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  1. My tickets in the centre circle app for the May 22 game against Vaughn show the game at 1 pm....on a Wednesday. This can't be right. Has anyone noticed similar scheduling for other weekday Can Champ matches? or know of an official schedule anywhere to verify the time?
  2. Apparently he had a trial with York 9, but wasn't offered a contract. His style of play seems to fit well with most folks interpretation of Hart's system; big CF with good hold up play and able to get on crosses. Highlights showed a bit of pace and good instincts in front of goal too.
  3. Those 2 colours are the same that were used for the flag give away, so I think folks are on the right track with Halifax kit colours.
  4. It's May 4, just in case you're booking flights tight around that date. I've heard Section 101, or a portion of it at least, has been reserved for away fans. Email Marvin Okello @ marvin.okello@hfxwanderersfootball.club to get some more info. He's great; set me up with season tickets and answered all my questions.
  5. Halifax had a similar issue with the Dusseldorf/Selects match. They were a bit tone deaf on the pricing vs quality (Dusseldorf sent a U21 squad, but the advertising stated "Bundesliga"), and after a bit of public backlash lowered the price of all tickets and issued refunds to those who already bought them. I'm sure Cavalry could do the same if it ever came down to it. Mind you, the difference for Halifax was $5, but most people seemed happy with the gesture.
  6. Interesting note on the league needing to approve Langwa's contract before Hart could provide the actual paperwork. I know nothing about this sort of thing, but know the discussion of team vs. league owned contracts has been beat to death around here. Maybe a hybrid?
  7. HfxCeltic

    2019 Attendance

    Maybe player announcements have slowed that number? Perhaps some folks see the squad as foothills plus some journeymen, so can't justify the sky high prices compared to foothills last year? Complete speculation.
  8. What happened with him at Celtic? Was pretty excited to see a Canadian sign for Celtic, then he just sort of disappeared?
  9. Maybe Yuma was the one who got hurt during trials? Interesting seeing Karklins signed. Played with him briefly when the Div 2 Halifax Soccer League was around and he was clearly the best player on the pitch. He most recently played with a bunch of guys I know from youth soccer on that Woodcocks squad and I’m pretty sure he was their ringer.
  10. No Calum Ferguson signing from the trials, I guess. Apparently he has a trial with Valour next week. Slightly surprised as I thought he would be a shoe-in given our lack of depth up front and his previous experience in Scotland.
  11. For anyone considering giving this podcast a listen, definitely do. These guys are doing a solid job!
  12. I think I remember seeing something about early April, but am about 37% confident in that statement.
  13. We have a few if you want to toss Haber our way
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