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  1. No worries. We don’t deal with club tickets here, only for Canada national team games so far.
  2. The Mexican FA (FMF) is still working on ticketing for their own supporters, last I heard. We can raise this question with Canada Soccer as well the next time we meet with them.
  3. Yes you do. I am waiting for the first person to get back to me on choice of seat. You’ll get the other pair…standby.
  4. Posted this on the CSN forum today…no takers so far. Hi everyone. As an incentive to join the Voyageurs as a paid member, I have two pairs of two tickets available for Honduras (one pair in 114 and another in 116) and will give them for free to the first two folks who sign up a new member as a Voyageur (yourself or family/friend). Just let me know here if you want to take advantage of this so others know. obviously everyone in here is already a member but if anyone else you know wants to go, all they have to do is become a member of the V’s and I will email the tickets to them. Alternatively, I will accept proof of a donation to your local food bank ($35 or greater) for the two tickets.
  5. That is odd. It should work; can you log off and log in again? Sorry, I don't know if @socceronly can help...not really techie myself.
  6. I would go to the Ticket Exchange section and post something.
  7. If you need one El Savador ticket, i've got one for you, unless you are good to go.
  8. 1. Are these tickets only for Voyageurs members? The tickets must be purchased by a paid Voyageur member. However, you may purchase tickets for non members as long as a paid member is one of the attendees. 2. Where are these Voyageur member tickets located? The tickets will be in the south end of BMO Field: sections 112-118. 3. Do I need a purchase code to buy tickets? Yes. We strongly ask that you do not share the code with anyone. The danger is that non-members will purchase tickets; thereby, limiting the tickets available to paid members. Worse still would be if away fans purchase tickets in the south end at BMO Field; this could lead to future sanctions with potential reduction/elimination of supporters tickets. 4. I’m used to being at the front few rows of the south end. Will I be able to move there even if my tickets are somewhere else in the south end? No. Unfortunately, due to the situation with Covid, there are very restrictive rules being imposed on all supporters by Toronto Public Health. The Voyageurs are no different. Everyone attending the match must stay in their pod for the entire match. Anyone consistently moving outside of their pod may be ejected by stadium security staff; in other words, no crashing the front of the sections. 5. Am I able to purchase tickets not in the south end of the stadium? Of course. All Voyageurs are encouraged to attend and support the team no matter where you are seated in the stadium. However, you will need to purchase those tickets through Ticketmaster via the public sale. 6. Can I have a paper copy of my tickets? No. Ticketmaster is only allowing tickets to be electronically scanned. This will likely require downloading the Ticketmaster app or using Apple Wallet or Google Pay. 7. Can I buy more than 4 tickets? No. Unfortunately, due to seating restrictions in the south end at BMO Field, ticket purchases will be limited to 4 tickets per member. Any tickets purchased after the first four may be revoked by Ticketmaster. 8. Can I buy a single ticket or three tickets? No. Unfortunately, the seating plan provided to us by Canada Soccer and BMO Field consists of pods of two or four. This does not, for example, prevent you from buying two tickets and using only one of them. An alternative is to go into the Ticket Exchange part of the Voyageurs member forum and see if you can either join in with another pod or sell one or more of your tickets at face value. 9. I bought four tickets but someone can no longer come. Can I sell the ticket to someone else? Yes. However, it must be sold at face value and must be transferred to the recipient electronically. 10. What are the rules regarding social distancing and wearing masks? Seats are set up to allow for a certain degree of social distancing. However, since this may not be possible at all times, a mask that completely and snugly covers your nose, mouth and sits securely under your chin will be mandatory at all times including when sitting in the stands, unless when eating or drinking.
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