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  1. Alex D

    Milan Borjan

    No love for Lars?
  2. Alex D

    CPL General

    The benefit they receive is a higher franchise value. That's it. The USL's operating methods have been public knowledge in US minor leauge soccer circles (niche group, I know) since the dawn of the "Soccer Warz!" in 2009. There was an article recently (possibly by the same author you cited) that really sheds light on this subject, I will try to dig it up when i have a moment later. Update: I was thinking of the same article you posted, but we interpereted it two different ways. So i asked the author for clarification. For context, NuRock owns the league and takes a management fee as well. Now lets all move on yes?
  3. Alex D

    CPL General

    He was just joking that the only revenue sources they have are from the franchisors themselves. He's not wrong though lol. The business of soccer in the US is equal parts fascinating and horrifying.
  4. Alex D

    CPL General

    OSEG has justified their decision with "stability". They either don't or refuse to see the bubble and are likely wetting themselves with glee at the USL's annual expansion fees raises.
  5. Alex D

    CPL General

    This would require the USL to have revenue streams other than franchise fees, which they currently do not.
  6. Alex D

    CPL General

    All the fury get is an enlarged franchise value if they later sell. If a group buys a franchise for 7 million tomorrow Ottawa sees none of that.
  7. Alex D

    CPL General

    Well you got the first two parts right but they do shoulder the league expenses. Admin fees, marketing, etc. NuRock went into their own pockets for the first fews years after the split to reestablish the league and now they are getting their reward. It is a bit of a scam but individual investors justify this with "stability" or "a shot at MLS". Edit* ill add that this operating model was the cause of the NASL formation. Franchise owners got tired of paying money and having no control.
  8. Alex D

    CPL General

    Awwww, he does read my posts! But it's not a narrative, it is what it is. USL franchisors pay for the right to participate in the USL and the only equity they recieve is "franchise value". What better way to raise frachise value then jack up the expansion fee every year. Everyone wins except the last guy in. In 10 years time they will be back to a regional D3
  9. Alex D

    CPL General

    The USL is a bubble for sure but Ottawa does not get franchise fees. The whole league is owned by a third party company that pockets everything. Thats why the Faths fmrefused to join.
  10. Alex D

    Jonathan David

    I know it's meaningless but his value on transfermarket was just updated from €100,000 to €2,000,000. He's not going unnoticed.
  11. Alex D

    Lucas Cavallini

    His first goal vs USVI was text book this. He came flying in out of nowhere and beat everybody to the ball.
  12. Alex D

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The USL doesn't work like the MLS. OSEG gets nothing from expansion fees. It all goes to the USL's parent company NuRock holdings.
  13. Alex D

    CPL General

    This is what has been bothering me the most. OSEG has been publicly saying the right things but also appears to have spoon fed their arms length burner twitter accounts with seemlingly disingenuous and malicious information. Given the Fury's role in the death of the NASL and the USL's history of skulldugery, something stinks. *edit. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but this was handled piss poorly.
  14. Alex D

    CPL Jersey Outfitter

    Brands like Inaria and especially Icarus are probably not in the mix. CPL will likely expect some cash as well as supplying kits. Those companies would be too small for something like that even though they both have put out some great work.