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  1. Alex D

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    I thought Halifax was going to struggle because they didn't have enough immigrants. Because those are the only people who watch football and it's still 1988.
  2. Alex D

    CPL Season Schedule

    I love this type of split season but it only works with pro rel. I have also always wondered how they deal with the scheduling of the second half. That must be a cluster fuck for both the fans and administrators.
  3. Alex D

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    I used to love to watch Lars play for Rosenborg in the Champions League. Glad to see him onboard with the CPL.
  4. Alex D

    Ottawa CPL Club

    If you watch their streams, even those numbers are a stretch.
  5. Alex D

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Even if they manage 5 years in the USL they will put themeselves out of business. Its hard to get people to care about D2 soccer in the first place, being a farm club for multiple MLS franchises will only hurt their cause.
  6. Alex D

    CPL General

    Jesus Christ, all I tried to say was CPL clubs should be looking to take advantage of even modest transfers. How did this turn into a pissing contest?
  7. Alex D

    CPL General

    I wasn't talking about MLS at all, just how the CPL can fit into the ecosystem of world football. Also I believe you are out to lunch on your last sentence.
  8. Alex D

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    I'd compare him to Iñiaki Williams but with potentially more upside...potentially
  9. Alex D

    CPL new teams speculation

    Thank you. You're so nice!
  10. Alex D

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Speaking of Macron, where dafuq the jerseys at?
  11. Alex D

    CPL General

    1000 times this! Not every transfer has to be multi millions. If you have a young player with a bit of promise and a Swedish club wants to buy him for 300k, that probably covers all the wages you paid him and his training. If there is a sell on clause there may be a small bonus down the road.
  12. Alex D

    CPL General

    or we can act like a real football league and CPL clubs can loan in MLS players to fill needed holes in their lineups without an assinine minor league affiliation.
  13. Alex D

    CPL General

    Every league is a development league outside of the biggest in Europe. Even MLS though they are reluctant to accept that role.
  14. Alex D

    CPL TV Contract

    I think the line is "biggest 2nd division in the world!" Because they have 497 shitty franchises in one league somehow.
  15. Alex D

    CPL new teams speculation

    Side note: CPL needs to be at Swangard. Come on Vancouver Rovers!