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  1. I understand and it is a fine line. Maybe my line is quite a bit different from others. I don’t have a problem with MLSE (or anyone else that passes the “smell test”) own a club in the CPL. The Pozzo family owns several clubs in Europe (including Watford and audience) and Red Bull own Salzburg and Leipzig as well as NYRB. BTW, it doesn’t mean I like it at all but that is today’s business environment and what would make the CPL be so unique to not allow common ownership with an MLS team as long as there are safeguards and transfer transactions between the CPL side and the MLS side. (And which I know can and will be manipulated but that’s the state of the football business today unfortunately)
  2. Can someone explain to me why MLSE or any other organization would not be allowed to field a team in the CPL? What’s the difference if the Man City group wanted to set up a team somewhere as a farm team for NYCFC? Would that be not okay as well? I ask because it is a slippery slope. Would be happy to understand the rationale.
  3. Please don’t paint all Fury fans with the same brush. This is not a black and white issue with the Fury and the CPL. I still support the club and the CPL and do not see any conspiracy with the CPL. I also see the value of the USL as a strong league in the US soccer system and in the Canadian one as long as the Fury are in and still playing Canadian players. (This is also a biased and unique view as I have closer links to the US than most people on the forum.) There will not be an excuse for the Fury to be in USL if we all hope and think the CPL will be successful. That will be in 2020 or later, but it will happen not because they will be forced in but because it will make sense. After I typed this in, I just realized that I might sound a bit like some of the Fury people that have been dissed here. But it’s my opinion right now.
  4. I think he asked a legit question. And Buzz & Sting has been one of the biggest supporters of the Ottawa Fury for as long as I've known him. But just because he doesn't agree with OSEG's current view of the CPL does not mean that he has a blind hatred of the Fury. In fact, he has acknowledged the importance of the club in employing Canadians in the past and now. Plus I think for the good of Canadian soccer (which is what this board is about), we should all wish the CPL tons of success...even though we all have varying degrees of what that will be and how long it'll take to get there. If that's roses and rainbows, then so be it.
  5. Every time I see KFUM, I feel like singing “YMCA” (which is what I think it is in Norwegian).
  6. Me neither. In fact, I'm starting to embrace this villain tag and looking forward to thrashing the CPL teams in the V Cup. How's that for throwing a live hand grenade into this thread? (insert evil laughter)
  7. Hell no! Not enough year round content. It reminds me of the cricket channel I subscribe to. Great for 4-5 months of the year, then I cancel cause the rest is repeats and crap.
  8. Head vs heart. As a longtime Canadian soccer supporter, I'm not happy. As a business person, I continue to assert that the decision they made for this season was not unreasonable. Time will tell...
  9. Does anyone know whether the preseason friendlies are open to fans?
  10. Has anyone considered per capita income in addition to population? If your per capita income is say $50 K for a family (I think that's roughly the case for TBay), many folks won't be able to afford to go to a game very often even if they are interested in soccer.
  11. 100% neutral! Well, maybe 98.5% neutral with 1% Wanderers and 0.5% Valour.
  12. I’ve met Eddie a few times and he’s such a nice guy. I don’t have any information but the point you bring up about retiring at 30 actually makes sense. Like athletes who play minor league baseball, for example, at some point, making $40-50 K a year for another 4-6 years is not going to cut it if you have bigger ambitions in life, such as raising a family. Maybe that was the choice he made to move on with his next career
  13. The team I support in England, Charlton Athletic, is in League One. I like watching both levels. They are pretty good equivalents to each other; the Scottish game is much more frantic and the differences in budgets in the SPFL is much greater than in League One meaning that a Celtic & Rangers can easily outspend everyone in League One (except maybe Sunderland) but that budgets of a Livingston or Hamilton are a fraction of a Rochdale.
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