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  1. We are also doing Gold Cup viewings at Nicolinos.
  2. Nicolinos (4-2077 Pembina Highway) will show all of the above games in Winnipeg
  3. I've plotted out all of the Canada and Valour games. There are no conflicts here but June 15th is a long one, with a Valour away game right in the middle of the WWC and Gold Cup games
  4. @socceronly is the time above correct for the June 15th WWC game? I had it down for 2:00 pm CST which would be 3:00 pm eastern
  5. It turned out to be a photo and video shoot. They are going to use the photos on Social media and maybe billboards, and the video on social media and in stadium
  6. I participated in a Valour fan photo shoot this afternoon and I wore my Voyageurs dinner jacket along with my Red River Rising scarf. I thought I'd at least subtly rep the Voyageurs 😉
  7. I just ordered this plaid shirt from the Bay, complete with a Canada patch on the arm. Comes in Mens as well, and it's on clearance for 39.99 plus an extra 25% off if anyone is interested 😉 https://www.thebay.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524441821786 https://www.thebay.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524441948860&amp;R=400899911188&amp;P_name=Canadian+Olympic+Team+Collection&amp;Ntt=canadian+olympic+team+holiday+collection&amp;N=0
  8. I like this a lot. I would want it to me my membership 'thing' too. It also reminded me of the kid who got through Turkish customs a few years ago with her Unicorn passport https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2340135/Schoolgirl-9-passes-Turkish-customs-toy-passport-identifying-UNICORN.html We might have to assign someone to make sure Jeff doesn't get stuck in San Pedro Sula because he tried to use is V's passport
  9. I'd be okay with paying $20.26 for the membership & getting nothing mailed, but it probably would help sell the membership to some people. A patch seems easy to mail. Maybe you could include a tick box when people buy the membership to allow people to opt out of the 'thing' and have the full membership fee go toward the Voyageurs costs.
  10. I'd be down for any of these options. I'd personally prefer paying on an annual basis, but I think it is good to allow people to spread it out if that works better for them.
  11. There is the potential for Sinclair to thump a few goals in against the minnows in the group stage in October. I doubt she scores 11 goals this tournament to tie the record, but she could be within 5 or 6 goals by the final. I feel like once it gets that close, people are going to be paying attention to every women's game. Some of the pre-world cup friendlies in the new year could have more importance than usual friendlies.
  12. I've been thinking about this a lot. For the Women's qualifiers, there are a lot of games in a short period, and I think getting people out to the early games against Cuba, Jamaica and Costa Rica will be tough. It makes sense to host semi and or final viewings but those matches also bookend the October Nations League game. I will be watching all of the games, but I'm not likely going to want to go to a bar three times in 4 days. I might do two times though
  13. I concur with a lot of what @rob.notenboom said above, and I agree that the forum should still exist, but not be the main focus of this site. We have a lot of work to do as Voyageurs in the next 8 years and we do need to focus on that. I have also grown tired of wading through a lot of crap on the forum, and while I haven't left completely, I spend a small fraction of the time here that I used to. For me it wasn't negative posts that turned me off specifically. The CPL pages in particular, became inundated with a few people arguing the same things over and over. It was so tiring to wade through that I just gave up. Now that the teams have started launching and the league feels real to everyone, that seems to have subsided a bit. I would love to see moderators give a warning in the future to people arguing round and round to take it to DM's, and then delete if necessary. On a personal note, I've spent a lot of my spare time in the past 18 months working on Red River Rising. Now that the team has launched, I'm hoping we can establish a leadership structure withing the group (we are working on that over the next 6 months) and then I plan to scale my involvement back there. My focus has always been on seeing CPL launch for the greater good of our National Team, and I would like to shift my involvement now to more of a Voyageurs brand ambassador within the supporter community here. On that note @socceronly I should have more time in the coming months to help out if you need it I thought I would throw this out there because there may be voyageurs in some of the other supporters groups who might want to work from within to help build the Voyageurs brand back in places where it may be tarnished, or to help bring new people in, who might not be familiar with what we do. And this all comes back to Rob's post. Having a site that clearly defines who we are, what we do, and how people can get involved is really important.
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