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  1. Rocket Robin

    League 1 Ontario 2018 Game Reports (R)

    Week 22 End of Regular Season Saturday September 22, 2018 Aurora FC 2 Ottawa South United Force 0 Unionville Milliken SC 1 North Mississauga SC 0 Sunday September 23, 2018 Sanjaxx Lions 0 Alliance United 1 http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o238.htm Toronto Skillz FC 2 FC London 6 (the game that wins FCL first place and top cede) http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o237.htm That makes it an even fifty games I've attended this season and the playoffs are just beginning! I'll work my game reports backwards again this week so I'll amend this post a few more times this week.
  2. Rocket Robin

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    That All-Star game was against the Aurora Football Club alumni team so mostly 40s I'd estimate and a few 50s. Aurora had a roster of twenty guys and the All-Stars had five on the bench. Two 30 minute halfs with unlimited subbing. I had the All-Stars Terry Dunfield and Andrew Ornoch scoring in the first half, then in the second half Jimmy Brennan and the guy wearing #19 (not listed) for a 4-0 lead and then Aurora's #8 scored two minutes before the end. So 4-1. I hope they don't wear those green numbers on white shirts in real games as they're hard to see at a distance. All their as advertised except Craig Forrest and James Sharman. As they're both broadcasters, if someone watched soccer at home this morning, did the EPL games go on extra long today and they couldn't make it? York 9 of course had a strong presence from their fleet of vehicles strategically parked near the attendance gate and the parking gate, signage everywhere, the 'Degeneration IX' guys and their banners, Aurora children with noisemakers cheering for their coaches playing for the All-Star team, a well stocked merchandise stand, and a local radio station 105.9 'The Region' that answered me that they play music and so won't be broadcasting games on the radio. They have the olive and black colours of York 9 but the guy said they've been on the air five years so it's just a coincidence. Of course I'm hallucinating every time I drive west of Yonge Street and see those 'Green For Life' garbage trucks. Most important was the attendance...I thought there were more than 300 there before I left. There was scheduled to be more games and partying after that but I left to watch a L1O game as soon as this game ended.
  3. Rocket Robin

    about those open tryouts......

    L1O game Saturday night had Unionville Milliken facing North Mississauga. Daniel Whyte made the CPL cut in Halifax but wasn't on tonight's NMP lineup. Kiril Dimitrov made the cut as well and played 80 minutes for Unionville and had an assist on the only goal of the game. It wouldn't surprise me if he played/coached his CSL Scarborough SC side tomorrow night. It is a road game though so our paths won't cross as I expect I'll be at Birchmount late afternoon for the Toronto Skillz vs FC London match (FCL could clinch first place with a win). I didn't get a chance to congratulate the two of them and neither the Rahman brothers from Pro Stars...all those teams finished their final game of the season tonight. Only Unionville made the playoffs and by squeezing in to the last or second last spot they will play all their three playoff group games on the road. Also Wikipedia lists Dimitrov as age 37 while L1O game sheets list 1985 and the UM owner/manager says he's 33. Now I'm thinking just wait until the trials hit Hamilton and Toronto for more L1O players to make the cut. I'm still hearing from various team officials right down to a PA announcer that there's been pre-scouting and some of the L1O players will be invited directly to training camps. The Halifax trials though showed me that if you're not the first to third best player on your team or play for one of the lower ranked L1O teams it can be a free for all.
  4. Rocket Robin

    about those open tryouts......

    My earlier post was on the Top 50/Final 50 (?) but after the second day they were down to 28 and all four of those League 1 Ontario guys I mentioned made the final cut.
  5. Rocket Robin

    about those open tryouts......

    I just saw a treat linking the finalists in the tryouts in Halifax to play in 11 v 11 games. http://canpl.ca/video/making-the-cut-list-of-trialists-in-halifax-to-advance-to-day-2-of-the-open-trials I recognize brothers Navid and Adel Rahman from Pro Stars FC. They have played for Komarro in the Slovakian 2nd tier then Achilles'29 of the Dutch 4th tier. They were back for Pro Stars earlier this season to renew their Canadian passports to I believe try out for the Pakistani national team. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o117.htm Also forward Kiril Dimitrov who this year has seen spot duty for Unionville-Milliken. (He's also player/manager for Scarborough SC of the outlawed CSL...also years with Serbian White Eagles). Only problem is I believe he's 37. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o135.htm Not bad for League 1 Ontario players....wait until the tryouts actually hit Ontario! ….. also just noticed defender Daniel Whyte plays for North Mississauga Panthers http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o043.htm Also watched this on James Cordon's talk show a few weeks ago: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8473796/late-late-show-paula-abdul-laker-girl-tryout-straight-up-performance-watch the story of how she was cut without getting to dance, went to the bathroom and changed outfits, came back and made the squad.
  6. Rocket Robin

