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  1. Surprised that Winger Abraham Dukuly who a first team contract in 2017 under Colin Miller. Even got a couple appearances. He's now playing with the u-20 academy Fced. Does anyone know anything further? Or why he didn't look move abroad or look to join a different cpl club? Has he regressed in that gap year?
  2. is lars hirschfield the third goalie .. if one of connor james or dylon P get hurt
  3. Probablt won't get another chance for mths or an injury spell
  4. Gave an sincere apology to the imfc supporters for his performance. Hopefully he's another chance.
  5. Fc Edmonton academy U-20 player getting major praise from kassim khimji & El Sal international dustin corea. https://fcedmonton.canpl.ca/ousman-maheshe/. https://twitter.com/KassimKhimji/status/1111731639384604672?s=19. https://twitter.com/DustinCorea/status/1111737905825890306?s=19
  6. Do any of these guys fill the remaining roster spots? Shamit Shome Amir Hallic Mallan Roberts Aymar Sigue (NCAA Draft Year) Noah Cunnigham and still need a third goalie .... Q.Roberts? John Smits?
  7. Second ottawa fury player to retire ... when CPL is about to launch .... πŸ™„
  8. https://www.sportingkc.com/post/2019/02/01/swope-park-rangers-announce-2019-preseason-roster. On trial with sporting kc
  9. The roster seem spretty strong. Not many local professionals not signed with the team. all I can think is matt lam, tam nsaliwa if he hasnt retired ..
  10. Watson might be a step to slow @ 33. Good positioning could make up for it. For a third keeper - would daniel fernendez or Christian Kaiswatum( think he's a real estate agent right now) still young.
  11. was rock solid in the back. surprised colin miller never vouched for a national team call-up. stand up guy. probably didn't want to re-route his life at 30 and move to a different city.
  12. Surprised Michael cox didn't sign in Edmonton or calgary. Has 20 plus professional goals.
  13. Tomi Amoebi got married to an local singer in Edmonton(andrea Wilson). Edem morts is phenomal shape judging by his instagram. Gonna be a terror on the physical side. Have to ask the question?! Why didn't he sign anywhere else after 2013 season or try his hand playing in Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ professional league, pdl, finland. Why not bring back saiko, Hamilton, sidraπŸ˜‚.. Just missing Matt lam and tam nsaliwa to get all the local flavor. Assuming the next round of signing are David Doe, Abe Duk and.. Few other top academy players.
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