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  1. dyslexic nam

    Best XI

    Was thinking about this shortly after I read the news today. I admit that i haven't seen Tabla play a whole lot - but based on what everyone is saying and where he is playing I am a huge fan of the idea of him. But is it safe to assume he absolutely walks into our starting 11? Hard on Osorio if he is the one dropped to make way during what is obviously the strongest period of his career. But no one else in our midfield is really touchable assuming everyone is healthy. Great problem to have. Wish we had the same kind of issues in defence.
  2. dyslexic nam

    Ballou Tabla

    I see what you did there.
  3. dyslexic nam

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Didn't know if this was a joke or not, but yeah, he is gone. Not that surprising I guess. Hopefully they can bring in someone that can bring the team to the next level.
  4. dyslexic nam

    Ballou Tabla

    Lol at you thankless bastards. Tabla finally commits and within 2 hours we are clamouring for Tomori, Ferreira, and Eustaquio. I love you all.
  5. dyslexic nam

    Ballou Tabla

    He may not have convinced him to join, but it is safe to say that he could have convinced him NOT to join. At this point, I will definitely give Herdman credit for being part of what is transpiring. Between this and the young guys being integrated (as of last game) we are definitely looking to the future. Hard to exempt Herdman from that.
  6. dyslexic nam

    Ballou Tabla

    I think I just peed a little.
  7. Do you have any more info about the event? I am not sure when I will know if I am in Town for the game, but if so I may be interested.
  8. dyslexic nam

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Yeah, but no one really refers to them... I jest.
  9. dyslexic nam

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Have we ever had a player who is referred to by their first name? #WeHaveArrived
  10. dyslexic nam

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    I am a proud Islander, do my best to dispel the hillbilly image, and do my part to make the Island strong. I will still never ever wear one of those shirts.
  11. dyslexic nam

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    Some. A few others are cashing in as well now. "True Born Islander" and "East Coast Lifestyle" are brands that are moving in to the insular-society clothing market. The dirt shirt had the slight disadvantage that it was ugly as hell.
  12. dyslexic nam

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    I'll be the one stinking of potatoes.
  13. dyslexic nam

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    Honestly, I was thinking about getting it put onto my Canada jersey.
  14. dyslexic nam

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    How close to the game are V tickets available. I am waiting on travel approval from work and (if approved) will need to figure out the logistics (no late flight gets me back to PEI after the game so I will need to crash another night). Not sure when I will know for sure if I can go.
  15. dyslexic nam

    Milan Borjan

    I don't have DAZN and am going through serious withdrawal for the coverage by TSN. Rough (and very unfamiliar) not being able to just flip on the tube and watch the games.