass