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  1. Maybe Yuma was the one who got hurt during trials? Interesting seeing Karklins signed. Played with him briefly when the Div 2 Halifax Soccer League was around and he was clearly the best player on the pitch. He most recently played with a bunch of guys I know from youth soccer on that Woodcocks squad and I’m pretty sure he was their ringer.
  2. No Calum Ferguson signing from the trials, I guess. Apparently he has a trial with Valour next week. Slightly surprised as I thought he would be a shoe-in given our lack of depth up front and his previous experience in Scotland.
  3. For anyone considering giving this podcast a listen, definitely do. These guys are doing a solid job!
  4. I think I remember seeing something about early April, but am about 37% confident in that statement.
  5. We have a few if you want to toss Haber our way
  6. Heard HFX Wanderers are announcing 2 players today, 2 more later this week, and 2 "big" signings next week. Then the roster will be filled out with U-sports draft picks and got game triailists. Not sure if that schedule will be pushed back due to the tragedy Halifax experience yesterday.
  7. Rumour is the first home game is May 4, so this makes sense.
  8. From what I was told by HFX sales reps, you could essentially sell unused tickets back to the club before the match and they would put the seat out to public sale at regular price. I'm sure there are some caveats associated with that. I would think that if they fail to sell the seat publically, I'd still be on the hook for the cost of my ticket(s). No clue how they plan to roll it out and I don't have anything to reference beyond that conversation.
  9. I think most clubs have begun selling season tickets without the schedule. I know Halifax has at least; hasn't seemed to hurt their numbers at all.
  10. There was a Q&A last night with Clanachan at a local bar. Wanderers sent out an email inviting the first 30 members who responded. I wasn't able to make it, but wondering if anyone on here was? and if there was any meaningful discussion or information provided?
  11. Based on our signing's so far, we'll be putting out a 5-2-2-1 formation. Lots of scoreless draws headed our way. Kidding aside, love the youth movement on Canadian talent. I've known very little about any of the signing's to-date, but I'm cautiously optimistic and feel they'll be a few bigger names with offensive up-side coming in the next few weeks. I'm sure Hart is giving some behind the scenes thanks to the Impact as well.
  12. https://thelaker.ca/firths-eat-sleep-soccer-routine-paying-off/ I guess he had a couple of trials at TFC as well - young kid, only 18 or 19, I think.
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