    League 1 Ontario 2018 Game Reports (R)

    Tuesday September 18, 2018 League 1 Ontario Vaughan Azzurri 6 Toronto FC III 0 my match report at: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o234.htmlast ever L1O game for TFC III.
  7. Rocket Robin

    League 1 Ontario 2018 Game Reports (R)

    Sunday September 16, 2018 League 1 Ontario Oakville Blue Devils 4 Darby FC 0 my match report at: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o227.htm
  8. Rocket Robin

    League 1 Ontario 2018 Game Reports (R)

    Thanks for comments on above post.... Friday September 14, 2018 League 1 Ontario Vaughan Azzurri 1 Sigma FC 1 my match report at: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o226.htm
  9. Rocket Robin

    League 1 Ontario 2018 Game Reports (R)

    September 8, 2018 League 1 Ontario North Mississauga SC Panthers 0 Oakville Blue Devils 4 my match reporthttp://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o218.htmthat's my fourth report on four games this weekend.
  10. Rocket Robin

    League 1 Ontario 2018 Game Reports (R)

    September 9, 2018 League 1 Ontario Sanjaxx Lions 2 Masters FA Saints 1 my match report at: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o215.htm September 9, 2018 League 1 OntarioToronto Skillz 5 Aurora FC 1 my match report at: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o216.htm September 8, 2018 Sigma FC 3 Alliance United 0 my match report at: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o217.htm That's three of my four L1O reports from me for the weekend's action.
  11. Rocket Robin

    Ottawa CPL Club

    September 6, 2018 Toronto FC II 3 Ottawa Fury 4 I got my game report published in Waking The Red http://www.wakingthered.com/2018/9/9/17833666/Toronto-fc-ii-seven-goal-thriller-at-home-ends-with-Ottawa-taking-the-Ontario-derby-usl
  12. Rocket Robin

    Ottawa Fury 2018 season

    Hmm the forgotten forum? September 6, 2018 Toronto FC II 3 Ottawa Fury 4 I got my game report published in Waking The Red http://www.wakingthered.com/2018/9/9/17833666/Toronto-fc-ii-seven-goal-thriller-at-home-ends-with-Ottawa-taking-the-Ontario-derby-usl
  13. Rocket Robin

    TFC 2 2018 season

    September 6, 2018 Toronto FC II 3 Ottawa Fury 4 I got my game report published in Waking The Red http://www.wakingthered.com/2018/9/9/17833666/Toronto-fc-ii-seven-goal-thriller-at-home-ends-with-Ottawa-taking-the-Ontario-derby-usl
  14. Rocket Robin

    about those open tryouts......

    I didn't really want to start a seperate topic but I lost track of which one was talking about the open tryouts for the CPL. I was at two L1O games today at the Hershey Centre and was trying to piece some info together about if L1O players were going to have to go through the Open tryouts with a thousand players like pub leaguers and newspaper reporters (like happened at the TFC tryouts in the Fall of 2006--which was more of a publicity stunt). The winner of that tryout's younger brother plays for Sigma FC. Between games I tried to ask who knows what with officials. Best would have been Bobby Smymiotis the head coach of Sigma who I've talked to at the beginning of last season about why his team has so many 'overage' players and the answer was they were hanging around for the new Canadian league. His brother is a well known player agent. Unfortunately he wasn't here today and other Sigma folks didn't know much about the method. Ilya Orlov, the head coach of Alliance United said the L1O players have already been scouted and none are expected to be at these Open tryouts. Duncan Wilde didn't know but they thinks they won't be contacting L1O players until after the playoffs. Ontario trials are October 11th and 12th. Hmm. I'm thinking things would be awkward if a player hasn't been contacted/scouted or doesn't know if they've been scouted. If the scouting was done in secret, does a player who is say the third highest scorer on his team panic and pay for the tryout? None of them admitted to me that any of their players has been contacted...Maybe that's true or did the CPL scouts tell them "Don't tell anyone"? Because none of us know the salary cap and the allocation of players to teams what if an Ontario player got an offer from Halifax for $????? vs half that amount with revised figures and said "What? I just got married! Maybe if it was in Hamilton or York 9 I'd play for $?????". I expect I'll be at another doubleheader tomorrow (well what I call a doubleheader--OK the games are at two different stadiums) but don't expect much because all four are not expected to qualify for the playoffs so I wouldn't expect any of them to be up to the CPL calibre I was expecting.
  15. Rocket Robin

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Well they've all been starters in the last few months....but maybe no more than two at a time!