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    Don't come here acting all logical and rational...
  2. dyslexic nam

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    It also may be something less technical and more about brand preservation. At the risk of bolstering the naysayers on here, it may just have been that the CSA didn't want the optics of a CPL team potentially losing to an MLS U23 team. FCEd has little playing time under its belt and many of the players would still be getting to know each other. In that sort of context, it isn't unreasonable to think that the VWC U23 team (that plays and practices together all the time) might beat them. And in the build up to league launch, that wouldn't have been a great vibe to send out for CPL. Better to play some anonymous DR minnow and work out the kinks behind closed doors than potentially give MLS ammunition to shit on CPL.
  3. It is interesting. The skill level I see among the young elite players - even in a small province like PEI - is off the charts compared to what I saw 10-15 years ago. Kids are coming up through the ranks with ridiculous skills, and a desire to play attacking footy where they drive at (and past) defenders. I may be naive and just not as aware of the phenoms who went through the system in years past, but I think our growing infrastructure, huge registration numbers and tendency to stream top players into more elite training and developmental pathways is going to pay off in the next decade or so (and from then on). I know other countries have also continued to grow their programs but I can't help but think that we may have closed the gap quite a bit. And with CPL coming online and offering hopefully another strong domestic pathway for talented young players, I think we will only continue to get better.
  4. Didn't know the Gem price was only for the premium. Good to know that the CBC-based content would be freely accessible. That could change at some point, but as a publicly funded body CBC has to be careful about levying additional user fees.
  5. That makes sense. Exposure will be key in the early days. That is why I am hopeful this is true. And CBC Gem is a subscription service so its not like a ton of people will already be on it. I think you are right - and it is really only the dedicated (committed - in both senses...) that are likely to subscribe to OneSoccer early on anyway. I just hope there aren't a lot of fence sitters that forgo OneSoccer because they feel like they are getting enough CPL via free content on OTA CBC.
  6. The only part I don't get is that if 20 games are being shown on CBC (one one platform or another - free OTA but paid for a service like Gem), where is the incentive to sign up for another paid subscription like OneSoccer.
  7. If the CBC thing does come to pass, I like to think I played a (very very) small part. At least that is what I will tell myself when I crack a beer upon hearing the announcement. Fingers crossed...
  8. Funny that we are plotting our QF victory strategy. One game at a time boys, one game at a time.
  9. I am as patient as the next guy, but we are rapidly approaching the 11th hour.
  10. Maybe I am still being utopian, but to me the idea of tiering the structure and making the lower tiers regional (and then maybe provincial) offer a very reasonable path to get there. Presumably, a D2 club in this environment would have significantly reduced operating costs. Reduced revenues due to small markets may very well be able to accommodate this. Sure the Charlottetown AnneOfGreenGablesPotatoLobsters may not draw tons and tons of people (or sponsorship dollars), but it may just be enough to float a D2 team with appropriately scaled salaries, a suitably modest "stadium", and fairly local travel costs. Similarly, the player pool demands get lower (in terms of accessing a small pool of really skilled Canadian players) as the natural level gets set. If D2 ends up being close to L1O or its QC sibling, you already have a solid pool of players in place that could help fill the gap - and likely other across the country.
  11. Didn't see the game, but glad to hear (a) he got the start and (b) he made the most of it. He has been really solid for the Nats so I have no doubt he has the tools to be a great player.
  12. And PEI is ahead of Manitoba, so I assume we will get Valour when those nutrient deficient carnivores go belly up. Sweet.
  13. Yeah, I put that more in the spectacular Ronaldo bicycle kick category than in the average Zlatan goal seals your team's defeat category.
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