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  1. yothat

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Agreed. After all of Hanson struggles in Europe why not continue to play out his contract in finland and see where he can go from there. I would switch nationalities if i am hanson after u23 canada cycle i would switch nationalities. He no longer in the picture of senior national team. Make sense Tomi Amoebi would be back then. Didn't know they had a baby. Didn't prince amanda have a brother who played with the whitecaps2 ..
  2. yothat

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Assume Darryl Fordyce will be leading the line for Fced in the CPL Sign : David Doe, Abe .. not sure who else from the nasl team or academy
  3. yothat

    Anthony Jackson-Hamel

    Best natural finisher .. DONT @ ME
  4. yothat

    Caleb Clarke

    ^^ agreed. get an education
  5. yothat

    Amer Didic

    Got to use that european passport. Is the league in Bosnia a good level? has to be better than the bench or the USL or CPL
  6. yothat

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    any signings or will be a roster made up of academy players for year 1 in cpl?
  7. yothat

    Ballou Tabla

    Maybe time for Didic to try his hand in europe
  8. yothat

    Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé

    37 games in France is pretty impressive
  9. yothat

    Daniel Haber

    they are just stacking canadians for their CPL launch ?
  10. yothat

    Tyson Farago

    Must have hated IRELAND
  11. yothat

    Tyson Farago

    Hmmm strange !!! Something must be in the water
  12. yothat

    Ahinga Selemani

    CPL bound?
  13. yothat

    Ben Fisk

    this guy is a player
  14. yothat

    Best XI

    Cavallini hasn't missed a million point blank chances in an canadian jersey just rejects call ups.