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  1. I'm not sure but Spurs may be referring to some legendary debates on here comparing the strengths of different leagues, they deteriorated into just that, internet arguments, it wasn't pretty! My 2 cents is Millar needs to be starting especially with Davies out, I fully expect he will, of course Mr. Herdman will have his own opinions!
  2. I'm waiting to hear from Alan who was sorting out a location for us in Hamilton!
  3. I hear there might be a couple available, you know Davies isn't going to be there, right? 😁
  4. Hearts fans all seem to agree it was a straight red and a corrupt non call! https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/182112-connor-goldson-tackle/ The good thing is Liam is ok, he may play an important part for us Sunday!
  5. A heads up for Hamilton area V's, the Battalion are setting up a viewing party and details will hopefully be out tomorrow!
  6. As silly as it may sound to some here, the hand over heart may in fact be an indication of allegiance, some of us dwell on these things and look for any clues which may indicate where these dual nationals end up, of course we want more depth and competition for squad spots! Is Akinola a key player if he chooses us, it's too early to tell at this point, he looked good on the goal but we have other forwards capable of scoring!
  7. Petrasso was moved to Right Wingback at QPR before he ever played there for Canada so he did have some experience playing that position!
  8. I would really like to know about the broadcast of this match, it's less than a week away and we still have heard nothing that I know of, makes it hard to plan viewing parties!
  9. Petrtasso could be a great signing, it's a chance for him to get back on track and he should be effective at this level, injuries and club situations have hampered his career, it would be great to see him stay healthy and get a run of games to show he is still a good player!
  10. Do they play both anthems at all MLS matches or just the ones in Canada, honest question?
  11. Every time I watch that it looks worse especially from the camera angle behind him, absolutely no doubt that is a straight red, not for a player from the Old Firm apparently!
  12. This is why I can't get too excited about him as a CMNT fan, his 1st goal will put him ahead of Hamilton on Vanney's depth chart!
  13. gator

    TFC 2019 Season

    I thought all 3 Canadians did quite well, Chapman set up the 1stand 2nd goals, Hamilton scored and attacked well, his hold up play seems to have improved, Osorio threaded some beautiful passes and helped out with some good balls won in the defensive 3rd!
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