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  1. @Lord Bob @Sam Thanks for letting me know!! I would love to buy one of those spare tickets to each game
  2. Looking forward to it! Single game tickets finally go on sale tomorrow
  3. I am going to Canada’s games in Montpellier and Grenoble. Know of a couple going to the game against the Dutch
  4. Great move for her and a stellar debut! Their style of play will suit her better for sure
  5. For anyone interested Allstate are hosting an all day event in Toronto on August 26th. First ticket is free and there will be a chance to meet all the players there. http://allstatesoccershow.ca/Homepage
  6. Not sure if anyone is interested but Allstate are putting on what looks to be a great event in Toronto on August 26th. 1st ticket is free and there will be a chance to meet all the players. http://allstatesoccershow.ca/Homepage
  7. Great news for Karina! She’s done really well post retirement and this will be prefect for her.
  8. Would be nice to see a former player step up but who? Moscato or Gayle possibly?? Or Wilkinson? All 3 have had some sort of coaching role in the youth set up and current senior squad. Unsure if Gayle is still part of the coaching staff Herdman has. Laura Harvey would be a good fit if the CSA goes that route. Not sure when her contract is up with the Reign.
  9. http://www.cbc.ca/1.4003499 Matheson is set to miss the entire 2017 NWSL season after re injuring her ACL yesterday. Sad times Was really looking forward to seeing her play with the Reign. Wonder where this leaves Canada lineup at the Algarve this week. Her presence will be missed
  10. The skill Fleming has is just unreal!!!! She makes everything look so easy. Def Gretzky like
  11. Good news for Devos! Good hire. look forward to seeing how it all pans out for him
  12. What a result today!! So proud of the girls and their resiliency. Onto the semis we go
  13. I know a thread has already been posted previously about the Olympics but thought it might be alright to start something just in time for shit to kick off! Look forward to seeing everyone's thoughts over the next few weeks ... Allez Les Rouges! Super excited to see stuff get going. We know We've got Australia (Aug 3rd), Zimbabwe (6th) then Germany (9th). I'd be lying if I said the Aussie's weren't a scare but personally see Germany being our biggest Challenge. The World Cup didn't end in our favour... Now is the chance to prove we were not a fluke 4 years ago!
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