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  1. Dos Santos assistant is his brother. Schelleto's assistant in LA and Boca is his twin brother. I think it was Panama who had twin brothers co managing their team. So yah. No big deal
  2. The most underrated Canadian player and the most underrated player in the entire MLS
  3. A league is just a house.. you can easily buy the house. Renovate it, buy new furniture and presto you have a nice new house. I would like to see the CPL buy the PCSL, maybe rebrand it and bring it under its umbrella. Im glad to see it looks healthy and filled out for this summer. Drop in Caps U23, Rovers, Highlanders and you got yourself a great league. You might not want to force people but there definitely would be benefits that you would have to sell them
  4. This thread prompted me to check out the PCSL website. The league seemed to be moving in the right direction after basically turning in to a summer road trip party league for years. But.. Ive notived there are only 4 teams this year and 3 are from the Okanagan. Something must be going down.. Is this info correct? Someone must know something
  5. I dont think.he was thinking about development when he wanted to leave Orlando. He was thinking about getting paid and i dont blame him
  6. Ali Adnan has confirmed a 4 month loan to the Whitecaps. Great addition. Lots of hype around this player a few years ago. Seems he was enjoying his time in playing in Italy
  7. Seems Iraqi international LB Ali Adnan will join the team shortly. Rumoured to be heading to MLS and his agent was at Whitecaps training yesterday
  8. I am very excited for Eustaquio but full disclosure, ive never seen him play. Every time i see Piette play im so damn impressed. I would imagine Piette is more of a ball winning midfielder and Eustaquio is more slick and possession based. Its a good problem to have but i just have a hard time poking holes in Piette's game. As far as Osorio goes, if i need a goal and the other team is bunkered i would love to bring him off the bench but its turning in to a numbers game at this point and his game is a little 1 dimensional
  9. I kinda have 1 eye on the future with my lineup. I would actually plug in Hutch for Mak if the game was tomorrow. Tabla off the Bench for Arfield. Sorry Toronto peeps.. no Osorio in my 18
  10. Cavallini David Davies Arfield MAK Hoilett Piette Cornelius Henry James
  11. The SFU kid who was drafted by San Jose
  12. I think considering he's 16, stunted may not be the word. Most peoples concern coming out of lsst night was the advanced position of the midfield 3 which was played by Felipe was very underwhelming. That would be where Simon could slot in. But thats a lot to ask a 16 yr old I could see Baldisimo going on loan. Maybe Bair also. The big Uruguay fwd is not at all game fit but looked very positive the 10mins he got in.
  13. No biggie i guess... but 16 yr old looked great in pre season and got in to the opening night 18 for the Whitecaps
  14. Colyn was in the Whitecaps 18 last night and from what ive seen of Habibulah he's fantastic. Check the Caps residency twiiter for an absolute wonder goal he scored a couple weeks ago
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