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  1. matty

    2019 CPL All-Star game.

    What if the All-Star game was a charity game with the Champ vs League 18 (ala first NHL all-star game)? Re big club, I think organizing tours for bigger teams would be more useful than a single game with one
  2. matty

    2019 CPL All-Star game.

  3. matty

    Should Canada get more spots than the US in the CCL?

    Better idea. Listening to this
  4. matty

    2019 CPL All-Star game.

    You wanna hear some awesome music?
  5. matty

    2019 CPL All-Star game.

    i'm in favour of it, but i don't like the mls style. would prefer a sort fan 18 vs league 18 or all-stars vs season champions affair done after the season is done (pro bowl style). also think if this is an a/c style league, every team should book a friendly against a noted outside league during the break. or the league bring in a few euro teams to do a 2-3 city canadian tour during it
  6. matty

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    geographically it's literally right next to a sea
  7. matty

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    -About a year -Yes -Yes. Arguably 2 months ago
  8. matty

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    The MLS actually has a legit shot at being a top 10 league (which it's done in terms of average attendance) so it's lofty goal isn't crazy and neither is anything CPL reps are saying. Clanachan is open to pro/rel (soccer people buzz term) but Garber isn't because MLS likely wouldn't work as well as it currently does with such a system. Nothing from any interview I've seen says either has a better idea of how to run a league than the other. What is known right now is you can't say the CPL is run by people who are more soccer smart because we've haven't even seen a ball kicked yet or full roster or league model. CSA is playing catch up and just because you're finally taking actions doesn't mean you're better run than anyone else. USSF has also undergone changes over the past 2 years, arguably bigger than the CSA did (not counting CPL), and it maintained activity for its national teams despite a massive loss of income.
  9. matty

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Clanachan and a lot of CPL guys use the buzz language soccer people love but are generally somewhat vague with bigger picture stuff while Garber is a blunt asshole who doesn't care about what soccer people want and wants to run an effective and respectable league which he's done. So it's hard to actually say who actually is more realistic and knowledgeable about the sport of soccer But the USSF is better off, more direct and less wonky than the CSA.
  10. matty

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    oh i get it you're trolling
  11. matty

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    that's probably almost everyone signed to a cpl contract atm
  12. matty

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    So just to do this...HIGH PROFILE rumour mill is -Marcel de Jong (32/Canadian) to Pacific FC. 116 Eredivisie games, 41 Bundesliga games, 52 MLS games. 56 caps for Canada. SOURCE: Rollins -David Edgar (31/Canadian) to team unknown. 23 Premier League games, 128 ELF Championship games, 8 MLS games. 42 caps for Canada and all-star at the 2007 U20 World Cup. SOURCE: CPL website -Diego Forlan (39/Uruguayan) to Valour. 112 caps and 36 goals for Uruguay, stints with Man U, Atletico Madrid, and Inter Milan. Member of Premier Leauge, Europa League and Copa America winning teams. World Cup Golden Ball and 2 time European and Spanish Golden Boot. SOURCE: CPL Argentina. Reportedly wants to play in as many countries as he can before retiring. -Darren O'Dea (32/Irish) to York9. 116 games in the Scottish Premier League (49 with Celtic, winning 2 Scottish titles), 82 games in ELF Championship, a 26 game stint with Toronto FC (who he captained). 20 caps for Ireland and was named to the team for Euro 2012. SOURCE: Rollins. Wants to return to Toronto even if it means pay cut. -Fernando Meneses (33/Chile) to Valour. Stints in Chile, Mexico, and Peru's top flights. 16 caps for Chile. Member of 3 Chilian championship teams. SOURCE: A Valour fan blog
  13. matty

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    how is this thread still going? why was this not done as a simple poll lol
  14. matty

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Pros -Forlan brings in fans -Forlan brings in media attention -Forlan brings in sponsor dollars -Forlan can likely still score at the level of CPL (even at 39) Cons -Forlan is 39 -Forlan cost bank He's basically a perfect gimmick signing for CPL year 1 aside from potential high cost. I actually think if the CPL are having serious talks with a Forlan then the cap might be more that the suspected $750k