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  1. A regulation 68 metre wide pitch fits inside a running track. Its the jumping pits they have to remove.
  2. We need to celebrate this new league properly, with mimosas!
  3. Alex D

    CPL General

    *delete - non constructive, not worth it *
  4. What were they capping season tickets at? Was it 4,500? Suffice to say that the Wanderer's grounds will be rocking all season.
  5. This squad is no match for the mighty USL. Sad! #semipro #fakesoccer #ICantWaitForOttawaToGetDestroyedInTheVoyageursCup
  6. Alex D

    CPL General

    The Score Tonight with Tim, Sid and Cabbie was the best sports show ever made.
  7. This is one single player, not a minor league affiliate.
  8. Alex D

    CPL General

    I miss the score and I enjoy how their app has lived on like a cockroach in a nuclear blast.
  9. Alex D

    CPL General

    They gave CPL second billing to EPL in the soccer section, many spots ahead of MLS. It's the little things that make up life.
  10. I dont understand why they can't make the app free and run ads on it.
  11. Loans aren't bad of they work for both clubs. If TFC have a young CB who needs first team experience, and a CPL team wants that CB, make a deal. Don't form affiliations and dump a pile of players who may or may not fit into a squad then expect they get preferred minutes. This type of situation only works one way. CPL clubs need to do what's best for them.
  12. Cue reactionary post from a Scotsman about a TFC farm team in CPL.
  13. Pacific in Hamilton is the game I'm circling on the calendar right now. That's going to be a hell of a show.
  14. I'm not against any individual loans, just formal affiliations.
  15. The stadium at Laval is nearly perfect for CPL. All it needs is fresh unmarked turf. If the University isn't cool with that, these new modular stadiums can pop up anywhere in weeks.
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