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  1. Good pickup if Didic is the guy.
  2. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Or maybe Ottawa is just a hardcore CFL football town and no one cares about watching soccer? I mean the CFL team packs them in at the same stadium while the soccer team plays in the same stadium with 90 percent of the stadium empty every game.
  3. I’ve looked at most of the squads and in terms of players on paper it’s pretty hard to rate these teams right now. I don’t think there are any teams right now that are stacked in terms of having a lot more talent than any others. It’s going to come down to coaching and preparation, in the end I think there won’t be a lot of points difference from the first place team to the last in my opinion at least not the first season.
  4. I get it however , I’m still betting this Peñarol team if entered in the upcoming U17 CONCACAF World Cup qualifying tournament would most likely be better than most of these U17 CONCACAF national teams. But yet these same TFC Academy players will struggle playing a minnow CONCACAF country in qualifying like they have in the past.
  5. What I find strange about these kind of results and I’ve seen this in the past too, so an under 17 TFC Academy beats an U17 team like a Penerol. However, then a good portion of these same players go play on the U17 Canadian national team and have trouble beating Caribbean minnow Island teams or even an El Salvador or a Guatemala and crash out of the U17 World Cup Qualifying. You would think a Peñarol U17 team from Uruguay a country that produces players like Canada produces hockey players is much much better than most of these CONCACAF countries that Canada faces in these youth World Cup qualifying tournaments.
  6. Choiniere has impressed me every time I’ve seen him play so far . This kid has loads of potential, Bayiha looks promising but this Choiniere kid might just be the real deal.
  7. Henry for the amount of times I’ve seen him with TFC and the national team was always a player who seemed to make critical mistakes that usually led to goals. However, I must say from what I’ve seen so far with the Whitecaps he seems to be improving and looks a lot more confident in his play. Unfortunately last night is just one of those unfortunate incidents a penalty that should never have been called but I’ve seen penalties given for those type of handballs. In no way do I think Henry is at fault there, just an unfortunate incident .
  8. Putting some games on mainstream TV is a good thing if this is indeed the case. Moreover, if they are going to have 20 games on the CBC on regular TV as opposed to the CBC streaming service then this is probably the best news so far when it comes to the CPL. Yes I know everybody is supposedly cutting the cord and streaming everything they keep telling us , but don’t fool yourself the majority of people are still watching TV the old fashion way for now . Therefore, if they do put 20 games on regular TV on CBC the exposure it will give the league will be immense. Let’s be honest the vast majority of sports fans in Canada still have no clue what the CPL is . Putting games on the CBC will make a lot of sports fans in Canada aware of the CPL.
  9. Start Laryea he played well , Ciman has been a disaster every time he has played for TFC so far. TFC screwed up with the Ciman signing would rather go with Vanney’s nephew at this point than Ciman.
  10. 1996

    2019 Attendance

    Ok well from looking at the York 9 ticket prices I would agree with you I think they are fairly priced. I think York 9 tickets are pretty well in line with ticket prices across the league the tickets are reasonably priced.
  11. 1996

    2019 Attendance

    I don’t understand what your trying to say? Of course it should be a lot cheaper it’s a lower level league right now compared to MLS so I would expect your seasons to be cheaper no? If one day the CPL is at the same level as the MLS and your seasons are half of what TFC seasons are for comparable seating then this would be news but right now one would hope your seasons would be a lot cheaper than TFC seasons for similar situated seats it would be expected no?
  12. So as a point of reference the new Toronto pro rugby union team the Toronto Arrows had 3081 people in attendance at their home opener at York University ‘S Alumni Field . Will York 9 get this much or more for their home opener at York University’s other stadium the Pan Am stadium close by ? The rugby team is playing an eight game home schedule 4 at York Alumni Field and the other 4 home games at Lamport Stadium . Remember similar to York 9 having to deal with not being the only pro soccer game in town in regards to TFC being in the Toronto area, the Rugby union Arrows have the Rugby League Wolfpack to deal with as well in terms of competition for people’s money in similar type sports . Therefore , both the Arrows and York 9 have similar obstacles to overcome in a way in terms of getting people in the seats.
  13. 1996

    CPL General

    Yup totally agree in terms of a visible clock and the refs stopping the time during certain times of the game especially after a goal is scored and also when a player goes down injured, when a player goes down injured the visible clock should be stopped this would stop players trying to kill time while going down faking an injury. Also during substitutions stop the clock and you will not get guys taking their time getting off the field, I would truly love it if a league like the CPL was able to try these kind of changes.
  14. Sure but what really grew the game was hosting the World Cup in 1994 and qualifying for every World Cup since 1990 up to the Brazil hosted World Cup in 2014. Canada won the Gold Cup back in the day but what did it really do to soccer’s growth in Canada? Would have taken even one World Cup appearance for Canada over winning that Gold Cup for me any day over winning that Gold Cup and failing miserably at almost every attempt at qualifying for a World Cup since 1986, only making it to the Hex once I think.
  15. So I guess a good portion of the GTA are living in shitty houses lol!
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