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  1. dyslexic nam

    CPL new teams speculation

    There is absolutely no way whatsoever that is happening. Those teams could play in USL, and there is no way the US teams would get sanctioning to play in our league. Events of the last day or two have made that very clear.
  2. dyslexic nam

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Sounds like you may be.
  3. dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    With the proliferation of D1 clubs in the US, I don't think NASL ever realistically posed a threat to MLS success. I do think that CPL will reduce MLS support in this country. I am a prime example of this. I followed TFC since day 1 in MLS but due to the league's rules regarding Canadian players I have less loyalty to them than I do to other Canadian teams (including the Raps and the Leafs). Once CPL gets up and running, I will not be doing much to support TFC. I think TV viewership will drop and non-market merch sales will drop. And going back to the original point, I don't think the idea is that no player will ever be loaned. It is that no ongoing arrangement will be put in place which would substantially benefit and strengthen CPL. That is the sort of thing I don't see happening.
  4. dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I may be overly conspiratorial, but I would be surprised if MLS did much to assist in the success of CPL. Aside from the fact that they are just generally a rival league (in terms of competing for support) nothing made public so far has suggested any sort of amicable relationship. I suspect this wouldn't be needed. If the Fury want in to CPL for 2019, I would hope that all parties involved would have the good sense to bury the hatchet and make it happen. CPL will absolutely benefit from a presence in Ottawa, and aside from all the recent bullshit, the Fury still best positioned to fill that space IMO. EDIT: sorry, to answer your question, I don't think the CSA has anything like that kind of control over the league. It is a private venture, and while the CSA definitely has a role to play, I don't see how they could possibly dictate league business int he way you are asking.
  5. dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Interesting to go back to the start of this thread. @Zem made the 2nd post in the thread (in October of 2017) and noted that "Ottawa knows the CSA's short-term plan with the CPL and semi-pro leagues is to get Canadian teams out of the American lower divisions, so I'd have to think they're planning to move eventually." It would be interesting to reconstruct the public statements about this sort of thing to see how explicit the CSA has been on this issue.
  6. dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The CSA can't force a private business to play in the CPL. What they could do, though, is precisely what CONCACAF did - deny them permission to play in an American league. No one can force the Fury to play anywhere next year, but as things stand they have two options - play in CPL or fold (and I know they could pursue legal action, but that is why I said "as things stand").
  7. dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The pro basketball leagues in this country are extremely low on the pro sports scale, and are quite regional. I suspect at this point, Basketball Canada is just happy to have some sort of pro league presence in the country and have little interest in forcing a merger. There is also no FIFA-like organization that imposes consistent rules among basketball leagues into an organized, tiered structure as is done in footy. In short, the case of the Fury playing in a US league has very little in common with the small pro basketball leagues fighting for survival here in Canada.
  8. dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The crazy thing is that it isn't all that crazy. And throw in the fact that we know the MLS teams are now lobbying on behalf of the Fury (thanks Jakubec, from a messageboard moron) and it does seem like a pretty plausible explanation.
  9. dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The irony of this is the fact that it is only true because the Fury chose to cut a sizeable portion of its Canadian core from the squad before all the recent fallout. A few months ago they were ideally positioned to be the centrepiece of the league in terms of showcasing Canadians. and quite possibly its first Champion.
  10. dyslexic nam

    CPL General

    Yeah, won't bother taking it further. I just need to actually ignore those I have on ignore. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  11. dyslexic nam

    CPL General

    Yeah, it is a good thing you have never insulted anyone on this board.
  12. dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This my take on it as well - and also may explain the rather sudden timing. Every exception they allow (including a one year extension, when the equivalent domestic league will be in place for the coming season) might weaken their stance that they do not permit this sort of thing. They have already established that they will allow it under exceptional circumstances - allowing further erosion of the rule essentially because it is bad timing would not help them fight the big battles that may come.
  13. dyslexic nam

    CPL General

    Lol. You have been on mine for months. It is just that I occasionally make the error of judgement to "show this post". Turns out you are still a dick. EDIT: You are right, that is juvenile. You are a penis.
  14. dyslexic nam

    CPL General

    Steve doesn't have a long history of being a dick.
  15. dyslexic nam

    CPL General

    Lol. Anything to get in your narrative, right? You can be such a dick.