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  1. What’s up with Godinho not even on the bench with Hearts ?
  2. Put a team in London or even Windsor , Toronto area already has York 9 , let’s see how they do in the Toronto market before you think of putting another team in the Toronto area. Not too many sports have been successful in Toronto other than TFC, Leafs, Raptors and the Jays . Junior hockey has struggled in the Toronto area with teams in downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. Therefore, York 9 has a challenge in front of them so let them build a following before they have to also start competing for fans with another or other CPL teams in the Toronto area . Let York 9 grow and build a fan base . The CPL should be focused in trying to put teams in places like London or Windsor for now before putting more teams in the Toronto area if they want to put more teams in Ontario. Give York 9 a few years and see how they do, if they are successful then start thinking of putting more teams in the Toronto area but for now I think York 9 is adequate for that market when it comes to the Toronto and the surrounding area.
  3. The only thing I’m wondering here is , like I think Kent posted , are the CPL teams actually getting part of the 200 million or is that money the amount Mediapro is spending on production of games and other content. Even if this figure is for production costs it still is a good deal for a new league just starting off, moreover , just being associated with such a major player in world soccer like these guys seem to be has to be a good thing for the league .
  4. I’m confused so the CSA sold the rights to the national team games to Mediapro aswell ?
  5. So does TSN still have the rights to the Canadian National team games ?
  6. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Your a business person right? Well in the end if everything works out the Fury will be in and if the CPL lasts no one but a few of us soccer nerds on here will remember all this. Unless there is another money guy in Ottawa willing to put up a soccer pop up stadium in Ottawa and go head to head with the Fury owners it’s the Fury who will be coming to a CPL stadium near us all one day soon. The CPL needs an Ottawa team and agree or disagree in how this was all handled in the end I’m pretty certain it will be the Fury in the CPL.
  7. To be fair the Dorsey kid did not play bad either, if he was Canadian most on here would be singing his praises lol, however, when you start guys with no pro experience in a Champions League game unless they are the second coming of Messi you deserve to get lambasted by what was essentially a USL side that Panamanian team. Shaffelburg shows promise and showed he has talent when he came on. If TFC was that desperate for players could they have not signed the Canadian former Orlando MLS player Laryea who has been in training camp since it started , who at least has pro experience , on a short term contract and played him to see what he could do in that sort of game ?
  8. I hope not that second game will eventually become unwatchable with two tired teams, also a greater risk of injury playing games back to back like that .
  9. How about we see how this league actually does before we start to have this Canadian MLS teams to CPL discussion. The CPL has not even kicked a ball yet but your constantly hammering away on this MLS Canadian teams to CPL. Obviously if the CPL were to grow to the level of the MLS then there will be a discussion I don’t doubt it. Maybe CPL teams in the 3 Canadian MLS teams will one day outdraw the the MLS teams therefore there may not be a need for those MLS Canadian teams to go over to the CPL. However, as it stands the CPL just needs to try and survive and grow and to become sustainable. If you think that the only way for the CPL to survive and prosper is by forcing the MLS Canadian teams to play in the CPL then the CPL is doomed from the start, but I’m pretty sure this is not your thought process or the CPL’s . The CPL needs to go through all the experiences a baby and I child go through before becoming an adult . Right now the CPL is a mother who is almost 9 month pregnant and about to give birth , just enjoy it like a mother and a father enjoy the anticipation of this time period and then enjoy the wonder years of watching your child experience growing up and becoming an adult, once an adult then start thinking about where you stand and maybe see if a Canadian MLS team transfer makes sense or can happen or needed , but until then just enjoy this time and concentrate on things that are really viable at this time.
  10. Ya definitely Harry no money to pay their players, and your right that team would have struggled in the local London area league . I think London Portuguese was the best London team at the time , we are talking the late 90’s now. Definitely the best London area players were not playing for Harry Gauss’s London City . I remember Harry would always talk about how he had a lot of young players on his team and he was always about giving younger players a chance, but the reason he was going with a very young squad was because these young kids played for free while the older much better players in the London area wanted to get paid , so Harry didn’t bother with the older more established London area players. But that whole CPSL was a farce and apart from a couple of teams the rest would have struggled in any local men’s top amateur league at the time.
  11. Ok I remember following the NSL a bit back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Your right the NSL and then CPSL was not the same competively in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I was involved with one of the CPSL teams in the late 90’s and apart from Ottawa and the Toronto Olympians the other teams were just not very good, but London under Harry Gauss was probably one of the weaker teams every year .
  12. Dinamo Latino lol ya definitely remember them , did London have a team in the old NASL?
  13. No I’m pretty sure it was only formed to play exhibition games it did not compete in a league.
  14. Oh ok cool that makes more sense, so they actually started just before the final round of qualifying for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico , rather than after they had qualified .
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