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  1. gator

    Best XI

    We need players to commit to us or develop soon into quality players in all of our defending positions, on a day of good news I'm hopeful this will happen!
  2. gator

    Ballou Tabla

    It's all great news and I give Herdman huge credit for getting these guys on board, I'll wait and see what he can do with all of this talent before I crown him saviour of Canadian football!
  3. gator

    Ballou Tabla

    We're going to Qatar!
  4. gator

    TFC 2018

    I know there were many excuses because of injuries and fixture congestion but Vanney has to take lots of blame for squad mismanagement, being to loyal to his nephew and Delgado are examples of this! Bez gets some blame here too, one of the highest budgets in MLS and he had a very unbalanced squad lacking quality depth in key positions such as CB!
  5. gator

    Jay Chapman

    Chapman showed some signs last season he might be pushing for more minutes, he was a long way down the depth chart in a good midfield, he has deserved his playing time this season and has improved! I watched Chapman very closely last night and came away quite impressed, sure he got caught in possession a couple of times but his passing was excellent for the most part and he was excellent at closing the Tigers players down, it would have been nice to see him score off the header from the corner kick, hopefully he continues his upward spiral!
  6. I found the mispronunciation amusing, this guy's biggest attribute was he didn't comment too much and we could hear the players (and birds) quite well from the on field mics!
  7. I think Herdman knows the committment from the players called and I trust everyone knew what the plans were before they were even called, it's great we cap tied 3 important players and we put a bunch of goals by these minnows, somehow I can't come up with much negative to say about the match!
  8. I wonder if Herdman was influenced in his starting 11 by the very narrow pitch?
  9. I see only 2 defenders in the 11, Henry and Cornelius!
  10. gator

    CSL (any and all info/memories)

    I only remember the Steelers playing on the grass of the perfect sized Brian Timmis Stadium!
  11. We are starting to see some quality depth in our squads which has been missing for years, just look at our goal scoring options here, hopefully some young defenders stake their claim as well!
  12. I'm not sure if it's been posted here, Zanatta goes out on a season's long goal to Alloa, many speculating that his Hearts career is over!
  13. I got a phone call yesterday from James ( @marauder01) who works in the ticketing office for the team now, no pressure to buy tickets he just wanted to know if I had any questions about the team or anything else within the organization, he did tell me a manager should be hired next month! Agree they are doing a fine job so far!
  14. My hockey buddies always said the only excuse to miss a game was a wedding or funeral and they better be your own!😀
  15. gator

    TFC 2018

    I'm repeating myself here but it is a red everyday of the week, even if you don't make contact it is violent conduct which means a Red Card, even Bradley admits it was, the ref didn't ruin the match, Jozy did!