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  1. This doesn't surprise me at all. People who want a seat at the table should also have relevant employment experience/education to match.
  2. Jamie, I like the single tier membership. I did a purge over the holidays and realize that I have too much crap (including soccer stuff) but if stuff comes with membership each year, maybe some of us can opt out and still pay for the full fee. I would.
  3. I'd be good with that Jamie. And I'll pitch in some $ as well for the cause.
  4. I forgot all about the cards. Hell, I'd throw in some money to fund this excellent endeavour if we wanted to start this up again.
  5. In light of this, I think we need to develop a strategy to come up with consistent, on-going sources of revenue which will help us create more branding for the V's (e.g. large in-stadium banners, flags, and other promotional material) to increase awareness. The challenge is that except for a small handful of home internationals, it's difficult to generate a more regular buzz about the V's. Hopefully with the CONCACAF Nations League, things will change a bit for the better. Or do we even dare try to enter the club supporter scene to increase exposure knowing how polarizing the MLS rivalr
  6. I'm with Rob on this...I'm sure we can all afford a few extra bucks. I mean we aren't Wal-Mart making tens of thousands of shirts.
  7. Chicken!! The chicken is really delicious there.
  8. Ha ha...I bet you Mr. Clark would have been a pretty good head of the CSA.
  9. Of all the things you've said, the one I agree with the most is: "I am horrible at social interaction". I think deep down, players appreciate the support and recognition if just to say a quick "hello". I did the same with former PM, Joe Clark. Really nice man.
  10. I must say I loved Bowen Island when I visited there in November after the Honduras game. You are lucky to live there.
  11. Talkin' about six months late to the partay!
  12. Same here…made a donation a while ago and I know it went into the Voyageurs account but I might have ticked the "private" box. Hopefully it got directed to the right place, Jamie.
  13. Moose, both mserson and I went to meet up with Trevor and Jamie last night. All good.
  14. Is the Church of Scientology code for the Brass Rail? Ha ha. On a serious note, I agree with Sam's suggestions. See everyone next Tuesday at Shoeless.
  15. I personally would really want to attend this meeting but I won't be able to fly in until Tuesday early afternoon (working in Halifax on the Monday). If it's held Monday, I'm okay with that for the reasons Sam mentions above but you might be missing other folks from environs closer to Toronto but still from out of town (e.g. Ottawa & Montreal).
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