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  1. MrsC

    CPL Merchandise (Official and Fan)

    The Valour FC online shop is finally up and running: https://valourfootball.shop/
  2. MrsC

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    The Valour FC online shop is finally up and running: https://valourfootball.shop/
  3. I can't see France playing any friendlies outside of France. Every other team is going to want to play friendlies in France. They'll have their pick of playing whoever they want if they stay home.
  4. I suspect my picks might be a little out there compared to what other people will choose, but I'm sticking with it anyway 1. Sinclair - I haven't put Sinc at the top of my list for a few years but she had a great year and was pivotal for the Thorns. 2. Lawrence - Always solid. I'm relieved every time I see her name on the game day roster. 3. Fleming - She was a bit off this year, but still one of our best. I didn’t include Buchanan on this list because she has only played in 2 out of 11 matches this season for OL. She was decent for Canada but did have some shaky moments.
  5. I had planned to go, but my financial situation has significantly changed and a trip to France will not be in the cards for me, unfortunately.
  6. MrsC

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    I don't know how I missed all of these posts about songs. For some reason I had this thread marked as read and it wasn't showing any new posts so I hadn't clicked in for any of this . There are a bunch of good suggestions here. Rob shared Oh Valour with us in the spring and I love it. He already suggested tweaking it to "what's a fan in love supposed to do" which is perfect. What we have with the addition of the chorus. Oh Valour Oh Valour Mon amour What's a fan in love Supposed to do? Oh Valour You're my club I'm singing for you Oh Valour What's a fan in love Supposed to do? Is this enough or do we want another verse? I personally like keeping it simple, especially if we want the whole stadium involved.
  7. MrsC

    Membership brainstorming

    I'd be okay with paying $20.26 for the membership & getting nothing mailed, but it probably would help sell the membership to some people. A patch seems easy to mail. Maybe you could include a tick box when people buy the membership to allow people to opt out of the 'thing' and have the full membership fee go toward the Voyageurs costs.
  8. MrsC

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    They are revealing players at their own event tonight
  9. MrsC

    How many people here use Patreon?

    I'd be down for any of these options. I'd personally prefer paying on an annual basis, but I think it is good to allow people to spread it out if that works better for them.
  10. MrsC

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    I was a little slow to get this organised but the Winnipeg viewing is confirmed for Nicolinos https://www.facebook.com/events/1957475201213577/
  11. MrsC

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    I don't think they have done a good job of letting people know that no additional money is being charged at this point. They just apply your $50 membership as the deposit and take a credit card. Even if you aren't doing one of the payment plans, they aren't charging anything else to your credit card until January. I feel like people might be more likely to commit to season tickets now if they knew that.
  12. MrsC

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    I'm not the best at estimating crowds but there were several hundred people in the stands. Maybe around 500 or so? I thought the crowd was decent for a cold Friday night, right after work. Especially considering there was almost no publicity locally. I was surprised that so few people came back to the event afterward though. All of the coaches were there and accessible, and I'd say less than 50 people came to that.
  13. MrsC

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    There is a defined supporters section. It will unfortunately be assigned 'seating' so we are going to have our work cut out for us in running a proper supporters section. We're trying to foster a general admission attitude in spite of the assigned seating, but there won't be much we can do when some people are adamant that they stay in the spot they picked.
  14. I don't think we are going to be able to set one up in Winnipeg. Nicolinos doesn't open until 5:00 on Sundays and kick off is 3:30 pm local. I don't know where else to stream a game here. We'll play the final by ear, but I'm worried it will be hard to get people out because it is a busy week here in Winnipeg. We have Valour membership sign ups most of the week in the evening (I think), the Nations league viewing on Tuesday, and open trials viewing on Friday.