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  1. That sounds good, hopefully lots of V’s who arrive Friday can make it, this also coincides with my last day of work, ever!🤙
  2. Is this going to be where the V’s coming from out of town on Friday meet up?
  3. They got away with the ground share for a bit because the Argos didn’t play in any real bad weather, last season was different though, you could see the field was torn up by gridiron hence why they are going to try a hybrid pitch!
  4. Argos! The hybrid surface is being installed this season, it wasn’t in yet for the CCL match!
  5. What hybrid turf did TFC players get injured on?
  6. Apparently in September which is hurricane season, there should be some good deals!👍🏿
  7. I’m in! Last time we stayed in Varadero and bussed in for the match!
  8. A result in Cuba is far from a sure thing, when we played there last time in WCQ the match was in Havana in the heat of the day it was brutal for us supporters in the stands, obviously very hard for our players to adapt to those conditions!
  9. Forge supporters and the Voyageurs will be in 112 and 111 on the East side of the stadium, 108 and 109 are on the West side, no sunglasses required!
  10. Does anyone know what time the draw is and whether it will be streamed?
  11. I had a chance to rewatch as well GL and I agree about Osorio's reaction, the main thing that is being missed here by many is he had a very good match, did very little wrong, was creative and tracked back well as required, kind of like he does at TFC often! As for earlier comments about production, I watched on the big screen in my studio and I love what they have done with the audio, there are lots of mics mixed into the broadcast, they seem to have the proper stereo mix of the crowd (Voyageurs Section), things should only get better!
  12. I mostly disagree, it was maybe a good decision not to start him on the plastic pitch with him recovering from knee surgery, he has however improved greatly in the Hearts back line as he works his way back to full fitness, he would not be starting if he was as bad as you say! If he stays healthy and continues to progress I expect to see him getting a chance to start for Canada, ZBG played fairly well there though!
  13. I had a chance to take a 2nd look at the match last night, the system JH is playing is interesting, there is a lot of movement and interchanging of positions especially in the back line! Piette was often playing as a CB on the numerous occasions when the left or right back pushed up and the CB’s would shift over leaving Henry or Cornelius isolated in a fullback position, they coped well on Sunday, I wonder if we’ll try to continue this against stronger opponents?
  14. gator

    Ottawa CPL Club

    That would make the most sense in this ugly scenario, I don't know the Ottawa soccer landscape well but supporting 2 teams in 2 different leagues would be a challenge at this point I would think, it also seems the CPL and OSEG aren't going to ever be a fit!
  15. The good thing is he should get a chance to play some minutes for the Impact and we'll have a better idea of how he fits in, I have been mildly impressed with what I've seen so far, I agree with @Thomas though, I have Godinho starting ahead of him just because he's much more experienced in a decent league at this point! It's really nice to finally be getting some options in the Right Back position, much better than playing CB's (Henry) and wingers (Petrasso) there!
  16. I watched the match in the company of a TFC fan who bitched about almost everything Osorio did which was way off base, I thought he played quite well as he usually does with his club team! Even a break out year being arguably TFC’s most consistent performer and winning the CCL Golden Boot hasn’t stopped the haterz who populate the stands at BMO!
  17. Herdman has achieved what he was supposed to do so far, because of the level of competition it’s hard to get a definite read on his tactics, that will come with time once we get playing stronger opponents! I was ok with his starting 11 and formation yesterday, I wasn’t overly impressed with his substitutions as others have mentioned!
  18. I don’t think we played great, I attribute that to lack of matches together against an opponent who were being allowed to play a dangerous physical style on an awful artificial surface! I am looking forward to playing a quality opponent soon to see where we really are as a squad, that will come soon enough now that we are officially qualified for the Gold Cup!
  19. Please don’t stop your contributions to here, your updates on Liam have been a bright light on this forum and you must surely see that by the huge number of likes and positive feedback you get from your posts! Carl
  20. I think some are piling on Piette due to his part played in the goal conceded, I agree with Spurs besides the balls up for their goal I thought he played well, he did rush some passes, in some cases I don't blame him as the opposition were getting away with some very aggressive physical play, he made some nice defensive break ups and started our attack with nice accurate passes!
  21. It's seems like so long ago since we played a match, actually it has been quite some time, I'm excited to see what we can do in this important match!
  22. Herdman and the CSA know they will be under fire from some people at an event like this, I expect he will not engage too much on topics he doesn't want to answer, my hope is everyone gives him respect the night before an important match!
  23. I expect us to control the match and unless our finishing is off win 3 or 4 nil, I will also be hoping Cuba advances in to the next round in our group, the last Voyageurs road trip to Cuba was legendary!
  24. Some very good points Thomas, who knows what the deal is with Godinho playing on turf with our National Team, I'm inclined to think we'll error on the side of caution and not start him! With other formations I have Millar starting, he can be effectively used as a super sub for us as he has been in the SPL as well, most of us agree Henry will be a starting CB but there is lots of debate as to who will partner him, I would be fine with Miller beside him, could we possibly see a 3-5-2?
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