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  1. That is either an optical illusion or it comes with a built in codpiece.
  2. No. Also, I assume he is drinking some sort of $7 scented water.
  3. It is the only plaid. (actually, I have no idea what defines plaid)
  4. FWIW, all future thrift shop visits will now involve searching for a sweet retro plaid lumberjack jacket until I find the right one. Pinky swear.
  5. Pins may be an issue with the mail slot and thus shipping cost. Not sure if there is such a thing as a low profile pin that would be secure. I would not be apposed to an annual patch - which would also lend itself to collection and display. Maybe we could sew them onto our proprietary jean jackets.
  6. You need to design an Emoji that combines intrigued, nervous, shakes head and wtf.
  7. Plus, maybe we could use them as tokens to get into some secret fight club.
  8. I no longer see this issue, but I am noticing that when I click "submit reply" on a thread, there is a fairly high percentage of times where nothing happens. The "button" looks like it activates, but my comment doesn't get posted. I have to copy the text, reload the page, and resubmit - and it works every time on the second attempt.
  9. I would go with $20.26. It it a clear reference for everyone, plus 40 more cents yo.
  10. T shirts are always useful, but I am not sure if is the best way to use the funds. I have no idea what they cost you, but at minimum there are inputs (T shirt and logo materials) and postage. That has to chew into the $20 paid in to support the V's. Even if you can move them out the door for as little as $5 shipped, that would amount to immediately giving up 25% of the potential revenue right away. Personally, if I am buying a membership (and I will), I would be fine knowing it was all going to the organization. Recognizing that opinions will vary, I don't think $20 is excessive, so
  11. Just speaking for me, I am probably beyond any kind of poster stage. Not to say they wouldn't sell to others (or be gifted to kids), but probably not something I would drop bucks on. Too many competing priorities.
  12. So I am sitting at my desk and what am I supposed to do... work?
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