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  1. SpursFlu

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    The casual fan would also be more interested if we surrounded the field with a moat and filled it with alligators.. so whats the point?
  2. You loose the final in pks, in front of 40k people but its a hopeless endeavor that nobody cares about.. ok thats some kinda logic
  3. It would create a domino effect that would crumble the entire football global structure. Big private money is already trying to create a euro super league. A liga MX/MLS league would swallow every league in the Americas outside of the Brasilairo and maybe Argentina The Confederations would have little leverage and become irrelevant My thought on more teams in Champions League is creating more of what the mls liga owners are looking for but keeping it within the Continental structure and including other members like the CPL.
  4. Little know fact LigaMX tv ratings in the US are higher than NHL, College Basketball, EPL and MLB. The rich pricks who own MLS teams want a piece of that action. Those extra bucks would probably push MLS very close to competing with the big4 euro league on player salaries
  5. Concacaf should retaliate by expanding the Champions league to 8 liga MX, 8 MLS teams. 32 teams total with 3 or 4 Canadian teams. A far better alternative Everytime these goofballs try this stuff.. campeonese cup type ideas. The fans reject it
  6. Derail alert Derail alert.. examples? Actually dont.. ill except your fix. Ill give you that Hey Toronto.. Alphonso Davies.. Ballou Tabla.. Atiba. Go buy tickets, empty stadium not a good look
  7. Im a little surprised Davies isnt a bigger draw in Toronto. Easily the biggest story in Canadian soccer history. He's a big star here in Vancouver. CSA would be smart to play games in the future at BC Place or Edmonton. Especially if he really makes an impact at Bayern, which I think he will immediately. Those games in Van or Edmonton would draw big regardless of the opponent
  8. SpursFlu

    Ferdi Kadioglu

    I think we need to look at the world thru a new lense. Canada is very attractive to people around the world now especially since the rest of the world is not in a good place. If people have an opportunity there are a lot of good reasons to sink your claws in to Canada
  9. SpursFlu

    Ferdi Kadioglu

    This guy looks pretty good.. eligible for this u20 cycle? Turns 20 next October
  10. SpursFlu

    CPL Season Schedule

    If there was a cup competition i would be fine with no playoffs. Technically there is not because Voyageurs final is likely not to feature a CPL team, definitely wont feature 2 CPL teams
  11. SpursFlu

    CPL Season Schedule

    I think playoffs would be nice to create a signature moment of the first season
  12. SpursFlu

    CPL TV Contract

    My ideal scenario would be every game available on DAZN but a game of the week available on a sports network or even cbc I think maybe almost more important than a tv deal for CPL is whatvwill be the TV deal and coverage for the Voyageurs Cup?
  13. SpursFlu

    CPL General

    I think the, look up at the tv at the bar or restaurant, factor is important to capture the average Canadian. Plus to my own point, when it comes to highlite shows and talk the outlets just put forth what they have invested in. These things are important right now. Im just saying its not as important as one might think and decreasing in importance. Ill also say if DAZN is the media outlet im concerned because look at Champions league. Its always on at lunch time and every pub shows it. Great exposure. I asked a pub yesterday if they could show DAZNand they told me technically they cant show a streaming service? That ciuld be a big problem for the CPL if true
  14. SpursFlu

    CPL General

    One could argue the next death will be them
  15. SpursFlu

    CPL General

    I take the point about needing the mainstream media but honestly those talking heads on sports radio and tv are dinosaurs in the making. All they do is try and artificially create interest in the platforms they've invested in. More and more it just seems they're talking to themselves