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  1. Bump. I’ll be at the pregame as well.
  2. Nothing like waiting for the last minute. One for sale for the Panama game. Section 113 Row 11 Seat 8 $20. Sit with two awesome people and me!!!!!!
  3. yep.... thats the bottom line.  if you are born here and dont play for us, youre a dickhead.  if your are born elsewhere and dont play for us, youre a dickhead.


    typical mob idiots shouting down reason.  thanks for showing some intelligence.

    1. Rheo


      I'd advise you to stay away from Tabla thread then.  If you support a player's right to choose who they play for than you aren't a true Canadian supporter according to some lol.  Just ridiculous.

    2. kungfucious


      whos tabla?  or does it stand for something.  i totally want to see the MNT do well... but im not gonna have a hate for players who choose elsewhere b/c ultimately its FIFA's fault that players can 'obtain' citizenship like a commodity.

      having said that... there are a few of us who are normal eh?

    3. Rheo


      Ballou Tabla, born in Ivory Coast, plays for Montreal, been here since 8, played junior for the National team but hasn't declared for senior yet.  Lots of venom for if he chooses IC (which it appears he might)

      I get the dedication and passion but it's irrational at times.  Summed it up a couple of weeks ago like this lol

      "There's nothing wrong with passion or having an opinion.  It's just the over the top rhetoric from some that rubs some (like myself) the wrong way.  

      Stuff like some on here feeling that they can judge a kid and his family, calling him a traitor (when he hasn't made up his mind), him not playing is "the nightmare scenario", insinuating that this was nothing but a big long con by him and his family to use and abuse the Canadian soccer scenario and costing a couple of kids who "care about Canada" their chance, calling for him to banned from games if he doesn't choose Canada, insinuating that anyone on here who supports his right to play for whoever he wants isn't a true Canadian soccer fan.

      That's the BS the rubs me the wrong way."

      Like I said fun to avoid lol.  Cheers

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