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  1. That sucks, I’ll have to wait and see.
  2. Impact are on tv in the U.K. today. Really looking forward to seeing how he and the other young Canadians play.
  3. The premier league and champions league both have squad limits.
  4. Based on the CPL Instagram story, looks like York are about to player a club called Inter RD. They had video of them prematxh so hopefully there will be highlights.
  5. Good attendance. For those that went, how does that amount look and feel within the stadium?
  6. I wonder if these are the same people who said they would be called from a monitor in Miami? Slightly related to TV but has there been any mention of radio coverage? Are there local radio stations in each market that could broadcast the matches?
  7. I don’t have a club but to me, Halifax has the best kits.
  8. The bbc commentators were not very complimentary of Canada and felt England should have won. Said that Sinclair was lucky that the ball came to her. Also the bbc seem to think the CSA has relocated to north London.
  9. Eric Perez, the person behind the Ottawa club is no longer involved in the Wolfpack and he was never the money behind the Wolfpack. If OSEG are not the financial backers, I wonder who is.
  10. Very pleased it is available world wide. As long as the price is ok, I’ll be getting this.
  11. Winnipeg home is also nice.
  12. They are ok but not great. My favs in no order. York home Halifax home Calgary home Edmonton away
  13. Apologies for taking this off topic but interested to see if the people from Ottawa have any thoughts on OSEG’s involvement in bringing a rugby league team to Ottawa? If people are saying they swerved the CPL due to the risks involved, how does that mesh with them starting a club based in an British league?
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