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  1. 1996

    CPL new teams speculation

    Yes Well of course a successful CPL , that’s why I said in case the CPL were to falter then more Canadian MLS teams would probably be the next move, if the CPL does well then no need for more Canadian teams in the MLS, I think we would have a pretty good setup with the CPL and the three Canadian MLS teams .
  2. 1996

    CPL General

    Well you missed probably one of the greatest seasons ever then last season. Being born and raised in Toronto and following pro soccer with all the different pro soccer teams that Toronto has had since the early 1970’s , the 2017 season was one of the most satisfying for me after so many years of following pro soccer in Toronto , the only one that came close was watching the Toronto Metros Croatia win the Championship of the old NASL in 1976, but that final was in Seattle and I watched in on TV. However, being in at BMO last December and watching TFC gain revenge after losing to Seattle on penalties the previous year and winning it was quite an experience in front of a packed crowd at BMO. It made all my years supporting pro soccer in Toronto worth it, supporting the Metros, Metros Croatia, the Blizzard, the Rockets and the Lynx. Supporting a lot of these teams in stadiums with usually a few thousand people in attendance with hardly any media coverage of any kind, moreover having to deal with all the soccer haters everywhere. It’s a business and in the end MLSE is in it to make money and prices will rise, but as long as I can afford it I will buy my season tickets like I have since day one in 2007 and support a Toronto pro soccer team like I have since the early 1970’s because first and foremost I’m a soccer fan so why wouldn’t I go it’s the highest level league for now and probably in the foreseeable future and my city has a team in that league so I’m there , I hate it when they are crap like this season but last season let me tell you that was beautiful!
  3. 1996

    CPL new teams speculation

    It’s nice to have a dream what is life without having dreams and yours is to see the three Canadian MLS teams in the CPL one day if the CPL survives, mine is to see even more Canadian teams in the MLS if the CPL does not make it, what is life without having a dream pretty boring I think.
  4. 1996

    CPL new teams speculation

    The CPL if it survives will serve a purpose in developing Canadian players to go on and play in bigger leagues, be it the MLS or in Europe or wherever. If the MLS keeps growing economically and in its level of play then this is where good Canadian players will play if they are good enough and the even better ones will go to Europe. Our 3 Canadian MLS teams if and as long as they can will want to stay in a higher level league which is the MLS. Fans are not stupid they want their city in a higher level league , put the NFL in Toronto and BMO Field will be too small to house an NFL team now the Argos draw flies to BMO no matter how much papers like the Toronto Sun hype them up .
  5. 1996

    Crew to Austin?

    Good it sucks for anyone to have to lose their team, I not only lost my team in 1984 , the Toronto Blizzard but lost a whole league too it just sucks!
  6. 1996

    CPL new teams speculation

    If Saputo can’t hack it then maybe he needs to sell the team, he also owns Bologna in Italy’s serie A that whenever I’ve watched Bologna games the stadium always seems half empty , Saputo stadium seems always pretty full on the other hand .
  7. 1996

    CPL new teams speculation

    Not in my lifetime I’m 54 so what maybe 20 years left if I’m lucky , when I go it won’t matter anymore if the 3 Canadian MLS teams go to the CPL , but while I’m alive I’m enjoying watching my team and the other Canadian MLS teams in the MLS which is a growing league and playing against some of the worlds major cities. Let’s see playing against an LA or New York or a Chicago or a Miami is just so much more sexier than a Halifax, Hamilton , Winnipeg or a Calgary not just for me but for many in the big three Canadian cities, probably one of the reason the CFL is struggling in our big three cities. The MLS is the big league right now in these parts and probably for years to come , the only way the 3 Canadian cities leave the MLS is if the MLS starts to falter , other than that these 3 teams ain’t going anywhere soon.
  8. 1996

