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  1. I'd add I think MLS should have it's own forum too. Ideal soccer related forum list I would say is -Men's -Women's -CanPL -MLS -Canadian Clubs (USL, L1O, PSLQ, U Sports, ect.) -CONCACAF/FIFA -World Club soccer
  2. matty

    Local affiliates?

    in terms of documented evidence, there is one demo list for a canadian team. it estimates 40% of those at tfc games are women http://www.coremedia.ca/tfc/demographics the number is slightly better than the average of 33% of fans being female for mls. it's safe to say from that that there is some kind of interest from women into the men's game in canada unless you want to just brush that off as nothing. i do think the csa did a fan survey a year or so ago which would likely have more detail but has not been released.
  3. matty

    Local affiliates?

    yea there's a crossover of mnt and wnt fans. we all know there is. it doesn't show.
  4. matty

    Local affiliates?

    That part was more about women in general on these forums and the suspected lack there of which is an issue if you're looking to grow.
  5. matty

    Local affiliates?

    I don't think the forums being a half circle jerk and half a place where new members get screamed down is keeping or anything (that's basically any internet discussion space). I would guess the men's national team sticking to T.O. (mostly) and not being the team one follows in the big one is. Will probably change in the next few years once things actually get rolling with CPL, World Cup and all the Euro-based guys. Those if successful will bring in too many new people to yell at and make an even larger circle jerk of egos. We'll have a dozen BBTBs and Ansems and Mattys for every city in the co
  6. I highly disagree, i think it would be one the the easiest to moderate because it's not that active. The second most recently active thread was posted in on June 18th and of the 7 threads that have been active since April, 4 have 5 or fewer replies and 2 have 0 replies. The general thread isn't a problem unless you just want fewer forums. People like people on here and sometimes wanna share things that are not related to soccer, there is no harm in that.
  7. It's a very basic level of censorship (like i think people who wanna ban circle jerkers, excessive posters and trolls are demanding a much higher degree) and I'm not getting into this shit with you. You literally say it wasn't a genocide so no it wasn't distasteful.
  8. IMO: NASL for sure should be gone, but CPL and MLS should stick (as league politics do matter to the Canadian game). World Soccer should stay as well as it's a more social less serious forum but CONCACAF news and World Cup shit should merge into it. Final Forums -CanMNT -CanWMT -CPL and Canadian Leagues -MLS and US Leagues -CONCACAF and World Soccer -Non-Soccer Stuff I mentioned it before but setting limits to threads would help control over flow like the original and current CPL threads and deleting useless and low involvement threads (if troll or under 5 replies).
  9. yea i don't think that's needed i think the current format of the site is fine it's just needs mods. like there are going to be cpl fans who don't care about the canmnt and future canmnt fans who don't care about mls or cpl. i think the forums should remain openish
  10. I think you have to set some high standards for banning (like denying the rwandan genocide or belittling the holocaust) and have tiers of suspension (like 2 day, 4 day, 10 days, ban) relating to trolling and spamming. I know you'll get complaints about free speech but it'll be from the same people who want BBTB and that annoying new guy banned so clearly they don't actually care about it. You should also delete thread that just don't relate to the subject rather than force the site to be pure Canadian soccer stuff and lock threads for good when they reach say 100 pages and do temporary lo
  11. it is considered light form of it. i don't think pat meant to dox or was aware of what it is but it was a dox.
  12. i think moderation is needed. like there is a thread were the rwandan genocide is denied and that user still actively posts and another who was trying to dox someone and he's also still here. that's pretty fucking weird. i think things like circle jerks and minor trolls are fine but the spamming, excessive number of troll activities, political conspiracy theories (outside of the off topic forum) and straight up hate speech should get either a short term suspension to full banning (for hate speech and doxing). doing that would make these forums more welcoming to newcomers. deleting an
  13. matty

    New here

    hi everyone. after one depressing week i've been reviewing myself and i spend too much time here. i'm exiting (partly). i want to say bye and sorry to anyone i pissed off greatly ranging from @shermanator to @BringBackTheBlizzard to @Ansem (if any of us ever meet, in ansem's case meet again, i'll buy you a beer and we'll talk over our differences). I want to thank these forums for letting me rage for 3 years but it's time to give what needs my attention the attention it deserves. bye (partly) forums (i'll be back to bitch on you weekly maybe but not hourly).
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