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  1. gator

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    I really don't rate either of them, the more players challenging for roster spots the better I suppose, I just don't see where either of these 2 fit in!
  2. Godinho doesn't make the squad for Hearts home Cup tie with Livingston!
  3. gator

    CPL Season Schedule

    Perhaps Voyageurs Cup seeding could be at stake for the bottom team(s) forcing an extra round if you finish bottom?
  4. gator

    Richmond "Richie" Laryea

    From a selfish point of view I would rather see him in the CPL, he has to obviously do what he thinks is best for himself financially and developmentally, I have concerns of him getting buried in a packed TFC midfield even with the departure of VV!
  5. gator

    Dario Zanatta

    Haber and Zanatta would have been a handful for CPL defenders I am sure!
  6. gator

    Will the CPL have VAR? Should it?

    The English Championship has discussed the use of VAR, the limiting factor is just that, lack of cameras and personnel, their budget is much higher than the fledgling CPL will be!
  7. gator

    Will the CPL have VAR? Should it?

    I have mixed feelings about VAR in general, it remains to be seen if the league wil budget to have the cameras and producer required for VAR!
  8. gator

    CPL Season Schedule

    I was going to suggest splitting the league as they do in Scotland as a joke, it wouldn’t be al that far fetched to have the top 3 in a round robin and would potentially create stiff competition to be amongst those 3!
  9. gator

    CPL General

    When CPL stated they were not going to be anyone's development league they were referring to MLS clubs specifically TFC wanting to put a reserve team in the league, there is a difference here, CPL will be developing their own talent, players who are signed and property of the club which I very much look forward to!
  10. gator

    Dario Zanatta

    Good for Dario, here's an article with some quotes from him: https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/dario-zanatta-believes-extending-alloa-stay-will-help-him-make-grade-at-hearts-1-4855446 Some great goals as well:
  11. gator

    Ottawa CPL Club

    A bit uncalled for IMHO and many did find it funny!
  12. Which is exactly one of the main reasons this league was formed, we are stoked to see guys like Borges sign and hopefully develop further even if TFC deem him not worth keeping! I am assuming he was released from their academy!
  13. Godinho plays 75 minutes in Hearts 1-0 loss to Lokeren of Belgium in a friendly match played in Spain!
  14. gator

    CPL General

    We can poke all kinds of holes in this format and there have been some much better looking proposals posted on here, we don't know what has gone on behind the scenes, it's the 1st year for 7 new CPL pro teams and we actually have some matches scheduled to look forward to, I personally find it exciting despite the flaws!
  15. I don't think he speaks Scottish either!