    Jordan Perruzza

    I’ve known about this kid for a few years now surprised not many on here have never heard about him . He was with Empoli’s academy I think since the age of 14 so was with their academy for about 3 seasons. Empoli are now in Serie A but I think were in Serie B most of the 3 seasons here was there. He was let go from the Empoli academy last June of this year , came back to Toronto and was eventually signed by TFC 2. I’m sure if Jordan was with say an academy of a pro team in England, Scotland, Sweden etc . everyone on these boards would have been talking about him from 3 years ago lol!
  9. These games against these minnows should be played in the smaller markets , there is the CPL starting so why not put a game like this in Halifax , 5 to 6000 in Halifax ‘s CPL stadium would look great on TV, 5000 at BMO will look terrible. Dominica would have a hard time versus a top amateur men’s club team from Toronto never mind Canada’s national team, the CSA asking to fill a venue the size of BMO is a big ask for a game against a country like Dominica .
  10. 1996

    CPL TV Contract

    You guys want soccer to grow in Canada better hope that DANZ does not get the Premier League too, already with them having Champions League it feels like the Champions League is not even happening, out of site out of mind, even at my work less and less people are talking about it because the majority of people can’t watch it. Less and less soccer on regular TV is not a good thing for the growing popularity of soccer in this country .
  11. 1996

    Kyle Bekker

    He had a fair shot in my eyes with a few teams in the MLS and could not cut it. Now I’m not saying he might not deserve another shot and he may just get another shot you never know, however, watched plenty of him during his MLS days and did not perform so I was not surprised he ended up in the USL, maybe with his recent good form in the USL some MLS teams might come calling , moreover, he might not even count as an international on American teams because if I’m not mistaken he came through Sigma Academy which I think is a recognized approved Academy where players Canadian players coming out of Sigma are not considered internationals on American MLS teams.
  12. 1996

    Toronto CPL

    I appreciate the difference between a farm team set up that is TFC2 playing in the USL and a stand alone team like a York9 or say a Toronto team playing in the CPL in an all Canadian league that is a stand alone national league as opposed to TFC 2 playing in the USL against a lot of cities that the average person has no connection to or might not even know where it is, however, TFC2 has always struggled to get any type of attendance and this year expecially playing a lot of games downtown at BMO and Lamport and add on the fact that every season TFC ticket holder which there are over 20 000 or so could also go to TFC2 games without having to pay extra to get into TFC2 games and still nobody went, TFC2 played in front of family and friends to crowds of 200 people or less, I just don’t see how a Toronto CPL team can work , I hope I’m proven wrong but just from looking at TFC2 and the fact nobody goes it does not bode well for a Toronto CPL team working or even York 9 working.
  13. 1996

    What is our CB depth

    Nick Haglund lol I can see now a dream center back pairing of Haglund and Henry, Qatar 2022 he we come lol!
  14. 1996

    TFC 2018

    Why should they York 9 really? What they should be worried about is raising prices after a garbage season like that , one of the worst collapses in all sports , going from just about winning everything in site last season to this garbage of a season this year and I don’t care how many bloody injuries they had , just a disgrace of a season after the season they had last season this is why they should have never raised prices not because of York 9 .
  15. Watch that penalty against Henry in the TFC vs. Vancouver tonight, what the hell is Henry doing with his arms up in the air like that , time after time with this guy it’s always something with this guy , if Henry is who Canada is going to count on playing in that position going forward God help us all!
  16. 1996

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    Wow just googled this player Michael Thornton and there is a lot on this kid when it comes to soccer. His family even moved to Spain for two years so he could play youth soccer there when he was 12. It doesn’t look like he played for any famous soccer academies while in Spain just a local type youth soccer club in the area where he was living in Spain probably with the hope of catching on with a Barcelona or a Real Madrid or another top pro club’s academy in Spain but it looks like it never happened and the family returned to Toronto when he was 14. But it’s interesting to see some articles written about this kid when he was 12 and how he was a superstar and what not, looks like he trialed for some pretty big soccer club’s academies in Europe when he was young . He was even talked about on the Voyageurs forum back in 2012 because of an article written about him in the Toronto Star on why the family was relocating to Spain when they had TFC Academy in their city, it looks like he did not make TFC Academy when he was 12 from reading that Toronto Star article, anyways interesting how things ended up so far for this kid who was touted a superstar when he was 12.
  17. 1996

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Those These are perfect little stadiums, enclosed, with proper roofs, and intimate, these are the type of stadiums every CPL team should try to attain in the future, why is it that a lot of European countries seem to know how to design these beautiful little stadiums fully enclosed with roofs but we here in Canada and North America in general seem to have no clue how to design a smaller stadium? Our versions of small stadiums seem to be one stand on one side of the field with a fence around the field , we have no clue it boggles the mind!
  18. 1996

