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  1. i'm not saying it's new either, just saying that there were a lot of members who shrugged it off as nothing as of late and do wish it was made clear, in a more viewed forum in more recent times, that this shit wasn't great for the group. some stuff was trickling into other zones (iirc someone asked about the vs in a bunz group a while back and the comments were largely negative) re: lawsuits. not shocked.
  2. i'm not saying the plan to move was new, i'm just talking about the first listed reason. i do agree losing a press pass because there's a forum on a site is dumb as there's not too much difference between forums and comment sections.
  3. point number one is Separation of the forum from The Voyageurs as a group to limit possible damage from content. i on several occasions said that the comments that were popping up on the forums were troubling and could very well damage the v brand in significant ways. this was largely laughed off as dumb pc-ness. i do somewhat wish during such flame wars you had mentioned this was also a concern of the admins. (i think you did in an off-topic forum, but not one of the main threads)
  4. just to note. i find it funny that the issue i had with how certain posters were posting is the top issue listed above. could have just said you were concerned man
  5. tbf to them he likely asked for his released when it became clear he wasn't seen as starting xi there. guy probably wants to play.
  6. matty

    CPL General

    i don't think this is why. It's preseason and people generally accept that their teams are trying things and don't care if the lose. If the CSA was trying to protect the CPL, then the Cavalry/Whitecaps u23 game would not have happened.
  7. matty

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Some OKC Energy sounds totally awesome to me right now. I just picture its advertising featuring the Flaming Lips rocking out at some festival before Wayne Coyne takes a moment (while inside his stupid giant ball) to take a sip of OKC Energy before he can bring the audience to life with a rendition of "Race for the Prize" complete with naked women with giant soccer balls on their heads raiding the stage.
  8. matty

    CPL General

    pissing match prolly
  9. matty

    Ottawa CPL Club

    wife: on darling it is such a lovely day. the children wish to go to the park and fly the boxed kites. i think it's a wonderful idea as we have not yet had a day like this in this the year 2019 fan: but ottawa is playing that team that looks and sounds like a health spa daughter: oh daddy i ever so want us to go to the park and fly boxed kites as a family. wife: yes it would be ever so wonderful fan: i see...*files for divorce. becomes dead beat. boos pacific. family unit destroyed by soccer.*
  10. matty

    Ottawa CPL Club

    or he's saying there's more to life than soccer including a wonderful day with your family
  11. matty

    CPL General

    i think the caps is separate for his pfc salary. i think they can but it could still be like $75k against the cap. it's unlikely they're getting 100% or maybe even 50% relief
  12. matty

    CPL General

    same but i can't picture them being totally off the hook for his salary which (i assume) is six figures
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