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  1. I'd be happy to help with this; at the very least, I maintain a list of every goalscorer ever in Voyageurs Cup matches and this would be a better place.
  2. It's okay if you mention me by name, nobody will be surprised.
  3. Sure, me plus one will come but I warn you in advance we don't want a budgie.
  4. I am of the "thicker skin" school and the "if it ain't broke..." school. This is a useful resource and a fun place for many people. Some people are not happy, I realize; well, some people will never be happy, and as we scroll up not so far to see, some people will be unhappy because they disagree or because valid statements are being made in a tone they don't like or any number of other factors where the cure would be far worse than the disease. This is not to say that we should not have more moderation and a bit more cruelty. When you blow away a thread that isn't blatant shitposting, @socceronly, it stands out because it's so against precedent, the reason for it to happen must therefore have been extraordinary, and as it is kept opaque it must therefore be very interesting. That doesn't mean there's anybody arguing for "anything other than discount Cialis is valid." Ban Robert, for example. But in general I lean laissez-faire and I don't think there's anything wrong with being a chatty Canadian soccer discussion forum filled with stuff that might bring the occasional blush to the occasional cheek. Clamping down on what's worked for the Voyageurs in hopes of going even more "mainstream" (and we're bringing nice tifo and thousands of fans to supporters' sections, and today's bad games are better than the great games of ten years ago, so I'm not sure why we're worried) is a strategy which, in the best case, tears the soul out of something we've all grown to love, as has happened to other supporters' groups I will decline to name out of politeness. A clear code of conduct is not a bad idea, though there will always be a "and if everyone thinks you're a dick then these rules may be suspended at the moderators' leisure" clause.
  5. Hey Ben! Are you staying in Hamilton? Let me know if you are and want to meet for a pint otherwise I'll see you at The Capitol! Cheers!  carl

    1. Lord Bob

      Lord Bob

      I'm staying the night of the game in Hamilton and leaving at dawn Monday morning so I think it's Capitol.

  6. Fair trade is a scam. But the Voyageurs are an appropriate place for economic nationalism so I voted made-in-Canada. (In my day-to-day I'm the sort who'd buy the Canadian good if it was convenient and of sufficient quality, and who prefers to shop in Canadian stores, but doesn't go super out of his way for either.)
  7. There's more to the mallan roberts ottawa loan than marko aleskic rose up the depth chart. Apparently he rufused to come into a game. Not happy about the PD signing and bumping heads with Miller and his contract is up at the end of the year. When he refused to get subbed in, Miler was furious. Loaned off to ottawa.

  8. 2012 women's Olympic qualifying, if you're curious. Not even a current photo. Good ol' CBC.
  9. The only risk is that niche topics (NWSL, PLSQ, CIS, etc.) get hidden in the flow. But then, right now they're hidden in their relatively obscure little fora. I am pro-merger. National teams are national teams and while we may prefer one to the other, most of us at least care about both.
  10. The Church of Scientology?
  11. Status quo. Or you're a filthy CFL lover.
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