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  1. JamboAl

    Why was the original CSL short-lived?

    Geez, I'm dating myself now. I was at the first game for the National Capital Pioneers at Aydelu Park in Aylmer, Quebec, It was very much a make shift facility that had a maximum capacity of maybe 4,000. It was basically a (slightly above) average recreation park that had bleachers on either side with a hockey arena next to the pitch. I remember going there as a young high school student with my soccer playing buddies and thought that was the pinnacle for Canadian soccer. But like WF says, it was actually very poor quality wise and I remember going to a game later that season and thinking that there were no more than about 500 people in attendance. and every goal I saw scored was scrappy I would like to think the CPL is way better organized and has more money behind it with much better facilities. The travel issues (costs) continue to exist and that is still my #1 concern about the survival of the league - geography doesn't work in our favour I'm afraid.
  2. JamboAl

    Ottawa CPL Club

    What CPL owner do you have in mind? And why would OSEG rent the facility to them even if there were one? It would work best if both sides saw sense and came to a reasonable solution rather than taking a nuclear option like you are suggesting.
  3. JamboAl

    Ottawa CPL Club

    So there would be no professional soccer presence in the Nation’s Capital until 2021 because the CPL should be as pig headed as OSEG? That’s an amazing strategy!
  4. JamboAl

    Ottawa CPL Club

    OSEG were the ones who put the capital up front to create a soccer presence in Ottawa and provided employment to quite a good number of Canadians, even some ex-CNMT players (Edgar, Attakora, Henry on loan) before the CPL was established. For that, they are still in credit with me even though they did not take my preferred option of the CPL.
  5. JamboAl

    Ottawa CPL Club

    That's pretty damn unfair. The Fury were an excellent PDL team before NASL and are mid-table both in attendance in the USL and performance wise. Don't go there cause anyone can make the same stupid comments on the first CPL team that doesn't draw 3,000 and is bottom of the league.
  6. JamboAl

    CPL General

    True. But at $35 K a year, I really hope the players have another source of income.
  7. JamboAl

    CPL General

    If my math is correct, that’s about $2.50 an hour over the minimum wage in Ontario, based on a 40 hr work week.
  8. JamboAl

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I think it's more of the CONCACAF can't tell us what to do crowd. And I'm not for revenge against Charleston, it's those bastards from Pittsburgh that I'd be after.
  9. JamboAl

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I just spoke to a few work colleagues who follow soccer in this city. I know they are not in the majority but the venom they have for CONCACAF (and by extension, the CPL) is shocking and awful. I think it will die down eventually but I can't say some of that didn't rub off on me last night as I was going to bed. I love the CPL and definitely want it to succeed - I'm just questioning the wisdom of the tactic. Maybe it'll get an Ottawa team (Fury or otherwise) into the CPL for 2020 but I think it is too late for 2019. I'll also make the prediction that if the MLS sides were ever forced to join the CPL in the near future, intensify that anger fifty fold.
  10. JamboAl

    Ottawa CPL Club

    It's already started from some of the comments I've seen on the Ottawa Fury Facebook page.
  11. JamboAl

    CPL General

    The Fury hasn’t really actively promoted the affiliation with the Impact. If they were now to be a “reserve” side for them, I’d cancel my season tickets.
  12. JamboAl

    Ottawa CPL Club

    JULIAN DE GUZMAN ADDRESSES OUR FANS Dear Fury FC supporters, We received some extremely disappointing news today and I wanted to let you know about it personally. CONCACAF, the soccer governance body for North America, Central America and the Caribbean, has informed Canada Soccer that FURY FC’s sanctioning to continue playing in the USL in 2019 has been revoked. This came as a shock to all of us in the FURY FC/OSEG family, and I promise you we’ll do all we can to fight this decision and be on the pitch and ready for an exciting season of USL soccer in the spring. By CLICKING HERE you’ll find a news release that provides more detail on the CONCACAF decision. In the meantime, please keep the faith as we work through this unfortunate situation We’ll update you as more information becomes available. Sincerely, Julian de Guzman General Manager, Ottawa Fury FC
  13. JamboAl

    Marcus Godinho

    I remember driving back from Glasgow back to Edinburgh and listening to Radio Scotland. It was just the craziest piece of radio I'd ever heard; think it was Derek Ferguson going all mental with the Motherwell comeback.
  14. JamboAl

    Marcus Godinho

    There would be people on Kickback who would criticize Messi for not being technical enough if he were a Jambo. Levein (manager) thinks he must be good enough if he’s going to start him instead of a Manchester United loaner.
  15. This has zilch to do with Herdman. He went to a job that was the next challenge for him personally. Sinclair is still a decent contributor but this WC should be her swan song.