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  1. It is theTouchdown Pub, Endzone is further away, it would be somewhat ironic if a group calledThe BARTON Street Battalion don’t want to go to a pub on Barton Street because it’s too rough for them!
  2. It really is too bad some people didn’t like the Touchdown Pub, yes it’s not the fanciest of places however they did put drink specials and extra staff on for us, it’s big and by far the closest bar to the stadium! I’m not reallly sure what people want for a pre game pub, then again I loved Nick’s Pizza for U-SECTOR events, never any pizza there but they would sell you a half litre Polish beer and put it in a bag to go!😁
  3. I just saw this topic again, I finally got around to reviewing which matches I've seen our MNT play in, my 1st cap was in 85 at Varsity in WCQ where Paul James levelled the score with Costa Rica helping pave the way to our only World Cup so far, most recently I was at BMO for the Dominica match! In total I have seen the MNT play 29 times most matches at Varsity, many at BMO and once in Cuba! I've seen us play Jamaica and Costa Rica 4 times each! Mens National Team Canada vs Costa Rica (WCQ) 1985 Varsity Canada vs Wales (Friendly) 1986 Varsity Canada vs Chile (Canada Cup)
  4. I bought one of the Red Voyageurs hoodies Tuesday, it looks great and is a fabulous deal for $25!
  5. It was great to see you again, thanks for coming to visit us in The Hammer! Cheers my friend!

  6. Hey Ben! Are you staying in Hamilton? Let me know if you are and want to meet for a pint otherwise I'll see you at The Capitol! Cheers!  carl

    1. Lord Bob

      Lord Bob

      I'm staying the night of the game in Hamilton and leaving at dawn Monday morning so I think it's Capitol.

  7. I prefer the original, maybe other options would be good if you can post more pics! I actually quite like the Red one as well so I'm ok with whatever the majority want!
  8. My one daughter actually lives right by the zoo near Aylesford, her husband is in the military, last name Green! I haven't been down there for a few years, hopefully this summer, it is beautiful country! Here's hoping Halifax gets a team, all the more reason to do road trips when Hamilton visits! 

    1. dyslexic nam

      dyslexic nam

      Oak Lawn Farms - have been there every year for about the last 5.  We have pics of our kids each year standing by the big Lion sign out front :)


      I am really hoping Halifax gets a team.  I would likely only get over for a game or two each season, but I would do what I could to support it.



  9. The Battalion welcomes supporters from outside of The Hammer with open arms!
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