    Cammy Palmer

    How old was he when he left Canada?
  19. 1996

    Mississauga CPL Supporters Group Thread

    Don’t worry Mississauga instead of putting money into actual soccer like putting a team in the CPL these idiots would rather waiste their money on the American indoor soccer league the MASL enjoy your Mississauga Metro Stars lol, can’t believe there are still idiots in this country throwing away money on pro indoor soccer , and this is why soccer will never go anywhere in Canada lol!
  20. It’s crazy watching Hoilet play against Chelsea in front of what over 40000 people in one of the top leagues in the world , while last week we were watching him play in front of mainly family and friends in a high school like stadium against guys who would have a hard time making one of Toronto’s top amateur men’s league teams , reasons why I love this game.
  21. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Ottawa could have had an MLS franchise Melynk was going to build a soccer stadium but city council voted for renovating the current CFL and USL stadium the two teams are sharing over Melynk and his MLS soccer stadium, he would have got an MLS franchise at a fraction of a cost that they are going for now, but city councillors basically voted for the Gridion type of football over the soccer kind of football, their decision went ok in the end I guess because the new Ottawa CFL team is doing fine with attendance, but I think if Melynk got an MLS franchise it would have also done well in the stands.
  22. 1996

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I’ll repeat unless there are going to fill these stadiums like Winnipeg and Hamilton stadiums like the one in Ottawa are too big, 6000 people in a 22000 seat stadium I’m sorry looks horrible , but 4 to 5000 people in a stadium Halifax is going to play in is going to look great on TV and great to be at live, this league should have gone with small stadiums for all its teams , you might get a big crowd on opening day in Hamilton and Winnipeg, but after that even if 6 to 7000 are there for most of the games in these two cities all those empty seats will kill the atmosphere.
  23. Tom’s brother played for Wexford .
  24. 1996

    Paul James is on a Hunger Strike

    Wow still can’t believe this and it’s been a few years now, It’s seems to me that if he gave up this protest and hunger strike he could turn this around, yes I’m sure he will always have his battles with whatever deamons he has but I’m starting to think after reading this article he is strong enough to find away to cope and still be able to live and find some form of happiness. If somehow you read this Paul you know life can sometimes really suck and there are days for a lot of us that can be the low of the low , but life can be like that sometimes, but we have to continue fighting never give up. You have accomplished things in this sport we love that 99 percent of us can only dream of accomplishing, take some strength from that and just keep fighting and keep living and try to keep moving forward I can see it’s not easy it’s bloody tough but that’s life sometimes, many of us on here believe in you keep going brother keep fighting and keep living !
  25. I’m from Toronto and guess what believe or not there are also hard working people in Toronto too , but TFC to be competitive need to put the best possible lineup on the field Canadian or not just like the Raptors,Leafs and Jays do regardless of nationality, however, TFC are spending an incredible amount of money on their academy to try and develop Canadian players that hopefully we will see the fruits of this academy in years to come , moreover I’m sure you will see many players from all three MLS Canadian academies playing in the CPL in the future . I know you probably expected TFC to field more Canadians in their lineup, however , they have to put the best lineup out their they think can win games regardless of nationality, if your good you will play like Osorio has earned it not because he was Canadian but because when given the opportunity he has come through so therefore he continues playing. Just like the Raptors ,Jays and leafs you play if your good and can produce not because your Canadian . Yes I realize the NBA,NHL are the best leagues in the world but so what ? TFC also has TFC2 populated by mainly Canadian players , you think it’s not costly running that team made up of so many Canadian players. Therefore, when one says you don’t like the way TFC does things regarding Canadian players just think for a moment the money this organization has spent so far on things that do benefit Canadian players, the only thing I regret is that while I was playing youth soccer here in Canada there was nothing nada for us, no MLS,no TFC, no MLS academies, no USL teams nothing nada , oh how I wish I was playing youth soccer now, these players have no excuses now it’s up to these players to start getting serious about the game and rise up and hopefully we can start producing more stars than we have ever produced.