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  1. HfxCeltic

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Sports Entertainment Atlantic hosted rugby and soccer at the Wanderers Grounds this past summer - was at both games. The stand configuration didn’t change at all and the line layout on the field seemed to cover roughly the same area. Can’t imagine they’ll have much troubles switching back and forth.
  2. HfxCeltic

    CPL General

  3. HfxCeltic

    CPL General

    I think it’s been unofficially known since earlier this year. I honestly don’t see a problem with it as long as each team is provided equal financial backing - something I’m sure the league would enforce and something I think is evident in the quality of both Forge and HFX merch, pricing, etc. As long as we have a viable team in Halifax, I could care less where the money comes from (within reason).
  4. HfxCeltic

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Hmmm interesting statement at the end of that story I’d never heard before. “In joining the USL, the Fury negotiated an agreement that allows it to exit with proper notice to join the CPL.” I wonder what that agreement included. Obviously indicated that Ottawa had decided to eventually join the CPL before it even agreed to join the USL back in 2017.
  5. HfxCeltic

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    TFC sort-of already did this with Jacob Shaffleburg. Pulled one of our most promising prospects out from under us. Not sure if the motivation would have been money or opportunity on Shaffleburg’s part. I’m thinking at least partially opportunity as playing for TFC II in USL League One might be more attractive just because of the direct pipeline to MLS it presents. Not sure playing for an unaffiliated club in USL Championship would have the same allure over CPL for a young Canadian with high potential.
  6. HfxCeltic

    CPL General

    Quoted myself somehow....
  7. HfxCeltic

    CPL General

    I feel like they do this frequently. Halifax were spinning the Dusselforf matchup back in the summer as "....newly promoted Bundesliga club..." I don't know if it's ignorance or purposeful deceit; either way, it's a bit discouraging.
  8. HfxCeltic

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Hearing that most, if not all, CPL clubs will be announcing their first signings at some point this week.
  9. HfxCeltic

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    When you pick your tickets, you can reserve tickets in your buddies name if they have a membership further down the line. I did this in Harbour Blue with assigned seating, not sure how it would work for general admission.
  10. HfxCeltic

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    Seems unlikely though. Can’t imagine we’ll be in a position financially to be purchasing players any time soon. Now that I think of it, it’s unlikely TFC will be doing any loan agreements to CPL at all with TFC II available. I imagine Montreal, Vancouver, or another MLS squad without a “farm” team would be better suited for potential loan agreements.
  11. HfxCeltic

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    That’s a good point. He tore the Düsseldorf RB to pieces during the prospects game in Halifax - thought the Germans may have been using the game as a little scouting venture as well.
  12. HfxCeltic

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    My emoticon feelings are conflicted! Happy to see him progress, but was sort of hoping he would land in Halifax. Crossing my fingers for a loan deal!
  13. HfxCeltic

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    He ripped those to! The save on the low drive was a complete instinct reaction on the part of the keeper. Equally 2 footed shooters are hard to come by.
  14. HfxCeltic

    Cyle Larin

    Thought so too. Noticed quite a few times where he gained possession or received a pass just into the St Kitts half, waited for Davies to catch up with him, and then played a short little lay-off pass for Davies to advance the play and take on defenders. Understand Larin is more of a poacher than a 1v1 type of striker, but in those situations with space to play or at least move the ball up field, he just kind stood there and was wanting someone else to advance play forward. Definitely looked a little like his confidence is hurting.
  15. HfxCeltic

    CPL General

    Ooooooh, I never thought of this before. Excellent point! To be honest, I was always a little worried TFC or Montreal, or Vancouver would come to Halifax and destroy our boys, but if this happens, I like our chances a hell of a lot better and feel we can really compete with those heavily-laden young Canadian MLS squads. If this rule is put in place, TFC, Montreal, and Vancouver will likely have to field a number of young or academy players given their current senior roster make-up, while CPL squads will be fielding full strength squads with, presumably, a number of veteren Canadians.