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  1. Pro Rel allows all clubs to find their natural level. The pyramid has to be structured so that they can reach their full potential. If that's 1 national division and a bunch of regional leagues then that must be the way forward. If we can do more, do more.
  2. The USL business model is "give us money and we will schedule you against other people that gave us money. But don't worry, we will charge the next person more money!" It's quite the racket
  3. That's more than a Chicago Fire match!
  4. USL 1 is already at 36 teams. What do they plan at maxing out at, 60? 70?
  5. It was his GM. He jumped ship to one of the 15 new basket ball leagues
  6. Gladbach have a bit of a rivalry with FC Hollywood themeselves ya know!
  7. This current squad is too skilled to be playing on that turf. It was painful at times.
  8. It looked about a good as you can get in a dimly light dome on ghastly turf. They nailed the sound though. I really wish we could get some different announcers. Caldwell's accent is so thick it's a chore to listen to, and both he and KJ seem to want to do colour with no play by play. It's like they are recording a podcast while a match is going on.
  9. Even if the $200 million is nothing but production services, they saved $200 million in production services. That's money in their pockets.
  10. A regulation 68 metre wide pitch fits inside a running track. Its the jumping pits they have to remove.
  11. We need to celebrate this new league properly, with mimosas!
  12. Alex D

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    *delete - non constructive, not worth it *
  13. What were they capping season tickets at? Was it 4,500? Suffice to say that the Wanderer's grounds will be rocking all season.
  14. This squad is no match for the mighty USL. Sad! #semipro #fakesoccer #ICantWaitForOttawaToGetDestroyedInTheVoyageursCup
  15. Alex D

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    The Score Tonight with Tim, Sid and Cabbie was the best sports show ever made.
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