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  1. Sure but Herdman has to consider. If you dont play him at lb.. who do you take off the field?
  2. Cmon.. what does Bayern Munich know? I would also add you know who is our most underrated player.. Jr Hoilett. Probably the most underrated player in Concacaf. In the opponents 3rd he's an absolute handfull When i look at the 11 we can put out against Mexico considering Mexico's strenght and their weakness. I think we'll give them headaches
  3. I have Davies at LB because he is good at LB and i want him on the pitch. If he's not at LB then who do you displace? It's about fielding the best 11 Besides even as you start the game with defence in mind you have opportunities to get forward. If your chasing the game in the 2nd half you essentially play with 3 at the back anyways. Have ever watched Marcelo play full back? I really value Jr Hoilett. I think he needs to be on the field for us and considering we really dont have a standout LB that you would displace for Davies. I feel this is our best 11 unit. You play to win the game
  4. I would like to see 2 starting lineups in the GC. A mexico starting lineup and a vs everyone else starting lineup Cavallini Hoilett Arfield David Piette MAK Davies Henry Cornelius ZBG Bench.. Atiba, Adekugbe, James, Larin, Millar, Osorio, Godinho Vs Mexico Cavallini Hoilett Mak Arfield Piette Atiba Davies Henry Cornelius ZBG
  5. My Dad's from the Maritimes, he's been here since to early 70s and still complains to this day. But you take the good with the bad and people are a product of their environment Just trying to point out like posting wiki population numbers.. you need to mix art with that science because it doesnt always paint the full picture
  6. Keep in mind people in BC may not have a lot of income but live in a house worth a couple million dollars. They may also be full time money launderers. Thats pretty common lol Income and wealth are very different things. Most peoples observation from other parts of the country when they come out here is.... Its Tuesday afternoon. How come nobody seems to be working?
  7. This is what Bein does with Ray Hudson and broadcast his partner. They also have a Brazilian guy they use for a lot of the SAmerican games. Im not a fan because it looses a feel of being there. On the flip side its a pretty good broadcast crew. Not sure if thats the plan but its the mold of what they do for their other games
  8. I like pointed. They have seen the benefit of players like Davies and Almiron moving on and have openly expressed that theyre willing to embrace a "selling league" label in order to gain credibility. Because lets be honest, everyone outside of 5 or 6 teams ultimately are sellers. I think they also realize they need to retain yound domestic talents. The last U20 wcup there was like 2 starters on the US team from mls clubs. I think conventional wisdom was that young players wanted to go to europe because they could develop more but now its more about money. Why stay in the MLS if theyre going to handcuff you to a crap contract for 5 years. Jurgen criticized the MLS for this saying players should be paid for what they will do during the duration of their contract not for what theyve done prior to signing the contract. Im not sure about changes to contract rules but player signings and the leagues public attitude seems to have changed since Larin left
  9. Clever and may be true but different topic. The right topic would be did the MLS actually learn from the Lariin situation? I think they did and thats part of the reason i dont think they hold as big a grudge as " everyone" seems to think
  10. Fine but i dont I would have a big problem with that. I would think the Whitecaps would have a big problem with that. The CSA should have a big problem with that. In 3 or 5 or 10 years from now if say MTL or TFC would run in to the same problem, all Canadian mls fans should have a big problem with that And if this is such common knowledge well clearly the Whitecaps havent got the memo. You'd think the league office would reach out to them and let them know not to waist their time and energy
  11. No its not moot. Forgot if he's coming or not You think the league would not allow Larin back? That's what you implied. Thats a big statement.
  12. I dont remember thinking you asked me anything. You made a statement implying that the manner in which he left the MLS would make it difficult to return. Im saying me as a fan does not care(and from what i gather, other Caps fan may or may not rate the player but how he left Orlando is irrelevant) it seems the Whitecaps dont mind. Maybe the league holds a grudge and has more power in the matter than traditional soccer leagues but i cant see them blocking a move if Larin and the Whitecaps agreed on a move.
  13. Well i dont care and clearly MDS and the Whitecaps dont care. MDS went out of his way to say he had no contact with the player.. considering they shared the same training grounds for 1 week and he made it clear that he didnt contact him leads me to believe he did contact him
  14. He didnt leave the MLS, he left Orlando City
  15. I think the whole going to play in the MLS is a walk of shame sentiment is a little past its best before date
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