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  1. Rocket Robin

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    That bothers me as I was sure last summer I marked on a map that Vaughan Azzurri were building 'North Maple Park Soccer Fields' on the southeast corner of Jane Street and Kirby Rd. (That project is much further along as I tweeted them if their L1O opener would be held there in a few months and the response was 'not sure yet'...giving me the idea that sometime this season they would be there). Fields were being ready last year but washroom/dressing rooms were delayed because of something Tennis Canada (?!) had wanted. I'd also drawn in that York 9 were building on the south west corner of Keele Street and Kirby Road. (maybe it was just a preferred site last summer). What caught me by surprise is they'd be adjoining properties. Of course the Ontario Soccer Centre connects to the boundaries of Woodbridge Soccer Club so not unheard of. Ooh and isn't 'Kirby' the name of a controversial GO train station proposed last year? Yep the railway tracks are just a block west of Keele Street on their way north to King City and Aurora stations. Could therefore be a one line ride from Union Station in downtown Toronto!
  2. Rocket Robin

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    The Toronto Star had a story about Paul James sometime before Christmas as a homeless man living at Coronation Park near the CNE grounds and going to kill himself within a short time. I didn't hear anything more so I'm guessing he's still alive. He was an early encourager or my posting my Toronto Lynx summaries to message boards (pre internet days).
  3. Rocket Robin

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Well Mississauga MetroStars of the MASL have eleven more games in their season which ends April 6th. I'll assume on the losing streak they're on they won't make the playoffs. It's possible a team has him in mind but is waiting to see that he doesn't get hurt the rest of the indoor season (and then they'll still have three weeks before the season starts). So not signing him now so they can back off if he gets seriously injured.
  4. Rocket Robin

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    http://www.logoserver.com/CanadianSL.html now that took all of five minutes. Google searched "North American Soccer Team logos" and there's the selection.
  5. Rocket Robin

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Details of the February 13th York 9 FC pub night in Richmond Hill. I've got over 30 minutes of sound files. MC Kurt Larson onstage talks to head coach Jim Brennan, players Joseph Di Chiara and Daniel Gogarty, and team president Preben Ganzhorn. I then have a short interview with Gogarty. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports19/19york058.htm
  6. Rocket Robin

    CanPL Opening Game - Group Tickets and Post Game Party

    I forgot to cross post from the York 9 forum but the number of fans expected to take advantage of the bus ride & ticket offer to Hamilton has swelled from 1000 two weeks ago to 1200 to 1500. Also added at last night's pub night by their marketing man Ben Z is an offer for non-SSH fans for return bus ride plus ticket all for $50.00. SSH get it all for FREE.
  7. Rocket Robin

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    Revealed at the York 9 FC pub night in Richmond Hill last night about the travelling support is that they are now looking at 1200-1500 (two weeks ago at another pub night when first announced they were planning on 1000). Also announced was an offer that for non-SSH they will be allowed to join the bus ride, ticket in a special section, and ride back for $50.00 So that's SSHs Free casual fans $50.00
  8. Rocket Robin

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I'll have more on tonight's pub night in Richmond Hill tomorrow but there is now a new offer...."Non SSH can go to the Hamilton inaugural game with bus ride and ticket for $50.00". Also the travelling fans are expected to be 1200 to 1500 (two weeks ago when the offer was made with the new sponsor, 1000 was the expected amount).
  9. Rocket Robin

    CPL General

    Is that just for this first year or do we keep adding teams with 2020 having Bunbury's team, Saskatchewan etc? Eventually 13 teams competing for that and 3 for a 'Founder's Cup'?
  10. Rocket Robin

    2019 Voyageurs Cup

    The Q1 draw results avoided some conflicts in the GTA area. Wednesday May 15th has Toronto FC vs Wayne Rooney's DC United at BMO Field that same night Vaughan Azzurri of League 1 Ontario host HFX Wanderers The next Wednesday (May 22) has the fixtures reversed but now York 9 FC hosts AS Blainville in their return match while TFC has the night off. Now all the GTA mainstream reporters can't use the fixtures as a way of avoiding covering the York 9 game (wasn't expecting much coverage of Vaughan anyway). Works out great for me as the only car wreck I was dreading would have been the draw coming out as both York 9 AND Vaughan hosting on the same night!
  11. Rocket Robin

    League Trophy

    Because of Canada's Gold Cup win in 2000.....The Forrest Cup. Craig Forrest....'was named tournament MVP and Most Valuable Goalkeeper for allowing a mere three goals and stopping two penalties in his side's five games'. (from Wikipedia) However that could depend on which network gets the CPL TV contract. If not Sportsnet then no way will that be it's name.
  12. Rocket Robin

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    Possibly a Voyageurs Cup game against an MLS team may draw more except that it will be on a Wednesday night so that could hurt folks coming in from out of town.
  13. Rocket Robin

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    Tristan Henry for Forge goalie! Yes he is from Sigma but look at his GAA last season playing every league game! Interesting that left his back up Baj Mann without an L1O game (although he excelled from what I read at their U-21 games) but he went to the tryouts in Vaughan last Fall and made the final cut of ~20 from ~210 trialists. Goalkeeper # Name GP MIN GA YC RC GAA Triston Henry 16 1440 9 1 0 0.56 uh margin cut off. Yellow cards 1 Red cards 0 and most important: Goals against average...….0.56
  14. Rocket Robin

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    All 2018 League 1 Ontario guys! Estevez with North Mississauga, Springer with Vaughan Azzurri, and Doner from Aurora. We saw all three introduced at the York 9 pub night on January 30th. For some reason I've had Springer listed as a signing since December 7th. Good to see an official announcement from the league.
  15. Rocket Robin

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I'd read it months before the trials started. I expected it to be more localized.