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  1. Like the passport idea but not that interested in coins. I also agree with the others that lapel pins are better.
  2. above you mentioned a "thing" being included and it needing to fit within a certain size to save on postage.
  3. What about overseas folk? I am guessing postage would cost too much?
  4. I hope the forum stays. I don’t want to post on Reddit.
  5. I think moderation is the key. Bring in some mods and give them time to find a balance. Try to set out some forum rules that offenders can refer to.
  6. Not working on my iPhone but I will try on my laptop.
  7. Merging is ok with me. I only view by new posts so everything is already merged for me.
  8. I couldn't make it last night but I'll be at joes for 4pm.
  9. I will try to come out to this. I don't think I actually know any of you.
  10. I added my shipping info but I move on Aug 1. Should I get you an other address?
  11. Mine works now. Any idea of when they might ship as I am moving a month? thanks
  12. I tried logging out and still nothing. The only things with pencils are the Biography, Location and Caps.
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