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  1. Sure gonna help compared to some of the team's more recent plans. Like, what, our problem has been that we just can't match the world-class skill of Roger Espinoza?
  2. I was surprised to get back from the game and see the ragging on Teibert; I won't pretend he lit it up but for me he was fine. Piette wears the goal against in my book but worked like a Trojan to make up for it. All you can ask; everybody makes a mistake now and then. Saw David less good than others. Cavallini beyond French Guiana's powers; man of the match.
  3. There weren't really any questions, players and coach didn't stick around long, it was just a good time.
  4. Let's not lose sight of what matters: Herdman's height.
  5. Fair play. Funny how fans hype up kids for no reason and then when they don't become Atiba Hutchinson go "ouch" at the kid.
  6. The only group tickets I know about are for round robin games one and two; we don't even know where the round of 16 or quarterfinals will be yet for Canada so I'm not sure if anyone has done anything there.
  7. Tosaint Ricketts never delivers for Canada, we need more guys like Cyle Larin send tweet.
  8. You always gotta go with the guy from the best second division in the world.
  9. You're on the list for match one. Talk to young Sam for two and three.
  10. Yeah, the question is how much of a thing do you want to make it, I guess. Play nice for a game against French Guiana that we should win without Davies and will probably survive even if we somehow lose so hopefully for that World Cup qualifier against Honduras you don't have to throw your elbows out and insist upon your rights. We don't have a relationship with Bayern yet so we don't know if this is a "Tomasz Radzinski always gets the CONCACAF flu" situation or if they just can't care about this one.
  11. An ankle sprain bad enough that Bayern left him on for 20 minutes in a game they were winning by six. Obviously fake, but Davies seems to be handling it with class. Not his fault.
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