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  1. We are also doing Gold Cup viewings at Nicolinos.
  2. Nicolinos (4-2077 Pembina Highway) will show all of the above games in Winnipeg
  3. I've plotted out all of the Canada and Valour games. There are no conflicts here but June 15th is a long one, with a Valour away game right in the middle of the WWC and Gold Cup games
  4. @socceronly is the time above correct for the June 15th WWC game? I had it down for 2:00 pm CST which would be 3:00 pm eastern
  5. MrsC

    CPL tickets

    The tickets we see in our Valour online account aren't actually tickets (I don't think) because they don't have the bar code like the tickets in the app. That being said, it isn't really an issue for Valour tickets because we have the ticket card that can be swiped at the gate.
  6. MrsC

    CPL tickets

    Where it gets tricky is if you are buying tickets in multiple CPL cities. I was very confused at first because I couldn't get any tickets in my Center Circle App. My Valour account used the same email address as my previous ticketmaster account but it kept telling me I didn't have any tickets. I kept trying over several days, and then one day it finally asked me if I wanted to link my existing TM account to my Valour account (it turned out the passwords were just slightly different). I still couldn't figure out how to get my tickets that I purchased for the games at Halifax, Pacific and Edmonton though. When I bought seasons in Halifax, I was told I had to use an email that wasn't already connected to a TM account, so I just assumed I had to use a different email for Pacific. When I bought the Edmonton tickets, I was running out of email addresses, and I was able to use the same email that I used for Pacific. Eventually I tried changing my 'preferred team' in the app. When I selected Edmonton, I could then login to my Edmonton ticket manager account and the tickets showed up. If I change the preferred team to Pacific, I can access my Pacific tickets. It seems weird that I can't have one preferred team and still see all of my tickets in the ticket area, but it might have worked that way if I used the same email for all. In the end, I have tickets purchased on 3 different emails, and spent several frustrating days trying to figure out how to get all of the tickets on my phone.
  7. Yes, I wrote that incorrectly. The training top is one size bigger. 😌
  8. I don't know what my normal size would be in men's sizes so I'm kind of shooting in the dark. Apparently the training tops that they have at the Bombers store are one size smaller * bigger than the kits. I liked the fit of the medium for me, so I guess that means a large in the kit should be my size.
  9. Yikes. I would not expect you to need to go anywhere near 3XL and 4XL. Now I'm worried about what size I'll need. I had to get a Men's if I want authentic, and if I need a kit big enough to fit my hips, I fear it's going to come past my knees 🤥
  10. I do know I've been chatting with Dallas about it. Are you coming?
  11. I was just coming here to ask the same thing. I guess I will @ them on twitter
  12. I will definitely pick up a ticket for you. I'm just there for the 1 night as well.
  13. MrsC

    Away Days

    Message me closer to the time (if you want to). We'll be happy to welcome you to Winnipeg when you come.
  14. The guy who was running that got disillusioned with the way Valour was running things and decided he was no longer interested in supporting. He cancelled the account and is supporting Pacific FC now.
  15. MrsC

    Away Days

    Are you doing the Canada Day game in Winnipeg? Let us know when you are here! I'm going the Hamilton inaugural game, Valour's first game in Victoria, Valour's June game in Edmonton, and Valour's July game in Hamilton. I love away games and can't believe I get to do so many this year. I'm disappointed that I likely won't make it to Halifax this year, but hopefully next year.
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