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  1. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    JDG with TFC was a disaster he sucked, the only thing I’ll say is that he played in a TFC organization that was a joke on the field and at the time had clueless coaches and clueless management so maybe that had a bit to do to why he sucked .
  2. 1996

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Wow “ holy fucking rubbish “ and “ disagreeing with your bullshit”, no need for this type of language my friend have some class .
  3. 1996

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I disagree it’s what makes life interesting and fascinating how people can look at things differently and have different opinions. I’m sure if you have a positive outlook on the CPL is your positivity going to be affected by someone’s not so positive feeling about it , I highly doubt it.
  4. 1996

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I know from a good source, one of the coaches of one of the CPL teams who has stated that some of these CPL teams and his included will try to go with a good share of local players just for the fact that’s it’s cost effective. A local player will most likely already have a place to live , they will just continue living where they live no moving needed or money spent on finding a new place. These teams are not going to pay for anyone’s accommodation on top of their salaries, so an out of town player will have to spend part of his salary on rent and food sort of thing. Of course each team will have some out of town players but in the first few years most teams will go with predominantly local players. The main goal is to survive the first few years before hopefully the league catches on and then you might see teams bring in more players from other parts of Canada and a few more internationals. Therefore, don’t see what all the uproar is from what BBTB what he posted regarding local players is pretty acurat from what I’m hearing, moreover, these teams are going to crawl before they walk and there is nothing wrong with that if we want this league to survive and prosper.
  5. Simeon Jackson anybody see this guy making it back to the national team, I would for his experience, the fact he seems to be playing and starting on a regular basis in an ok league, maybe bring him in for depth. I realize that he plays in a position where Canada has some good players but maybe he can be used as a wide midfielder type of player off the bench, anyways nice to have these type of options in the end.
  6. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    You really have it in for TFC eh wow look at you . If it wasn’t for TFC my friend to show all the soccer haters in our great country that pro soccer can actually make it in Canada and actually draw good crowds and even get more people to games than a team that’s been around for over 100 years the beloved Argos , there most likely would never have been people with money willing to back a CPL , owners that have seen that soccer can draw crowds and now are ready to spend their money on pro soccer in Canada , you should be kneeling and kissing your old TFC scarf every night before you go to bed because without the success of TFC, the Whitecaps and the Impact the CPL would still be a dream my friend.
  7. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I’m not saying it’s happening tomorrow maybe not in my lifetime but it will happen, I lived about 25 years or so of my life without the internet or cell phones or smart phones etc all that did not exist for that many years of my life and then look at it now , things change and a Super League will happen .
  8. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    In the end it will ultimately be about the almighty dollar and it always is. Look countries will always have their own national leagues and yes there is something traditional and historic and romantic about every country having their own national leagues. However, the almighty dollar will rule in the end and I think a Super league in Europe is inevitable and a Super League in the Americas is inevitable or maybe even one big world type league with most of the world’s big cities participating. You will always have national leagues in each country but the bigger cities will have teams in super leagues it will happen eventually with or without FIFA’s blessing. But national leagues will always be there developing players for these super leagues they won’t be going anywhere.
  9. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    But CPL has already stayed they don’t want “farm team” kind of teams from the MLS Canadian cities so that’s why a TFC 2 is playing in the USL League 1, however, they the CSA might mandate them TFC 2 to play in League 1 Ontario but I think that USL League 1 might be a higher level than League 1 Ontario so that’s why they are able to stay in USL League 1 for now.
  10. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Let me say that from the start I thought Ottawa should have joined the CPL which more or less will be an equivalent league in level of play and financially at least in the early years, however, I think the USL will always be there for cities not big enough for the MLS and for cities who aspire to play in MLS to start at that level and then hopefully move up to MLS as expansion teams. It will always be a second division in the US and I don’t see it going anywhere it will always serve a purpose. Soccer is growing in the US and just like any other country will have it’s first division which is the MLS and it’s lower divisions like the USL, therefore the USL is not going anywhere, but since the CPL is now a league at the same level more or less like the USL then there is no need for Ottawa to be playing in the USL.
  11. 1996

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    That was my argument for me he was not good enough for TFC, however, would be a major signing for this league and a good one.
  12. 1996

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I saw enough of him during the disaster years of TFC was not good enough my opinion!
  13. 1996

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    He would be a good signing based on where he has played as compared to most of the other players that will be in the league the first few seasons , however , to say that he would be a better CB than all of the other TFC CB’s right now I have to laugh and laugh hard, this guy would not start on the present TFC team right now or make the bench. There was a reason he played on TFC during a time when they had one of the worst teams in the league and also one of the worst defensive in the league, if he was so good as some people made him out to be he would have played more seasons with TFC he didn’t because he was just not good enough period .
  14. 1996

    Steven Vitória

    Yup I’m all for having more games, you don’t always have to bring in the European based players , have some games using MLS, USL and now CPL players just so that you expand the player pool and give some guys more experience.
  15. Was at the Mississauga MetroStars home opener yesterday, not a good crowd at all maybe 500 in attendance not good for a home opener, can just imagine how bad the attendance can get if this is all they get for a home opener, hopefully I’m wrong and attendance improves. The opposing team Florida was short a player or two and signed a local player from the Toronto area , this local player wore the jersey of a Florida player who did not make the game wearing this players jersey with the guys name on the back lol, moreover, the Florida team also had a guy on their team who let's just say did not look like he had been to the gym in years to put it mildly. This Florida team had a bit of a bush league feel to them. Saying all that it’s not a bad product this MASl indoor soccer but it does look like some teams really don’t have the financial backing to really call themselves professional with this Florida team being a prime example and by the way Mississauga won 10-0 ya a shutout in indoor soccer with hockey boards where goals are pretty easy to come by lol.